Top 10 sites for streaming TV shows online free in 2019[Legal Streaming]

Due to all these reasons, they now search for a more simple way to watch all good movies and TV series at their devices at any time and at anywhere. This all can be done easily with the help of online streaming. You can find that there are several online sites with the help of which you can watch all the online TV shows and other movies too in a convenient manner. This all is possible due to the good internet connection.

In today’s world, everything is fast moving from offline to online. This is the case with the entertainment industry as well. Gone are the days when you needed a cable to watch your favorite show on television. So, you can stream your favorite TV show content online without any hassle.

Top 10 Sites for online streaming Free TV shows 2019

1. Crackle

This site is one of the most popular entertainment sides for all types of video content. This site helps you to watch all kinds of TV shows and that for free of cost. The real owner of this site is Sony, and for this, this site is one of the most reliable sites for you. You can get a wide variety of top series and other movies. This app is supportive of both Android and iOS apps. When you visit this site, you can find that there is a search option where you can search for all your things easily. Apart from that all, this site categorized all the shows into different categories, which makes it easier for the user to search its series easily. You too can stream the videos across multiple devices without any problem about it.

Using Crackle for online streaming Free TV shows.

2. Tubi

The next best online streaming site is Tubi. This site helps you to watch all kinds of episodes, and for this, you don’t need any sign up. When you get into this site to watch your favorite places, then you can find that this site helps you to create some good playlists based on your interests. The best part is if you don’t have watched the whole episode at one go and left it in the middle, then also you can watch it from where you left after login again from the same account on the same or even on different devices.

This site has got a very good interface, and in this, you can include some best TV Comedies, Reality TV and Crime TV too. Apart from the excellent series you also get some of the best TV series collection, and you can run the same in multiple devices as well.

The next best online streaming site is Tubi.

3. Popcornflix

The third best site that you can go for is Popcornflix. This is a legal streaming site in which you can watch all types of free TV shows. Apart from that all, in this site, you can get some of the best original content which is hosted on this website which lies across other genres which include drama, horror, Sci-fi and other categories too. If you go for the total TV series, then you can find that in all total, you can get near to 100 TV series and for this, you can get some best things which can lie across the multiple devices.

Moreover, you too can get some of the best children shows which are suitable for giving knowledge to your children about different things along with entertainment and fun. You too can watch movies on this site, and this site is supported in both Android and iOS devices.

The third best site that you can go for is Popcornflix.

4. Retrovision

If you are in search of a site where you can find some old and classic TV shows, then Retrovision is the site for you. In this site, you can see that this show offers you a great and classy collection of TV shows and movies and all of them are top-rated as well. This type of content is said to be one of the best things, and it has hosted on the platform, which is said to be available under the public domain. Other than live streaming, you too can go for downloading of series from this site in a very easy manner also.

If you look at the interface of the site, it has got one of the most simple and easy interfaces. It is very much user-friendly and to access all the contents in this site; you need to sign-up on this site.

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5. Yahoo View

Yahoo View is one of the old sites for the online streaming of series and movies. Earlier, Hulu a popular site for online streaming has closed its sections, but then Yahoo gets in partnership with it and both launches the new service Yahoo View. In this new site from Yahoo, you can get all the contents that are available on Hulu.

Moreover, then this all, you too get a wide range of other free TV show with different genres which include Drama, Reality, Comedy and other things as well. You can too get a separate section which includes the child section and also for all the anime lovers; you can get a huge collection of anime series too. The quality of videos that are played on this site is seen to be of high and good quality.

Yahoo View for online streaming Free TV shows.

6. Snagfilms

The next site for all types of TV shows and good movies is Snagflims. The interface of the site is straightforward to understand type. The interface is such that it is very much easy for a user to understand and to access the site easily. In this site, you can find several things which include Kids, Family, Drama, Environment and Wildlife too.

This site is a very well crafted site where most of the collection is based on classics and documentaries. It too has got some apps for different platforms, which includes Windows, Android, iOS, Roku, and Smart TV too. But the main issue that you may face in this site is while you are in the middle of a movie or series, you may encounter some of the ads which come in the website.

