Top 10 Best Sites Like iDope to Search for Torrent Files in 2019

The iDope torrent website is one of the leading torrent providing websites which are used by millions of users from all around the globe. In addition, sometimes you can also use the best alternatives to iDope instead, which will help you find more torrent files you want! This website has been established to be the first choice for users whenever they look for the best torrent websites. The tidy user interface and powerful search engine make this website more preferable over other websites of the same segment. This website has the ability to provide torrent files from other major torrent websites. From big to small torrents, all of them can be searched using this website due to the presence of a powerful search engine. Moreover, iDope also hides the IP address of your PC, which makes it untraceable.

Best Sites Like iDope.

All these features make this website a brilliant choice for all torrent users. But in recent times from the past few weeks, this site has slowed down due to the maintenance of some little bugs and issues. That’s why users are unable to use this website anytime they want to. If you are also included among these users who can’t access this site, then please don’t get disappointed because we will list the best 10 websites much like iDope in 2019. We have researched and analyzed over 100 torrent websites so we can provide a list of these 10 websites which you can consider to accomplish your task of getting torrent files. So, just go through all of them and pick your favorite ones!

1) 01Torrent

01Torrent is one of the top best sites like iDope to search for torrent files.

01Torrent is one of the best iDope alternatives which can be chosen to replace the iDope website. This brilliant torrent website offers the top features which are just magnificent for all torrent users. All types of movies and TV shows can be downloaded very conveniently in torrent files from this website. Once you enter the keyword of the movie in the input box of the manual search, the search engine will automatically search for the torrent files and display them in front of you within seconds. All these features are available for free to all users. That’s why users consider the 01Torrent website as the best possible substitute for iDope.

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2) MagTors

This is probably the best torrent providing website which has the largest database on its servers. MagTors is currently having over 4 million active torrents which are frequently used by users from all over the world. All types of movies, TV shows, web series, and gaming software are all available on this website which can be download by accessing torrent files. Moreover, unlike other torrent websites, MagTors has categorized all the available torrents on the basis of their popularity and recent search frequency by other users. For the torrent files of TV shows and web series, you must visit the best 10 torrent sites for TV shows and series in 2019!

3) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the top best sites like iDope to search for torrent files.

This torrent website was launched in 2003 and from then till now, this website has gained popularity among torrent users. This one of the best alternatives to iDope is known for providing torrent files of those movies which have been released recently. According to the recent stats, almost 15000 new torrent files are added on this website on a daily basis, which makes it even a better choice for users over other torrent websites. The presence of a huge database will surely provide users with the torrent file which they are looking for.


RARBG is one of the top best sites like iDope to search for torrent files.

RARBG is another very fascinating website which is popular among the majority of torrent users. The graphic user interface of this website is very tidy which allows you to search torrent files of your favorite movies. Moreover, recently added torrent files on this website are also displayed in a separate section which users can browse to access those torrent files. Some little issues regarding web structure and advertisement links make the overall functioning of this website quite slow but you can definitely give a try to this website for sure.

5) LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the top best sites like iDope to search for torrent files.

This is another very brilliant website like iDope which is a master in providing torrent files of different movies and web series. This torrent website is offering torrent files to all users for free. You just have to register with your email ID and password. After registering on this website, you will also become able to request to other users or admin to upload the torrent file of the movie which you are searching for. But there is very little probability that you can’t find the torrent file which you are looking for.

6) Torrentz

Torrentz is one of the top best sites like iDope to search for torrent files.

Torrentz is basically a torrent hosting website, which simply means that the search engine of this website is quite capable of fetching torrent files from different torrent providing websites. Torrentz was first found or launched in 2003 and currently, this website is having over 3 million active torrent files. Apart from movies and TV shows, some torrent files of Korean and American web series are also added to this website recently. That’s why Torrentz is considered as a very good substitute for iDope.

7) Kickass Torrents

This powerful torrent providing website is known for providing quality torrent files from the past many years. Most torrent users use this website to search for their favorite torrent file but from the past 2 or 3 years, this iDope alternative website has lost its dominance and popularity because new torrent files will be added after a long time, which users don’t like at all. So, you can use the best alternative websites to Kickass Torrents in 2019.

8) Cinisearch

The homepage of this torrent website looks like the Google homepage in the first look. But this website is a very good option for users to search for torrent files because of the wide range of categories of different movies and TV shows. You just have to enter the keyword or title of the movie which you are looking for. It will automatically search for it and displays the results in front of you. That’s why Cinisearch is regarded as another best possible substitute for the iDope website.

9) isoHunt

isoHunt is one of the top best sites like iDope to search for torrent files.

This website is not the best one of this segment as far as the availability of its latest torrent files is concerned. But its tidy user interface makes isoHunt a very good choice. Users often find torrent files of the most popular and latest releases of movies and TV shows. It is not so popular as the iDope website, but in a nutshell, you can give a try to this website for sure.

10) TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is one of the top best sites like iDope to search for torrent files.

This is our last pick in this list and frankly speaking, TorrentFunk is not so impressive as compared to iDope. But if you compare the availability of torrent files, then TorrentFunk has a little edge over iDope and that’s why TorrentFunk is also represented in the list of the best alternatives to the iDope website.


Here the list of the top 10 best alternatives to iDope ends and we hope that it will definitely help you choose the best one in place of the iDope website. It has been very hard for us to prepare this list, but to serve you better, we have analyzed over 100 BitTorrent and uTorrent websites. Please share your best picks from the above list and your experience with us in the comments section. We will update this list if you give your valuable suggestions in the comments section.

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