Top 25 Best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire in 2019

Online video streaming has occupied the major portion of data access in the world of internet. The availability of various sites and the advanced internet has increased the craze of watching the latest movies, TV shows and web series. And some of these websites specialize in providing web series, for example, the TheWatchSeries streaming site. PrimeWire is one of the popular streaming websites which allow its users to watch movies and other media online. Other than PrimeWire, other websites functioning as the PrimeWire alternatives are also available for online video streaming for free. Here we have listed the top 25 best similar sites to PrimeWire which have all the features like PrimeWire and allow users to access their contents for free.


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1. Niter Movies

This is the first website which is similar to PrimeWire we recommend for you to watch movies with its huge library of all types of movies. It has a simple and user-friendly interface which is somehow similar to that of Netflix. It displays all the recently added movies which are shown on its home page and also enables users to search for movies using the category like the genre and year. Furthermore, it provides the movie’s brief synopsis along with its IMDB rating and trailer. However, this site also contains ads and pop-ups which interrupt users’ watching continuity. So, the best way to use such sites is to install an ad-blocker software to enjoy watching movies and shows hassle free.

Niter Movies is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

2. Yify

Yify is considered as the best PrimeWire alternative if you are looking for the latest movies. The interface of this site is designed so as to display the latest movies on the main page as you open the website. But this site does not allow its users to watch a movie online. You need to download that movie first and then watch it offline on your device. You can easily navigate to new movies on this site using the genre and releasing year of the movie. If you want to explore more features of this site, you need to sign up to Yify. At present, this site is facing some downfall owing to which user may face some issues while accessing this site for movies. So, to save your trouble, we recommend you to visit some best Yify alternative websites then.

Yify is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

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3. Coolmoviezone

This website has quite a complex interface but its video quality makes it a site just like PrimeWire. It displays the movies in high video quality and also renders users many external links in case of any link failure present on the website. The best part of this PrimeWire alternative site is that you can download a movie with a single click on this website. It also enables users to download a movie in various formats like FLV, 3GP, MOV, WMW, and MP4. Moreover, there are not many ads and pop-ups shown on this website, which increases its futuristic demands.

Coolmoviezone is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

4. Afdah

As a similar site to PrimeWire, Afdah is also a hub of online movies, shows, and series. The contents of this site are categorized under 27 different genres bringing the specification in its search tool. Other than the genre, you can also search for movies by entering a title, director, actor or any related keyword. It also provides great user support with quick actions on link failure. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can also search for your movies using different languages as well. Its excellent performance and features make it the safest video streaming website.

Afdah is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

5. Vmovee

This streaming site available for free is another alternative to PrimeWire. It has an easy and clean interface as compared to Putlocker. You can easily search for your favorite movies using its well-designed and categorized webpage. All the movies can be seen in HD quality. However, users will find unnecessary pop-ups and ads on it which may be quite annoying. Moreover, the video takes three clicks to get loaded. But, as per the service provided by this free streaming site, Vmovee is highly preferable and good to use.

Vmovee is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

6. Vumoo

Vumoo is designed for the user who has a clear idea about the movie they are looking for. It is for quick access to movies with its excellent database of movies. Unlike PrimeWire, this site does not have advanced searching tools and such parametric features. Even though, it is listed as an alternative to PrimeWire owing to its large library of movies and shows. Moreover, you can find all the episodes of series at one place, which makes it easy to watch them as desired. Its quickly accessible tools and decent interface make it reliable to be used for online video streaming. By the way, you can also visit Vumoo alternative websites to find more excellent contents!

Vumoo is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

7. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is designed to be different from other video streaming sites, organizing about 5,000 movies based on similarity. This similarity is not based on the year or type of issue. It captures the theme of the movie and collects similar movies. The site also allows access to all popular social networking sites, enabling users to share movie status or recently watched movies to friends. In addition, users can find a movie preview on the website to get an overview of the movie. It is a differently coded website, making it a great similar site to PrimeWire.

SnagFilms is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

8. 5Movies

5Movies is a simple design website with the same movie collection as Movie25. It provides quick access to the latest additions, featured, and popular HD videos. However, it is not as diverse as PrimeWire. You can search for videos by the year, title, and genre. The site also provides user support. If you want to get any movie that is not on the site, you can contact the carrier to add them. The latest update of this website is in the development stage.

5Movies is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

9 Putlocker

Putlocker is one the streaming giants having all the options to watch content similar to PrimeWire. It has a large collection of TV shows and movies. The movies can be searched easily using its genre, year, recently added, artists, etc., as the keywords. It has a very clean and simple user interface but contains ads which make this website quite frustrating for users. You can also look for the movie summary along with the video. Moreover, this website not only allows the user to watch the movie online but also download it in HD quality.

