3 Main Reasons Why 4K videos are much better than 1080p

All of us are always wondering why 4K is regarded as the best video quality despite the fact that YouTube only offers a maximum of 1080p to stream videos online.

Choosing between 4K video screen resolution and 1080p screen resolution can be a very difficult task for the users if they do not know about the upsides and downsides of 4k screen resolution. Most of the videos which you see in 4K video resolution like skydiving, Cycling, Underwater diving, Skiing have clear resolution and enhanced exposure.

4K videos

4K video resolution falls under the ultra-high-quality screen resolution category, and the best thing about 4k resolution is that it makes things look excellent and ultra-clear up to a very large extent. That’s why 4k videos are becoming pretty much popular among the users over 1080p. 4K video resolution has become the top choice among the users, and there are plenty of reasons to justify it.

So, here in this article, we will discuss some of the top 3 reasons why 4K videos are much better than 1080p videos:

Reason 1: The first reason why 4K videos are much better than 1080p videos is that 4K videos have almost 4 times much better clarity and resolution in its videos. On one note, it can be observed that 4K videos have four times the total number of pixels which is contained by 1080p videos. The ultra-high-definition of the 4K videos can be clearly observed in its videos. Though the majority of devices does not support the 4K video quality till now, still 4K has established its name powerfully. The 4K video standard cannot be matched with any other screen quality, and due to the persistence of 4K among the users, it is becoming a very great option for them. Nowadays, most of the users want to purchase the most expensive flagship smartphones for them that record orshoot videos and pictures in the best possible screen 4k resolution . It is impossible to even for the other smartphones of previous technology to support the latest 4K video technology. That’s why 4K videos are regarded as much better stuff than 1080p videos in terms of quality, screen resolutions, clarity, exposure, and lots more.

It is quite evident that rendering every fine detail of videos and pictures of 4K screen resolution will consume more and more disk space. But this is how you will observe that 4K videos are better than 1080p. For example, if a video in 1080 consumes 10MB of storage space, then a video of 4K screen resolution will consume almost a 40 MB’s of space on the hard drive of your PC. This is terrible for the users as 4K does provide clarity, but it consumes a lot of space as well.

The resolution pattern of 4K videos is defined and structured in a well-organized manner. The pixels of 4K videos provide the most exceptional watching experience, and all due to these large number of pixels, 4K videos become the best kind of videos passing the 1080p videos as well. The most significant advantage of 4K videos is that they automatically adjust the screen exposure and clear view. In simple words, if some areas in 4K videos don’t need much clarity, then that area will automatically get slightly blurred. This is the most significant advantage of 4K videos in our point of view other than the clarity measure. When you observe the overall exposure and clarity of both 4K and 1080p videos, then you will not find any vast differences. But the overall stunning clarity and exposure of 4K videos are what make them class apart from 1080p videos. So, the first and the most significant reason for the success of 4K videos is its Resolving Detail, and we think that everyone will agree to it for sure.

Reason 2: The second reason why 4K will look much better than 1080p videos is that they have a more comprehensive and a closure look. Basically, if you want to experience the 4K screen resolution quality, then you need to sit a bit closer to the Display screen where the 4K video is playing. If you sit closer to the display screen, then you will automatically experience the best screen resolutions and clarity while watching videos. This way can take the maximum benefits and if you compare the same with the 1080p videos, then you will observe that you are not getting that kind of clarity as that provided by 4K videos. Shifting yourself further back to increase the distance between yourself and screen will decrease the overall maximized watching experience of 4K videos.

You have often observed that 4K resolution Televisions are much bigger than the usual TVs. The main reason behind this fact is that 4K videos are having a considerable number of pixels and clarity exposure, which requires a large area and space to occupy. Moreover, for an optimal watching experience, we always recommend our users to watch 4K videos from a closer look. The supreme 4K video clarity is exhilarating for the users, and taking full advantage of 4K videos will surely deliver excellency to you. However, there are still the majority of the smartphones and PC that don’t support 4K videos played on them.

On the other hand, you will find that most of the DSLR cameras are now becoming 4K resolution compatible. That’s why their prices are very high, and no one can easily afford to purchase them easily. However, you have also observed that the professional cameraman always tries to shoot the pictures and videos in a closer angle. Getting a broader perspective in 4K videos and pictures don’t provide much clarity and fine resolution. The closer angle is making a massive difference between both 1080p and 4K videos, which can be clearly observed from the above facts.

Reason 3: Scaling Down is another very massive advantage of 4K resolution videos over 1080p videos. Sometimes, there are some conditions where the screen resolution needs to be lowered down significantly to make things look brighter and finer. That’s why 4K video technology is designed with an in-built feature of Scaling down. Basically, this feature will automatically scale down the screen resolution to 2K whenever extra resolution is not required in the videos. In simple words, the automatic adjustable sensors of 4K video technology will automatically adjust the Scaling of the videos and will present cool and good stuff.

4K video technology is not all about the 4K screen resolution. Instead, 4K video technology is a quality screen resolution technology that can deliver the quality stuff most efficiently. Although the clarity will be present in almost every single dot of the display screen, but the automatic brightness and clarity sensor will sometime adjust themselves to lower down the screen resolution quality. You will not feel the downscaled 2K screen resolution when you are playing 4K videos on 4K television. It is just developed to control the more extensive exposure and clarity to make it more beautiful. The hybrid AI technology will make the 4K videos to look brighter and compatible in terms of transparency and vulnerability.

In case if you cannot afford to purchase the big and expensive 4K resolution television for yourself, then the downscaling feature of 4K videos will prove to be an asset for you. The downscaling can be done up to 2K screen resolution, which will deliver excellent results. 4K video technology is an expensive technology, and affording it is not easier for every user. Additionally, most of the DSLR’s are getting this automatic adjustable technology integrated with the downscaling feature. Even when you give some more exposure to the videos and photos, then also Downscaling feature of 4K technology will help you out in the best possible manner. These abilities of 4K videos are very impressive for the users, and everyone should give a positive node to it for sure. Among the plenty of reasons why 4K is better than 1080p videos, we think that the Downscaling feature is the most attractive one.

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So, these were some top 3 reasons why 4K videos are regarded as a better choice than 1080p videos. We hope that you have enjoyed reading these points in this article. Everyone is hoping that 4K technology will get spread massively in almost every production house and studios. Feedbacks and suggestions regarding this article in the comments section are much appreciated. We also appeal to you to share this article on your Social media handles so that everyone should get to know about the features of 4K video technology and its massive advantages over 1080p. It is pretty much evident that 4K video technology is a dominating one over the 1080p videos, and the stunning performance of 4K video technology is giving it a boost.

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