32 Best Free Game Download Sites for PC & Android[2019 Updated]

Gaming becomes a very important part of our life, which has evolved to be an interesting and addictive way to have fun and relax. It not only helps to enhance our physical capabilities, but also mental capabilities. Sometimes you might desperately look for new games to play. What is the best site to download PC or Android games? Then this article is of your interest. There are many online resources and websites that are offering good games, either for PC or Android. Here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of websites to download PC and Android games. Please go through the whole article and you will surely get quality games to play.

Part 1. Best 27 PC Game Download Websites

For those who are interested in playing games on computer, here is a list of the 27 best websites to download games on PC.

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1. Steam

Steam is probably the best in the Gaming segment that trusted by millions of users worldwide. This PC game download website is developed by Valve Corporations and serving service to Gamers for 13 years. It provides thousands of games in over 28 languages, from indie games to action games. Games at Steam allows single player gaming as well as playing together with friends. Also, this gaming platform allows the players to stream videos of games in the form of movies, demos, tutorials or episodes.

Steam is one of the best PC Game Download Websites.

2. GOG

This PC game download website is operated by the GOG limited and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CD Projekt. GOG.com is a digital distribution platform which offers video games and movies that can be downloaded and purchased online. You can install games with just one click without installing any special client. The games you downloaded and installed from this platform is available offline. You don’t need any internet connect to play them. And all you game progress will be saved into cloud stay synced with all of your Android devices. You won’t lose your game progress.

GOG is one of the best PC Game Download Websites.

3. G2A

G2A.com has emerged to be one of the fastest growing digital marketplaces, which has over 12 million customers and 2 million sellers all around the globe. G2A.com doesn’t sell or purchase games by itself, but only delivers different platforms for others to sell and buy different digital products. Some of the highlighting platforms which G2A offers to their users are XBox, Steam, Apple, Uplay, GOG, Gameforge etc. You can purchase Gift card for different platforms as well. The plus point of this website is that they are introducing new projects regularly so that the excitation level of the Gamers never come down.

G2A is one of the best PC Game Download Websites.

4. Origin

Basically, Origin is the digital distributor software which promotes online gaming. It is developed by a leading Company in Gaming segments, Electronics arts. Origin provides its users with so many social features like profile management, video streaming via Twitch TV. Also, you can share your game library and community integration through social networking sites like Facebook, Xbox, PlayStation Network etc. Origin offers a wide variety of PC games to its users, from FIFA to even classic games like Plant vs Zombies. You will find some discounts and deals occasionally on Origin platform.

Origin is one of the best PC Game Download Websites.

5. Softpedia

Softpedia is a great library of over 1,000,000 free and free-to-try applications for users to download and purchase. It provides a large collection of games in various categories, such as action games, song games, arcade games, RPG, survival and fantasy games, etc. Games at Softpedia are not only available for Windows and Mac computer, but also for Android smartphones. The game application finder feature on this site allows you to easily find the exact game that you are looking for.

Softpedia is one of the best PC Game Download Websites.

6. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is one of the most prevalent websites for downloading PC games. It is an effective website for downloading all the latest versions of games at the earliest. You will see all the new game download links on its homepage. The best part of this site is that it renders direct download link which enables the user to download in a single click. It is a primary website capable of fulfilling all types of games need. You can easily find the games of different genres using the options given in the menu bar. Also, it provides great customer support and adds the games as per request.

7. Skidrow Games

Ocean of Games is very popular and contains pirated content. Because of this, you may not be able to access it. For that situation, Skidrow Games is a perfect place to visit to get full PC games for free. On this site, you will explore all types of old and new PC games along with direct download and torrent download links. The site is well-updated with new games and enables the game lovers to download them easily with its user-friendly and simple interface. You will also get a short description of the game, which includes the serial number and license codes. It allows users to request their favorite games as well.

8. IGG Games

Here comes another website for downloading complete PC games for free. IGG Games is a perfect site for new gamers and newbies having no idea of browsing sites for games. It has a very intuitive and friendly interface. You will find game description, video tutorials, and other details which are very helpful for the user. You can explore thousands of paid PC games for free here which you can get for your device without any hassle.

9. OVA Games

With numerous game blogs, OVA Games offer free PC games download and give better knowledge about them. You can easily search for the game based on your interests and the genres you like. It is a well-personalized website with proper placements of tabs and options. It is easy to browse and featured by an advanced search option. It is an excellent website to get the desired game instantly. The website also offers a special button to request the game. You can look for tutorials as well to acquire more information about the games.

10. Apun Ka Games

Apun Ka Games is another descriptive blog to download PC games. You will get a detailed article about the games along with the download link on its blog page. This helps the user to download the games as per the PC requirement, wallpaper, videos, and other factors. If you have the less technical knowledge, then you can also go through the full instructions of the installation of games as well. You can easily discover the game as per the genres like action, adventure, racing, simulation, and others. Go for this site to get new and updated full version games for your PC.

