The Only Way to Mass Unfollow Without Losing Followers

Instagram is one of the best social media sites. The people of this generation are quite crazy and heavily active on social media sites like facebook, twitter, and Instagram. It is quite typical of people to crave for a huge fan base or follower list on all the social media. Your followers list highly depends on your following list. It matters a lot on what pages and people you are following and what quality of contents they upload.

Mass Unfollow:

Mass unfollowing is the act of unfollowing a vast number of people on Instagram due to various reasons or issues. Though the term ‘mass unfollow’ defines a pretty simple concept of unfollowing people, it is not as easy as it sounds in real life. Mass unfollow requires an enormous time of the Instagram account holder. Due to the considerable time consumption and monotonous work type of mass unfollow, the Instagram account holder can’t manage his or her Instagram account properly. There are various other alternative ways available to perform this task. You will get to learn them soon in this article. Before jumping on to multiple directions, you must know reasons for unfollowing as well as the pros and cons of usage of the alternatives. The following are the reasons for unfollow:

Mass unfollowing is the act of unfollowing a vast number of people on Instagram due to various reasons or issues.

  1. Instagram follow limit – it is one of the most significant issues on Instagram that people have to face. Instagram has tied a specific limit until which you can follow Instagram users. If an Instagram user follows 7500 people on Instagram, the user automatically gets a warning message from Instagram. The warning message gives an error “you cannot follow any more people.” This is the reason why most of the Instagram users take the route to mass unfollow. In many cases, even the accounts get blocked for a certain period on Instagram for such suspicious actions. So you have to be very careful both at the time of following and unfollowing Instagram users.
  2. Follower/following ratio – there are thousands of accounts on Instagram with poor follow/following rate. It is applicable in most of the cases except that of the famous faces on Instagram. In such cases, the Instagram account holder might feel bad and end up unfollowing people and pages on Instagram. Mass unfollowing in such instances helps in Instagram account management properly. This procedure helps in balancing the follower/following ratio of the Instagram account.

Now, after knowing the reasons for mass unfollow, it is natural for you to think about the follower/following ratio remedy. Here are a few categories of accounts on Instagram, which can help you understand the follower/following ration system for account management:

1.The spam accounts – there are a few accounts on Instagram, which are new on the social media platform. So they cannot handle the Instagram account properly. Such account holders keep on spamming other accounts on Instagram in the hope of getting follow backs from them. They do not know ways of using Instagram automation tools for convenience. Such accounts never get follow returns from the follower’s list.

2.Suspicious account – these accounts are the weirdest ones among all the Instagram accounts. The account holders of such Instagram accounts never seem to be active ever. These accounts are highly inactive and do not provide any useful or exciting content on Instagram. So it is very silly of people to follow such suspicious accounts. They neither give interesting content nor give a follow back. In spite of every drawback of such accounts, they are highly questionable. You never know if those accounts are used for some unhealthy work or keeping an eye on someone. It is wise of you to unfollow such suspicious accounts and make yourself safe from every illegal means.

3.Regular – these accounts on Instagram are available now and then. These accounts are the most common ones. The users of such accounts stay active regularly. The contents of the account may be exciting or dull. Whatever it is, it should impress you to keep following them. These accounts have got an average follower/following ratio. You can keep following these accounts if they continue to keep you interested in their content. Otherwise, you should unfollow them.

4.Micro influencer – Instagram is such a place where people can create their private accounts for being trendy or show off their talents. Instagram is a mini YouTube where the users start uploading their talent posts in their accounts, and after getting some good responses, they put up the videos and jobs in their official business accounts. People even use Instagram for business purposes. They sell various food items, clothes, jewelry, and makeup products on Instagram pages. For all these happenings, these pages manage to have a good fan base or followers list. In such cases, ordinary people continue to follow them if their products or talents impress them. Or else people should unfollo3w them for contents which appear dull to them.

5.Influencers – these are the accounts with a huge follower list and less following list. The account holder of such accounts are either already famous on social media or have recently become renowned for any talent they hold. Instagram gives a platform to all the rising stars to forecast their abilities as well as the risen stars to continue impressing people on Instagram. The content of such pages either becomes more impressive or not impressive at all. The account holder takes the considerable fan base for granted and stops uploading useful or exciting posts in their accounts. These actions may lead to mass unfollow of the famous account on Instagram.

After knowing all the categories of accounts and account holders on Instagram, it may be easier for all the Instagram users to judge whom to follow and whom to not.

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Why you should go for mass unfollow:

1.For avoiding less spam – there are accounts on Instagram which might have posted some interesting content, and so you ended up following it. But with passing time, the materials may not impress you anymore. You do not want spam and uninteresting posts on your newsfeed of Instagram account. To avoid such circumstances, you should unfollow these accounts.

2.In-active accounts – a few accounts on Instagram used to be active a long time back. You have got no posts from such accounts for an extended period. They do not even like your posts on your account for too long. The user of such accounts might have forgotten their password or have developed some hatred towards Instagram. It is wise of you to unfollow such in-active accounts and lessen up the crowd on your following list.


Mass unfollow and account management may sound very easy for all people, but in real life, it is not so. It takes a lot of time and manual work to manage your account and set it free from every spam. Though the process ends in just one click, it is not easy for the user to put several clicks together to clean up the accounts. The process, if clean up of Instagram accounts, is pretty time consuming and tiresome to all the account holders. You cannot just unfollow someone like that. You need to check every account and every post individually of every account on your following list to keep the process of mass unfollow going. Also, there is a bigger problem which the account holders have to face every time of clean up. Instagram automatically blocks an account that unfollows other accounts from the following list very fast. It appears to be suspicious to Instagram. So they block the account for 24 hours at first with a warning message. Later on, if the process continues, the account may be barred for 48 hours and a week even. To avoid such issues, you can take help from the Instagram automation tools.

Instagram automation tool:

Now that you know there is a solution to every problem, here is what the resolution of mass unfollow is all about. Instagram automation tool acts as a helping hand or assistant to all the users who need to clean up their Instagram accounts. The function of this tool is to manage your Instagram account by finding out the in-active accounts and spammers. It helps the user to find out which account has recently liked your post and which has not for a long time. It also manages your account by deleting random posts from your account, reminding you to reply to direct messages from other accounts and reminding you of comments on which you have not responded. The automation tools act as bots to clean up your mind. They carry out the following tasks:

Humans have always been successful in creating advanced technologies and software for human help. One of those is used to manage your Instagram account. Despite all the drawbacks, Instagram continues to impress the mass of people to date.

The automation tools are also smart enough to keep the automation settings under Instagram’s radar to avoid action blocks. The tools can buffer a pause between every unfollow action, and stop after a certain amount of unfollow actions have been performed within the hour. Automation is completely safe, as long as you have it configured correctly.

1.Unfollow: The Cheapest Alternative

Unfollow does three things really well, unfollow inactive or non-followers, block ghost followers (users who have never like dor comments on your last 50 posts) or inactive users, or unlike your latest likes. It doesn’t allow you to unfollow or block one user at a time. The software will do the acts safely and automatically for you.

You can use the app for free by watching ads and charge a one-time cost of $1.99 to have unlimited acts.

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Unfollow does three things really well, unfollow inactive or non-followers, block ghost followers

2.FollowLiker: The Recommended Option

The Recommended Solution FollowLiker is a full-blown Instagram automation solution. We’ve been huge supporters of Instagram automation and think everyone should at least give it a try. It’s undeniable that automation can accelerate your Instagram growth, but with a slight degree of risk.

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The Recommended Solution FollowLiker is a full-blown Instagram automation solution.

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