Best 13 Alternatives to Wondershare AllMyTube Downloader for Windows

As of no doubt, Wondershare AllMyTube is ruling the web in the segment of YouTube video downloader software packages. The excellent features which this YouTube video downloading software wasoffering were just brilliant in their respective fields.

AllMyTube is the best video downloader software you can buy, thanks in part to its vast website compatibility and large library of optimization profiles.

Moreover, this wonderful downloading software will allow its users to download videos and movies from 10000 different websites for free. All you need to get is the video’s URL which you want to download. Users can also use the browser plugin which will let them to download videos in one go without copying and pasting the URL’s.

That’s why Millions of users have installed this awesome downloading software in their devices. But unfortunately, this software is getting some lags and technical breakdowns which is pretty much annoying for the users.
So, to fulfill the needs of our valuable users, we will present a list of top 13 alternatives to Wondershare AllMyTube software for Windows users.

13 Best alternatives to Wondershare AllMyTube Downloader for Windows in 2019

1) Video Search and Downloader

This incredible YouTube video downloader is our first preference in this list of top alternatives of Wondershare free Allmy Tube software. Once you bring down this app in your Windows PC, the only thing you have to do is to login with your official YouTube account and after logging in, you will get all the things directly at one place. The videos which you want to download can be easily downloaded in just one click by using this incredible software.
This software has been developed by a reputed tech company which is known to develop many of these kinds of software packages. Some of the notable features of Video Search and Downloader software are:

2) FLV Downloader

This YouTube video downloader is another very high rated YouTube video downloading software which is offering pretty much good stuff and features to its users. There are so many in-built features present in this software which are just incredible and this is probably the main reason why it is so popular among the users from all around the world. The only downside of this app is its Graphic user-interface which is not very much appealing for the users. But as far content availability is concerned, then FLV Downloader is the best thing which you can ever have in this list of top alternates of Wondershare Allmy Tube Downloader software. Here is the list of top notable features of this awesome app:

This YouTube video downloading software also comes with a paid version which will let you to explore some more enhanced and optimistic features in a very low price.

3) Wise Video Downloader

This software is another very good and the most suitable choice as a replacement of Wondershare AllMyTube video downloader. There is an input search box available inside this app which will let the users to search and watch YouTube videos directly from this app. Moreover, you can easily download the videos which you have liked in just one click inside that app. You can select the screen resolution quality and the output file format from the settings option of this app for a hassle free downloading experience. The key features of this software which makes it a perfect choice among the users are:

This software is only available in the free version for the users. So, just get this software installed on your Windows PC and take the full advantage of this software without spending a single penny on it.

4) 4K Video Downloader

Without any doubt, 4K Video downloader is another very high rated YouTube video downloader which is offering so many notable features to its users. The best thing about this software is that it offers the downloading of videos only in Ultra HD or 4K video resolution quality. That’s why for all the users who wants to download videos in High-quality, 4K video downloader is their ideal choice in place of Wondershare AllMyTube software for sure. Users can download videos in their PC in just one go by using this awesome video downloader software tool. Here are some more exciting features about this software:

4K Video Downloader is best alternatives to Wondershare AllMyTube downloader.

5) DLNow Video Downloader

Another very fascinating choice as a replacement of Wondershare Allmy Tube software because of its exciting features. Though this software is not available in the free version, but still this software is pretty much popular among the users. This software is pretty much capable of downloading any video from the internet in just few click. The powerful search engine of this software will also let you to get your favorite video directly on your PC hassle free.

Key features of this video downloading software are:

So, definitely, downloading DLNow Video downloading software in place of Wondershare Allmy Tube software is quite worthy for the users for sure.

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6) Video Downloader- Tube Grabber

To download YouTube videos in the most convenient manner, then there is no other choice better than Video Downloader- Tube Grabber software for Windows. All you need to do is to click on the download icon present near the video description to get it downloaded in your PC. Moreover, you can also download videos from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, VEVO, Vimeo and Dailymotion etc. The installation size of this software is also pretty much low which makes it a very awesome choice for all users. This video downloading software is exactly delivering the same stuff which is meant to be delivered by an ideal video downloading software. Some of the most exciting features of this app are listed below:

7) AnyMP4 Video Downloader

Another very fabulous choice as a substitute of Wondershare AllMyTube software. The way in which this freeware delivers the content to its users is just outstanding. There are lots of exciting features which makes AnyMP4 Video downloader an idea choice for every user. From all those features, here are some features which we are listing below:

So, these are some good features about this software which makes it a very good contender of Wondershare free Allmy Tube video downloader software. We really hope that you will surely consider this option while picking the best replacement of Wondershare software.