Putlocker is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

10. 123Movies

123Movies is featured with modern layouts and advanced tools to stream videos online. It has a user-friendly and simply designed interface as similar to PrimeWire. It has a good collection of movies which can be searched by its name, genre, year or country. Other than movies, users can also watch TV shows and series on this website. All the contents are labelled well making the search easier for the users. You can sign up to this site to watch more movies and share it with your friends. The website is available in two versions: new and old. You can select any one depending upon your choice.

123Movies is best Streaming Websites Like PrimeWire.

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11. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is undoubtedly the best choice to start this off because of the amazing stuff which it has for the users. As per our observations, MoviesJoy is having much similar content with it which Primewire website has. The streaming experience of all users will surely get enhanced if they opt out for the MovieJoy website. The homepage of this website is developed so incredibly well that no one can resist himself/herself from being a part of it. There is a separate section available on this website where you can browse the Most Popular movies of all time which is available on this website. And according to your watching history, this website will automatically suggest the movies of similar genres. That’s why MoviesJoy is an incredible choice in place of Primewire website. The best part of MoviesJoy website is that the developers of this website have recently launched their official App on the Google Play Store. Users can download this app directly from there and can stream all the movies and TV shows directly inside the app for a smooth streaming experience. Moreover, users can easily search for the movie which they want to stream using the input search bar present at the top of the homepage of this website. So, overall MoviesJoy is undoubtedly the best possible replacement of Primewire website in our perspective.

12. WatchMovie Stream

This website is yet another excellent website which can be treated as an ideal substitute of Primewire website if anyone looks on the content availability of this website. All movies available on this website are present in full length making it a very good choice for all users. The main advantage of using this website in place of Primewire website is that users will become able to stream their favorite movie in Ultra High-Definition screen quality. However, you will mostly found adult kind of movies which are 18+ age on this website. The presence of a huge database on this website is certainly another very decent advantage for the users as they will experience more and more quality stuff for free. Users can also sort out all the movies according to the genres and language. Despite ads that are pretty much annoying for all users, WatchStream website is a perfect contender of Primewire website. Though some of the movies are still not having the option of streaming in HD quality, overall WatchMovie Stream website can be regarded as a very good website.

13. Ganol

This website is yet another very impressive choice for the users in place of Primewire website as the Ganol website is having much similar content which is present in Primewire website as well. Most of the movies and TV shows available on this website are of high ratings which are rated by audiences of different regions. Moreover, there are so many different movies and TV shows available on this website, which is available in different regional dubbed languages. Some of the popular Indonesian movies were also been added on this website by its developers making it a complete and perfect choice for all. However, the feature of requesting to admin for a specific movie is disabled on this website. But frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter at all because of the huge movie collection available on this website for the users for free. So, overall Ganol can be regarded as one of the best alternates of the legendary Primewire website for sure.

14. 1Movies

Another very exciting kind of website as like Primewire website for the users due to its amazing content available on this website. Unlike Ganol website which doesn’t offer the feature of requesting a movie upload on the website, 1Movies provides the feature of requesting to the admin for approval of a movie. As a user, you can easily sort the available movies according to their IMDB ratings and many other filters as well. Though most of the movies which have been added on the database of this website offer online HD streaming, still there are some movies left on this website which offers to stream in decent screen resolution quality. Some of the movies can also be downloaded very easily on your device from this website. Furthermore, if you want to sort out some specific movies which are based on a particular genre or language, then also you can use the filters option of this website to get your task done easily. The only downside of this website in our opinion is that its servers eventually go down every time bulk web traffic comes on it. But users will not face this issue anymore in the future as the developers of this website have already claimed that they had fixed this issue now. So, just open the URL in your web browser and start streaming popular movies online for free.

15. FMovies

FMovies is another very strong competitor of Primewire website in terms of content availability. This website is a popular choice among the people in almost every region. The main reason behind the popularity of this website probably because this website contains most of the dubbed movies in different regional and national languages. The Graphic user-interface is also very smooth to ensure great user experience. The only downside of this website is that there will be a lot of ads that will be displayed while streaming movies online on this website. The artificial intelligence codes on this website will automatically suggest different movies to watch out for which are based on your particular interests. You can add them to a special playlist to have some personalized experience. The FMovies free app is also available on the Google Play Store and App store which users can download in their devices for a smooth streaming experience. That’s why FMovies website is considered one of the greatest contenders of Primewire website due to its magnificent and extraordinary features.

