Top 10 Websites which are perfect Alternatives to The Dare TV

The Dare TV website is offering free movies and TV shows to their users from the past many years. This service is served by this website for free to all users. Due to this free service, this website has the perfect number of website traffic and most of the users from all around the world use this website whenever they are in a mood to stream online movies and TV shows for free.

The presence of a massive database of this website makes it capable of storing a huge number of movies and TV shows data. All the latest TV shows and Web series are added on this website before the other sites. Moreover, the latest episodes are also added on this website whenever they release on the channel. Also, you can stream online TV serials online live on this website. This website is having a tie with over 50 active TV channels. The only thing you have to do is that register on this website using your Email ID and password. After registering on this website, you can start the seamless joy of watching and streaming online TV shows and movies for free.

But from the past few days, the speed of this website is been slow down probably due to site maintenance and to fix other small issues. That’s why it may be possible that you will not be able to stream online videos and movies on this website for another 2 or 3 weeks or maybe even more. So, to continue the seamless experience of streaming online movies and TV shows, you need to switch to another website that offers the same features and online videos for free. We will list the top 10 websites which we had observed and analyzed. You can also consider these websites and can use them in the place of The Dare TV:

1. PutLockerz

This is the best possible alternative of The Dare TV website which we had to find to mention in this list. PutLockerz is one of the known and popular websites which offers free online streaming of movies and TV shows to all users. Mainly, the movies are categorized into two main categories named as Latest Movies and Most Popular Movies. This categorization of movies makes it very easy for the users to choose the best movies which they can stream for free. That’s why PutLockerz is our best pick in this list which you can consider before other websites.

2. Netflix

Netflix is among the major and leading websites of this segment of movies and TV shows. The main limitation of this website is that this is not available for free. Rather you can access its free 1-month trial by creating an account with Email ID and Password. You have to add your Credit or Debit card on this website and after one month, the subscription fee will get deducted. The major reason behind the suggestion of using this website is that several web series and movies are available on this website, which can be streamed in a variety of screen resolution. Moreover, you can download the Netflix app from the Play Store or App Store on your phone. Streaming online on the app will make your overall experience great for sure.

3.Put Lockers New Site 2018

This free streaming website is another excellent possible option to replace The Dare TV website. Unlike Netflix, you don’t have to pay anything to stream online videos and movies on this website.This website allows the users to stream online videos, and users can also download movies and TV shows. New movies and TV shows are frequently added on this website, making it a perfect choice to replace The Dare TV website.

4. Movie Watcher

This is another fantastic option as the replacement of The Dare TV website. The Graphic user-interface of this website is so lite and compatible that it will never consume unnecessary data. Like The Dare TV website, movies are categorized according to the genres, language, popularity, and date of release. Thousands of users are opting for this website in place of The Dare TV daily. And now it’s your time to switch to this website if you are a prime user of The Dare TV website.

5. VidSturm

This popular website is an average rated website from our point of view. But the seamless features which it offers are just magnificent. All the movies which are available on this website are displayed with their ratings and popularity which makes it much easier for the users to choose from. You can also watch the trailer for briefing up the whole movie before you start streaming. Different movies of different genres like action, thriller, comedy, and romance are sorted very neatly which makes it quite convenient for the users. So, a perfect choice to replace The Dare TV website for sure.

VidSturm is an average rated website from our point of view.

6. PutLocker

This is certainly the best website to stream online movies and TV shows. This website is containing limited stocks of movies and TV shows, but all of them are very awesome and class apart. These movies are also sorted according to the genres and language as like the VidStrum website. You can also search your favorite movie by using the manual search option. Some popular videos are also available for downloading purposes as well.


This free streaming website is another very good option which is available for the users. Unlike other websites that are listed above, this website has sorted all the movies and TV shows according to the alphabetical order of the movies name. The majority of the movies are Bollywood movies, but some Indian and Chinese web series is also available on this website. These movies and web series can also be downloaded by using the URL of a particular movie followed by using some downloading software.


This free streaming website is not so popular among the users as per the rating of this website. Almost 50% of the users who use this website are satisfied with the features and results. Rest are disappointed with the performance of this website and frankly speaking, we are too not so interested in using this website in place of The Dare TV. But the presence of movies and TV shows in High-quality resolutions is what makes this website preferable an average choice for the users. You can too give a try to this website at least once.


Like the PutLocker. The only website, this is another average option that is available for the users. This website is designed with a different domain so that if the first website goes out of operation, this option can be used by the users. The rest of the features are almost the same apart from the user interface. This website has a much better user-interface as compared to the first option. Moreover, movies and TV shows can be downloaded from this website very conveniently. Streaming online on this website is also very easy because you don’t have to install any software or anything to watch videos and movies online. Just click on the thumbnail of the movie and start streaming.

10. Open Load Free TV

This open-source website provides quite fantastic features to its users, which can be considered to replace The Dare TV website. The main and most important feature here is that all movies of ’90s and ’80s can be streamed or downloaded from this website very easily. This feature is pretty appealing for users who are fond of watching old movies and TV shows. This comparatively a much better choice to choose the substitute as compared to the above-listed websites for The Dare TV website.

Open Load Free TV can be considered to replace The Dare TV website.

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