8) Ummy Video downloader

This video downloader is launched very recently by the developers and that’s why, there are very limited enhanced features present in it compared to the other software which we have listed so far. But if you want to get a software which will not consume more storage space on your PC, then Ummy Video downloader is a very great option present out there. Just bring down this ideal downloading software on your PC and enjoy the following features for free:

So, these are some great features of this awesome video downloader software. Certainly not an ideal replacement of Wondershare free AllMyTube software, but at least a decent choice for sure.

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9) ConvertBox Mp3 Downloader

This freeware is cannot be regarded as the replacement of Wondershare downloading software because this software can only be used to download YouTube videos in Mp3 format. So, if you want to download the Mp3 files of the videos which you have watched, then ConvertBox Mp3 Downloader is an idea choice for sure. The simple and clean user-interface of this software will definitely make you satisfied for sure. So, just try this software at least once to get some good high-end results.

10) YTD Video downloader Pro for Windows

With a broad range of quality video sites, YTD video downloader Pro for Windows becomes our another top pick of this list which can deliver satisfactory results to you. Videos can be easily downloader in 4k and 1080p screen resolution. Grabbing and extracting videos from various sites will surely become straightforward task for all users using this video downloading software. YTD video downloader software for windows was once a perfect competitor if Wondershare AllMyTube video downloader. But still, after the release of so many advanced software in this segment, YTD video downloader is ruling this segment. It is a much preferable choice over several other options present in this list. All you need to do is to is copy and paste the URL of the video which you want to download and click on the Download icon. There are several supported output formats of videos on this software. So, choose 1 of it from them and experience some good downloading features.

YTD Video downloader Pro is best alternatives to Wondershare AllMyTube downloader.

11: Freemake Youtube Downloader

Freemake YouTube downloader is a powerful downloading tool for Windows who have been upgraded to its newer version by the developers. Several features that are pretty much helpful in downloading videos have been added on this software. The ability to extract and download videos from major popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, VIVO, VIMEO, etc. is very high. Moreover, users can manually select different downloading features like screen resolution quality and output file format, etc. The primary user version of this software is not very convincing, but the advanced level is just magnificent. Quickly install this software on your Windows PC to get some high-end results exclusively for free.

Freemake Youtube Downloader is best alternatives to Wondershare AllMyTube downloader.

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12. Kastor All Video Downloader

Another compelling choice as the best alternate of Wondershare AllMyTube downloader because of all its quality features. Downloading videos in one go can be made possible by the use of this online video downloader for Windows. Kastor All video downloader shows how much easier downloading of videos can be using this software. The well optimized and enhanced features of this software will let you experience some quality downloading stuff for sure. Furthermore, Kastor All video downloader is a highly rated top class video downloading software for windows and hence, it can be regarded as one of the best alternates of Wondershare YouTube video downloader for Windows.

Kastor All Video Downloader is best alternatives to Wondershare AllMyTube downloader.

13 . Gihosoft TubeGet

If you want to get the ideal options from all above-mentioned options, then Gihosoft TubeGet is undoubtedly the best option for you. This software is an ideal YouTube video downloader software for the users, which comes in a lot of different variants. If you want a personalized video downloading experience, then you can get the single version of this software which is restricted to only one PC at a time. And if you want this software for all your family members and friends, then you can purchase the pro version of this software which will let the users to login into a maximum of 5 different devices. The subscription charges are not very high, and that’s why Gihosoft TubeGet is a top class and highly rated kind of video downloader. All you need to do is to copy and paste the video’s URL and select the output format of the file for a hassle-free downloading experience. You can also share videos with your family members directly using this software on your Windows PC. So, clicking this option among all the other several options will deliver the best response for sure.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version


So, these are some best 13 YouTube Video downloader applications which are having pretty much similar features as like Wondershare AllMyTube downloading software has. We hope that you have loved to browse this list and we assure you that we will bring more similar stuff like this in the future. Please comment down the name of YouTube video downloading software which you think we have missed. And please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family member.

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