16. Panda Streaming

If we talk about some websites which are having equal ratings which Primewire website has, then Panda Streaming should be marked in bold for sure. This website is pretty much popular among the users because this website is well-known for providing most of the latest and super hits of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Some of the popular TV series and web shows have also been added on this website for user’s entertainment. The huge database of this website allows the admin to upload more and more new movies and TV shows stuff. Movies can also be searched alphabetically on this website very easily. Just click on any alphabet which is present in that list and the list of movies will get displayed in front of you. The best part of this website is that this website has developed a separate section of TV shows which will not create a mess in between movies and TV shows. So, if you want to stream any TV show on your device, then just navigate to that particular section of TV shows to accomplish your desires. The overall outlook and graphic user-interface is well developed and maintained by the developers of this website making it the perfect choice as an alternate of Primewire website.

17. Flixgo

This website is another very great alternate of Primewire website which will provide you the quality stuff for free. All you need to do is to register yourself on this website with your Email ID and Password to get started with online streaming on this website. The wide and the huge collection of popular Bollywood, as well as Hollywood movies, makes Flixgo a very great option for the users in place of the Primewire website. Though its slow loading and functioning might annoy you a bit, still Flixgo is a very good option for the users. There are no such advertisement displays in between the online streaming of movies and TV shows. This website also offers the feature of downloading which you can use to download some specific movies and TV shows on your device. Apart from the redirecting of different web pages from this website, we don’t think that there is any downside of this website. So, just get switched to Flixgo today in place of Primewire website to experience some relatively same content.


MoviesnShows is another brilliant and fantastic option for the users in place of Primewire website as this website is another trendy choice among users as an online movie streaming website. Most importantly, the movies which are released in between the year 2004 and 2019 are available on this website. So, if you are looking for old stuff on this website, then you might get disappointed as it doesn’t contain any old stuff which is released before 2004. Like the Panda Streaming website where users can search their favorite movies alphabetically, MoviesnShows also offers the same features to its users. The presentation of ads might annoy or disturb your online streaming experience, but you will surely get satisfied once you switch to this website in place of Primewire website. Online Streaming of movies can be done in your favorite screen resolution quality. Most of the movies are available in 4k screen resolution, that’s why your streaming experience will surely get enhanced. We cannot say that MoviesnShows is the perfect replacement of Primewire website, but still opting out this website for your personal use is not a bad option at all.


The name of this website suits the nature of its users as this website is a perfect choice for all the movie freaks. The large collection of different Hollywood movies on this website is really a special one for the users because it is hard to get the most popular Hollywood movie in HD quality on the web. But all thanks to MovieFreak website which offers all these premium and popular content to its users for free. Users are just one registration process away to get started on this website. An icon is displayed on the movie banner of the movies which are present on this website which simply represents that the movie is available in HD screen resolution. That’s why it becomes pretty much easier for users to pick up their favorite movies for online streaming. MovieFreak website is a recently launched website and in very less time, it has made a lot of fans. The sleek and smooth graphics user-interface of this website is probably the main reason why users use this website for streaming purpose and recommend to other users as well. You can also browse the list of the movies which will be added on this website anytime by the developers.


This website is yet another very great kind of free streaming website for the users just like Primewire website. The movieninja website is a specialized website that will offer most of the movies to stream in HD screen resolution quality. Inside the description of every movie, you will find its downloading size, date of release, language and other information as well. The website is very well maintained by the developers and all due to these reasons, Movieninja becomes an all-time favorite choice for the users in place of Primewire website. But unfortunately, due to a sudden collapse for an unknown reason, the developers of this website have stopped uploading new movies on the servers of this website probably due to violation of different terms and privacy norms. That’s why the organic web traffic of this website is getting lower down day by day which is making a direct impact on the users. But still, if you want to stream any particular movie which was released before 2018, then Movieninja will surely serve you in the best possible manner.

21. GoMovies

GoMovies is another very well-known and established name in this section of free online movie streaming websites. The huge collection of Hollywood movies on this website is really an asset for the users who love to stream movies on a daily basis. The frequency of adding new movies on the server is quite high. Users can also create a request to the admin to upload a particular movie of their choice on the website. The overall quality and voice clarity of the movies available on this website is a decent one. The graphic user-interface of this website is another very strong and massive advantage for the users because it makes the overall streaming experience pretty much enhanced.GoMovies website was launched way back in 2010 when the existence of Primewire website was not much. But nowadays, GoMovies website has been used by Millions of users from all around the world, making it a very awesome choice as an alternate of Primewire website. Along with the upsides, there are some downsides of this website which may or may not annoy your streaming experience. But overall, the GoMovies website will surely be your sure shot choice if you are looking for some fine alternates of Primewire website.


