How to delete or deactivate your Facebook account

There can be an innumerable number of reasons that one should quit using facebook. Teenagers nowadays show a lot more interest in using these social media sites than adults . Some reasons to delete your Facebook account could be that you need to focus on your studies and you think that facebook is very much time consuming and can probably become your life, or you have some privacy concern regarding your account, or, you believe facebook makes you deal with useless people or ineffective communication. The reason could be that facebook manipulates you to work on your posts to make it more creative or funnier just for the sake of few likes, while you can spend this time doing something much more useful.

Quitting Facebook is typically about regaining control of your nonvirtual life. If you aren’t sure to stop entirely then deactivate your account temporarily and see how you feel over the next week or two. You may find you have more free time and are less stressed out than before.

Why should you delete the account? Isn’t deactivating it enough? No, because ‘deactivating’ a Facebook account only means you are out of it temporarily. To exit Facebook, you have to delete the account.

Another major reason could be people don’t like annoying ads that are based on their browsing habits. You can’t differentiate between the vital facebook news and spam feeds . Moreover, facebook owns your data like photos, videos.

Deactivating your account is a completely reversible step that will hide you and most of your information from searches on facebook, but it won’t erase everything. So, deleting accounts sounds like a much better option.

If anyone is frustrated and cut them off from facebook then there are many ways to keep yourself aside i.e., ways to delete your Facebook account and keep yourself on a safer side you should :

1. Download all your facebook data

If finally, you are ready to quit Facebook once and for all, then you should take your data like messages, photos, videos, friends and so on with you before you go. It’s very easy to download your data from facebook.
Firstly, you’ll need the web version app of facebook, not the mobile app for downloading. Then you have to follow these steps to have a copy of your whole data existing in your facebook account :

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click the menu button and scroll down and click settings.
  3. Scroll down and choose Your Facebook Information and then tap Download Your Information.
  4. Now select all those data you want to download for that tap boxes on the right side of Facebook.
  5. At last, tap Create File to confirm the downloading request.
    And once your data are ready to be downloaded, then you will receive a notification for that.
    Download all your facebook data

2 . Clear your Facebook History

Facebook collects information regarding you through information you provide on other websites or apps . Secondly, through the websites which you visit when you are not on facebook . It also collects information from the people who are not on facebook. Facebook records everything you have done on any of the sites. So, before deleting the Facebook account, you should get rid of any recent comment or the people you have searched for. Option to clear your facebook history will allow you to clear the data that Facebook has collected about you, but it will still remain on its servers.

Meanwhile, you can start to delete your personal information. So, to wipe up, you need to :

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Tap on your profile name on the top right corner.
  3. Tap the arrow next to your posts, which will give you a drop-down menu.
  4. click the delete option to remove your post.
    To clear your search history :

    1. On your profile page, click View Your Log History.
    2. In the menu on the left, under photos, videos, comments click More.
    3. When the drop-down menu appears, click Search History.
    4. Then select the Clear Searches button on the top of the screen .

With this, all your search history will be deleted.

Clear your Facebook History

3. Delete photos from facebook

Facebook allows you to hide images without actually removing them, as well as the ability to permanently delete any of your uploaded images, and even entire album of photos. it could be either your profile photo or cover photo or any photo in which you were tagged.

To be on the safer side, you should remove all your photos before deleting or deactivating your Facebook account. You can only remove photos that have been uploaded by you not the images that you were tagged in. Facebook doesn’t provide any feature to delete tagged in photos.

Steps to remove Facebook photos :

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the account name on the top left corner and click pictures of you.
  3. Click Edit or Remove button next to your photo you want to delete and choose delete this photo.
  4. Click confirm.

Steps to untag yourself from any photo that you have been tagged in :

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click your account name in the top left corner and choose photos of you.
  3. Click the edit or Remove option next to your photo and choose to Remove tag.
  4. Put a tick mark next to your photo you want to untag and select any option out of three options available-
    1. I don’t like this photo of me.
    2. It’s spam
    3. I think this photo shouldn’t be on facebook.

Then click Continue, and you will be untagged from that particular photo.

4. Change your Name and Profile photo

Another better option rather than deactivating your facebook account could be to change your name and profile photo so that unknowns cant get access to you. Fcebook doesn’t allow us to remove the name and email id, but it will enable us to change it to something unrelated to you.

Steps to change the profile picture are as follows :

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. At the top left corner click your account name and over your profile picture, you will get some drop down options.
  3. Then choose Choose a new profile picture.
  4. Edit or crop your photo and save it.

Steps to change the name:

  1. Click on your account name and click the down-pointing arrow in the top right corner and click Settings.
  2. Under general look for Name, click Edit and enter a new name
  3. Click Review Change , enter a new password, and click save changes.
    And with this, you’ll be done.

5. Permanently delete your facebook account

There are two ways to get rid of your Facebook account, one is to deactivating it which means you can reactivate it when you wish to , but until that person cant view your facebook timeline or even search for you. Another one is to delete your facebook account forever. If you choose the more permanent step, facebook will delay the deletion for few days after the request is made. If you log in during this period, the process of deletion is canceled, and your account will be restored.

Once your account will be permanently deleted, there is no way to reactivate your account. Also, it can take up 90 days to your data that is stored in its backup system to be deleted.

Steps to permanently delete your Facebook account are as follows :

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click the menu down arrow at the top right corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Choose general in the left column.
  5. Click ‘Manage Your Account’.
  6. Press ‘Deactivate Your Account ‘, and then confirm your decision .

As much as we don’t want to admit, deleting your Facebook account is a serious decision and can impact how you stay in touch with distant relatives and find social opportunities with friends.

Before deleting your account forever, it may be worth downloading all your facebook data which can be used for the future purposes.

Once you have saved your data or decided you don’t want to keep it then simply click Delete your account and you are done.

Permanently delete your facebook account


Many of us have become so accustomed to social media that we nethier have time for ourselves nor for our family members. It’s not that we should not use social networking sites, but there must be some limits. But if the limits are crossed then one should quit and start a new life which is outside these social networking sites. According to recent researches, the time spent on these social networking sites has steadily increased. And the studies suggest that especially quitting facebook is unequivocally positive for one’s mental health.

So it was asked people in some parts of the country to deactivate their facebooks account so it won’t harm their mental health and the researches regularly checked the facebook accounts during the month to make sure they were not activated again and usually received text messages to asses these users moods creating a real-time evaluation. Users were initially asked to deactivate their Facebook accounts, but half of the population didn’t know how to deactivate it and were filled with a lot of questions, and there was no one to guide them. A longer period without Facebook might have less impact on news knowledge as people find alternative news sources, and either more or less impact on subjective well being.

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