11. PC Games Download

PC Games Download is a versatile site for exploring games for PC. You will get all the latest big games and costlier games for free. The website enables the user to look for the loved game either alphabetically or search directly using the search bar. You will get 5-6 mirror links of games along with a direct download link. So, no matter which game you want, you will get it downloaded smoothly and quickly on this site. It has a very simple and straightforward interface where you can find all the top and latest games on the homepage.

12. Gamer Sky

If you are looking for a sleek website for downloading PC games, Gamer Sky is perfect for you. Developed in China, this website offers all types of games well organized under several genres. If you don’t know one Chinese, then you need to get the site translated into English. You can navigate all types of games like Chinese game, classic game, stand-alone mini-game, racing, sports, shooting, simulation, and others. It has a very simple and stable interface with all the options and features which you will look for in a game downloading site.

13. Take Game

Take Game is a popular site for mini-games. You can explore this site for all the classic and evergreen games usually liked by people. This site will make you remember your old days of gaming with a wide collection of popular games. You will also get detailed information on all the games along with download links. This can be a perfect site with a beautiful and straightforward interface of you love to play old games. You will find new games on this site as well.

14. Mega Games

If you are an extreme game lover, you can’t miss visiting this site. It is a wonderful website where you can discuss games and know about new games. It has a quite complex interface. So, you need to spend time to know the tabs using which you can download the games. Not only the game, but It also provides the Trainer, Cheats, Mods, Bug Fix, and other tools for gaming. You can register to this site to explore its more features. Track the news and download links to the latest and most popular games directly on the homepage.

15. Game Top

You may have heard about Game Top for downloading small and traditional games for PC. You will find a huge index of thousands of games compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. There are many games like Hidden Objects, Racing, Puzzle, Boards, Cards, etc., are available on this site. You can easily find your games using the genres, language, feature, company, and other customizations. It has an intuitive and simple interface with all popular games on the home page. It will open a big library for streaming games and download them. You can take a preview and check out the games’ details on this site easily.

16. Fast Download Games

As the name suggests, Fast Download Games is a fantastic website for downloading games fastly and install it. If you are a fan of tricky and complex games, this site will be best-suited for you. It offers games for all age groups in all genres for free. You can go for the tutorials videos provided on the site to get a good idea for playing the games available on the site. You can catch up on new and latest games easily on its homepage. It has a very sleek and simple interface offering a smooth download of games.

16. Softonic Gamers Academy

Softonic introduces a separate section for games in which it offers the download links of popular PC games. You will find all the exclusive and new games on this site and can download them without any hassle. Not only download, but you can also play games like League of Legends, League of Angels 2, World of Worship, World of Tanks, and War Thunder online without any charge. It is among the sites perfect for gamers with complete website support. The website runs very smooth, and the games load very easily comparatively.

17. Full Games Download

Full Games Download opens a large library of all types of games ranging from simple to tricky. It enables the user to download full PC games under several genres. This site also offers a platform where people can play games online instead of downloading. You will explore a huge index of interesting games on this site. It satisfies all the immediate demands of games of the game lovers. You can find games of different genres which include act on, logic, strategy, simulation, adventure, RPG, sports and cars. You can register to this site to explore more of its features and games.

18. Home of the Underdogs

Old game lovers must visit this site as it has got a treasure of classic games with the full version. Enjoy downloading games of all the genres or play them online for free on this site. This site is completely legal and does not contain any pirated files. You can buy games at discounted prices as well. The site is well categorized and enables the user to sort by theme, alphabet, year, or direct search for the games. You can also join the community on this site to discuss games and explore new games.

19. Free PC Gamers

With a big library of games, Free PC Gamers is a versatile site for downloading and playing PC games online. It gives the news about the games which will be leaked or officially available for free. It is a great source of information for games as well. If you are a new gamer and want to acquire proficiency in the game, then join the forum of this site to meet experience gamers and take tips and instructions from them. You will get free pc games recommendations on its homepage. This website will open the door to the world of games for you.

20. Liberated Games

Liberated Games is not only a site for downloading full PC games for free but also provides crack, cheats, hacks of PC games, and Android games. If you want to attain the tricks to play like a pro on your PC, you must visit this site. It offers several hacks for unlimited health and unlimited coins. You can contact the developers to add up any other desired tools or games. It renders proper freedom to navigate the site and get all your gaming needs fulfilled. You will feel the gaming spirit on its introductory page itself.

21. Acid Play Games

There are many mini-games which are widely popular across the world. If you are fond of the mini-game, then discover an unseen world of games by visiting Acid Play Games. You will get a short description of every game displayed on the site. You can easily search your favorite games or scroll its “Hottest new freeware games” section. You can also look for top games and games categorized under genres. It enables the user to download the games with a single click. It is a productive site for people craving for all types of mini-games.