The only feature of this website which makes it stand tall apart among its several other contenders is its night mode theme feature. For all those users who are keen on watching movies at night time, Streamlikers website is of interest. The dark theme will make the webpage to look black and dark which will not put any extra stress on your eyes which surfing on this website. Though this website is still not much popular among the users because it has been launched recently by its developers, still we are placing it in our list of top alternates of Primewire website. The overall content availability will not become an issue for you because it contains enough movies to make you satisfied. The developers are expanding the size of the database of this website so that they can upload more and more movies on the website hassle free. While streaming online on this website, some pop-up ads will also come which might disturb you unnecessarily. But on one note, we can say that Streamlikers website is surely one of the decent options for the users in place of the Primewire website.


This website is yet another powerful competitor of Primewire website, which is certainly having the best possible movie collection. Openloadfreetv website is having one of the finest kinds of Graphic user-interface, which is pretty much attractive for the users. The smooth working and functioning of this website are plus points about it, which is a massive advantage for the users. Openloadfreetv website is been blocked by the Government of various countries due to privacy terms violation, but this website is still accessible in most parts of the world. To filter out the results of the movie on your device, you need to apply the settings according to your requirements. There are few movies and TV series which are available for the downloading purpose on this website. So, open this website and browse the movies collection exclusively for free.

24. BMovies

BMovies website is another decent option present in this list of alternates of Primewire website as this website offers to stream the trailer of any movie before you actually start streaming the whole movie or TV series. The iMDB ratings of movies is also provided along with the other information section of a particular movie. Though everyone considers Primewire website to be superior to BMovies, we are not in favor of this. BMovies also have the best kind of content on its database, which makes it a favorite choice for all users. Frequent technical breakdowns of servers of this website can be made responsible for its little popularity, but if you look at the overall texture and layout of this website, then you will surely get pleased indeed.


Last but certainly not the least, CMovies is our last best pick in this list of the best alternates of Primewire website for the users. There are so many different sections available on this website that behaves as filters for the movies. For instance, you can easily search for the movies which have been released in the year 2010 just by selecting the Date of Release option on the front bar menu present on the top of the homepage of cmovies. Like Primewire website, CMovies do have a huge collection of different movies and TV shows on its server. Online streaming of different movies can be done easily in HD quality on this website. There are no such ads displayed on this website while streaming online on this website. Moreover, you can take the preview of any movie before going to watch it by streaming the trailer of that movie directly on this website. You can also leave your feedback on a particular movie on this website so that it may become easy for the users to identify which movie is a better option for them.

Did you know?

There exist a separate organization which is known as the Open Rights Group in the United Kingdom (UK) region. This organization focuses on helping the government to maintain or preserve the intellectual rights on the internet. In simple words, to control the piracy violation acts, these organizations work with the Government of the United Kingdom. Open Rights Group sometimes called ORG in short by the people of the United Kingdom. It is a London-based advocatory organization which is formed by a group of people in which Danny O’Brien, Rufus Pollock, James Cronin, Suw Charman has contributed the most. This organization is one of the best organization which has become successful in controlling the piracy violation norms by a different website.

They continuously fight for the rights of the different laws of piracy, and now they have become one of the successful organization who has done this task most efficiently. Danny O’Brien makes the biggest contribution to this organization along with the other 999 people who have contributed 5 Euros per head to the organization so that it may run properly without any error. However, in the year 2010, this organization had collaborated with 38 degrees to form a large organization of this world. The UK advisory council have awarded this organization with many prominent national awards for their valuable and grateful work. The first conference of this organization has signed many strict implementation rules to ensure both privacy and piracy norms.

The Scottish advisory council has also contributed their valuable support to make this organization a world-class and stronger organization. ORG has already helped MoviesnShows and Putlocker websites so far. Most of the conferences of this organization is held at the City University of London. The members of this organization are very grateful people who work towards the wellness of their nation. Though the fight was long and finally in April 2010, after putting the facts and rights in front of the governing body, ORG becomes successful in letting the Digital Economy Act to be passed. This was a massive blow for all those websites who have added pirated content on their servers. The collaboration of 38 different degrees with ORG proved to be a successful event for the people of the United Kingdom. The advisory council of the UK is now very active for these piracy contents on websites. However, the collaboration of the UK advisory council and the Scottish advisory board is still the main governing body.


From the list given above, you have found many PrimeWire alternative websites with different and free features for online movie streaming. You can also download your favorite contents through some of these websites. If you have used any other site, please share your experience in the comment section.

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