Top 9 Alternatives to iMovie for Windows 10,8,7 [2019 Edition]

Apple gives the new and innovative functionalities to its users in all the fields. One can develop his/ her video editing skills with powerful software named as iMovie on Mac.

iMovie is a versatile video editing software accessible to Mac users. If you want to experience the same effects and features in your video editing tool of your Windows PC, then go through this article thoroughly and know about the alternatives to iMovie.

When it comes to hardware-software integration and compatibility with the latest technology, iMovie is a perfect video editor for Mac. It consists of all the tools and features which can be easily used by newbies and professionals. It brings up all the latest features and functions which helps the user to edit the video and personalize it. Moreover, it is a perfect video editor for enhancing the clip shooted on an iPhone, GoPro action cam, or any other high-resolution video camera. It enables the user to personalized the 4K video up to 1080p and 60 FPS. It renders the professional editor experience with its versatile and inbuilt tools, trailers and themes. With the perfect stabilization of video and balancing the color and other things, you can create exclusive video footage with iMovie on Mac.

However, the iMovie is not compatible with Windows PC, which makes Windows users devoid of its prominent and advanced features with several unusual effects.

There are many video editing software for Windows, which works as similar to iMovie and renders all the powerful tools and features to Windows users. In this article, you will read about the best video editing software comparable to iMovie which you can use for your Windows 7, 8, 10. You need to read the complete article to know about them in detail and select the ideal software as per your needs and preferences.

1. Shotcut

As you can see from its name, Shotcut is a fantastic software for the crop, trim, cut and rotate video. It offers simple and user-friendly software along with substantial tools which make it work as iMovie for the basic editing of videos. You can enjoy using its robust cutting and trimming tools without paying a single penny. Moreover, it makes all these tasks very easy.

Features of Shotcut:

Shotcut is one of the top alternatives to iMovie for Windows.

2. Lightworks

Here comes another video editing software that is perfect for cutting and trimming a video clip on a Windows PC. You can use this software for all your general editing needs in place of iMovie. Moreover, it satisfies all the innovative and industry standards for editing a video. You may find its interface quite tricky than other video editing software. However, you will be able to get the best result after using it for rotating, cropping, and trimming video.

Features of Lightworks:

Lightworks is one of the top alternatives to iMovie for Windows.

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3. VideoPad Video Editor

For any compelling video, audio effects or music plays a vital role. So, you can use VideoPad Video Editor for your Windows PC to finish your video editing with fantastic sound quality and to match the music. It is featured with an audio equalizer which will help you to get a perfect piece of work on your Windows PC. You will also get assistance for recording audio and adding music to the video clip.

Features of VideoPad Video Editor:

VideoPad Video Editor is one of the top alternatives to iMovie for Windows.

4. Corel VideoStudio

If you are looking for a video editing software with a complete set of tools along with audio devices, then switch your existing video editing software to Corel VideoStudio. It is a fantastic video editing software with advanced features and tools for enhancing the video with powerful effects. You can use this software major for adding music or audio to the video clip. You can create your sound or recording or use the inbuilt music to your clip.

Features of Corel VideoStudio:

Corel VideoStudio is one of the top alternatives to iMovie for Windows.

5. DaVinci Resolve

If you want to put a professional touch to your long video, then go for DaVinci Resolve for your Windows PC. You will not miss a single moment of your video by speeding it up using this target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” fantastic software. Also, enhance the positioning and playback speed option of the video using it.

Features of DaVinci Resolve:

DaVinci Resolve is one of the top alternatives to iMovie for Windows.

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6. AceThinker Video Master

AceThinker Video Master is a perfect video editing software for making an informatory video and adding subtitles and text to it. This video editing tool will help you in adding texts, titles, and captions to your video in a customizable font and sizes. You can also add watermark to your video and use it for the identification of the video. It is a straightforward and versatile software that allows the user to easily insert the video and convert it according to the preference. Moreover, you can also record your video and make MV using it on your Windows PC.

Features of AceThinker Vidoe Master:

AceThinker Video Master is one of the top alternatives to iMovie for Windows.

7. Typito

If you don’t want to use AceThinker Video Master for passing texts and captions, then you can go for Typito, which is another fabulous software for inserting paragraphs to videos. Apart from books, you can also add images and layouts to your video using this efficient software. It supports full HD videos and helps it to edit quickly. You can unlock a bundle of powerful tools and useful features for your video by buying its paid subscription.

Features of Typito:

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8. ApowerEdit

Here comes another powerful software helpful insertion of images, text, and layout to the video. ApowerEdit renders several tools and features for perfect video editing on Windows 7, 8 and 10. It is one of the best alternatives to iMovie, which you can use to create your useful video clip to be posted socially or online with your company logo.

Features of ApowerEdit:

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9. Cyberlink PowerDirector

If you are looking for a well-personalized software with robust tools and PIP designs for creating a video with a picture in picture effect, then Cyberlink PowerDirector is the perfect option for you. It offers various functionalities to play two videos at the same time and customize it with PIP designs. You can also opt for animated designs over the video using its quick and simple tools. It offers all the features of a picture in picture effects like iMovie and a perfect alternative to it.

Features of Cyberlink PowerDirector:

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iMovie is a perfect video editing software with all kinds of tools and features required for the complete editing of the video. You will find the listed video editing software reliable to be used on Windows PC in place of iMovie. You have seen both free and paid video editing software which you can select as per your preference. Moreover, read about their features to know about their functionalities and specifications. Get it to your Windows PC and upgrade your experience of editing videos on it. For queries and doubts, write to us through comments.

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