22. Caiman Games

Here comes a cool website for downloading PC games in a full version. Are you looking for different games which you haven’t played before? Then, you must switch to this site to discover unique games and play online or download them. The home developers create the games available on this site. So, you will find all the games new and different. If you want to go for designing games, you can visit this site to develop an idea about the initial phase of designing. Also, you can download multiple games for free and play them.

23. Reloaded Games

Have you got bored with the general game you play? You can discover new and unique games for your PC on Reloaded Games. It is an excellent site offering small and new games for a unique experience of gaming. You can also send feedback and rate the games after playing. It is featured with a variety of games to be played according to the mood. Try out its random games and boost up your gaming spirit. You can download all of its games for free and easily search them as per your choice of genres.

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24. Best Old Games

As you can read from the name, Best Old Games is a site for streaming and downloading old and classic games. It is a perfect platform where you can recall your childhood memories by playing games like MS-DOS games and 8-bit games. If you have forgotten the games’ names then also you can trace them easily using the user-friendly interface of the site. It opens a large directory of old games for PC in various genres like action, adventure, puzzle, racing, simulation, strategy, and sports. You will also get small info of all the games listed on this website.

25. All Games A to Z

Ranging from classic to modern, simple to tricky and all other unique games are listed in the index of games offered by All Games A to Z website. It is one of the oldest sites for downloading PC games for free. So, you can enjoy safe and high-quality games without any interruption. It offers a wide variety of games compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux PC. It also offers a great user’s support. You can post your queries or doubts on its help forum and get it resolved quickly.

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26. Reddit Free Games

Reddit is not an independent website offering its games. It makes the use of subreddits who share download links of PC games for free. You can get access to all the popular games and rare games on this site. Because of its diversity, this website is loved by its thousands of users. You can find the games which are not yet released officially on this site. It is also a powerful website which a game lover must visit to fulfill the gaming needs. Its smooth and simple interface increases its reliability more.

27. 1337x Games Torrent

1337x is a popular site offering torrents like movies, music, apps, games, and many others. If you want access to various PC games for free and have no issues in downloading torrents, then you must go for this site. You will find a huge library of the game of various genres compatible with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo, and other such devices. If you haven’t found your favorite game in the above-listed sites, then you can get it downloaded from the 1337x website. It offers high-quality files and enables the user to play the games online as well.

Did You Know?

It is fascinating to know that the invention of the term Glorious PC Gaming Master Race was for the parody for elitists who professed games on a customized PC better than that using consoles. Benjamin Richard “Yahtzee” Croshaw, a British comic and video game developer, brought up the term of PC game while addressing the complaints by the PC gaming community for the delay in the release of the games owing to a long process. He said, ” It was intended to be ironic, to illustrate what I perceived at the time to be an elitist attitude among a certain kind of PC game” taking the review of The Witcher, a video game. At present, gaming consoles have become very limited and inferior because of restriction in the specifications over PC games.

On the contrary, mobile gaming has also come in the race because of high portability and accessibility. As per the analytics of the Global Games Market Report, the mobile game will occupy $100-billion business in the industry of games by 2021 and will grab 60% of gaming revenue leading in the gaming business.

Part 2. 5 Best Sites to Download Android Games

If you prefer to play games on your Android phone, you can refer to the list of the 5 best Android game download sites below.

1. Google Play Store

Google Play Store is well known to most Android users as it is the main source of downloading apps for Android devices. This app is preinstalled in all Android supported devices and provides a huge collection of games. With a Google account, you can easily access and download games on your Android phone.

Using Google Play Store to download android games.

2. Android Games Room
Android Games Room is a great platform for users to pick their favorite games and download to their Android phones. It contains thousands of free and paid games of various categories. You can easily access this site on your Android mobile by scanning a QR code. However, this site doesn’t provide a community forum and the customer service is not responsive.

Using Android Games Room to download android games.

3. Apps APK

Apps APK is one of the best Android game download sites that worth checking. It provides Android mobile users the ability to choose from thousands of apps and games, and download favorite games to their device. Unlike Google Play, it doesn’t install apps or games on your Android phone directly. Instead, you will get an APK file on your Android phone.

Using Apps APK to download android games.

4. MoboMarket

MoboMarket is another noteworthy Android game download site that offers numerous apps and games to choose from. The platform categorizes the games clearly and you can easily find what you need. Besides, it recommends games that are popular in your local area.

Using MoboMarket to download android games.

5. GetJar

GetJar is one of the biggest open App stores in the market. It is considered as great alternative to Google Play Store that offers plenty of apps and games to download from. Just like Apps APK, this platform gives you the freedom to get the APK files of the games that you need, as well as permitting developers to upload their own app or game.

Using GetJar to download android games.

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