7. Pluto TV

If you are looking for a good and regular TV type app, then you can easily flip with the help of TV channels. In this all kinds of the free TV show, you can easily stream the website. This website has got some best channels in which you can find some of the daily soaps, news, and other things as well. Apart from that all, you can also get some different sections which include lifestyle, entertainment, movie, music, and other things as well. You can too get some right educational and research type channels like NASA TV and Science TV.

Moreover, you can choose your content based on your interest via smartphone or Smart TV too. The interface of this site is excellent. As it has got all types of channels for the users, so it makes the interface in such a way that it will help all kinds of users to understand the site easily and can access the things without any trouble.

8. CW Seed

This CW Seed is an alternative site for the CW TV. Maybe this is the alternative site for the parent CW TV site still when you visit this site; you can find out that this site has got some of the best kinds of series in them. You can easily stream the series that are present here from your device without any problem.

The most important thing on this site is, maybe this is an alternative site still you can find that this site has no series from its parent site. Rather you can find that this site is popular for its reason and this includes about all the original web series as well as all DC animated series. So, the users who all are in love with animated series from DC can visit this site and can have some good time out there. The best part for the series is you don’t need to sign up for an account to watch the series or need to pay anything for this site.

9. Yidio

Yidio is an online TV streaming site that is free for all its users. This helps in pointing towards the third-party websites, and with this, it helps you to watch with a particular show. Apart from this all things, you can find a separate section where you can have all the free TV shows which you can easily stream online. In the whole site, all the video contents that are present in this site are of high-quality video things, and these hosts with some several popular sitcoms too.

The interface of the site is very good, and it is very easy to understand too. You can get some of the best kind of free listings too.

10. CW TV

The last best site you can go for streaming for all series and movies is CW TV. If you look at this site, you can get a very good collection of all kinds of superhero series as well as other series too. When you compare the site with others, you can find that this site has got some limited TV series for the users. The video quality in which this site allows you to stream is very high and good as well. The site is quite fast in response as well with an excellent interface for its users. To get into this site, you don’t have to go for creating any kind of account, or also you don’t have to pay any membership fee to access the contents that are present in this site for online streaming.

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Top 5 Best TV guide app for Android

In the age of smartphones,don’t want to miss your favorite TV show or episode? Here we list the 5 great Android TV guide apps you can use.


Open up a great source of entertainment and unlock thousands of movies and TV shows online with the IMDB mobile app. IMDB brings up a vast directory of movies and TV shows along with the ratings and reviews. It’s not just you will get to see any video with no factual background. It renders a platform where users can explore a variety of movie and high-rated shows and read their reviews. Also, it is an excellent app where you can track the date of release of your favorite movies and schedule of TV programs.

The versatile of IMDB app does not end up with the tracking of movies and TV shows. It also enables its users to get more info about movies, TV, and celebrities. You will get separate sections for movies, TV, and Celebs where you can see the top-rated list, storyline, cast, images, and other related information. You can also catch up trailers and teasers of big movies and famous TV shows on your mobile phone using the IMDB app.

IMDB is a useful app with several features and functions which you can avail without any registration. In a case, you want to enjoy its advanced features and services; you can easily signup using your Facebook, Google, or Amazon account. You can also create your new account using an email ID or phone number.

Features of IMDB:

2. TV Guide UK

As the name suggests, TV Guide UK was primarily designed for tracking the channels and on-air programs in the UK. It is a perfect app for Android and iOS users to follow all the channels aired in the UK. You can easily see the listing of all the programs along with its timings on its homepage without any registration. If you are looking for a serious platform and get all listings of all the UK programs and trace the broadcast without missing any, then you must register yourself on this one or login to the site if you are already a user.

TV Guide UK gives a simple list of all the programs which are live and upcoming. You can also look for the programs by selecting any specific channel. This site is decorated with colorful icons and displays album art with every plan. You can read a brief description of each program, as well. You can use this application to explore new shows and programs and check its schedule. You can set up reminders of your favorite shows not to miss them. This app saves the reminders in Google calendar automatically. Moreover, it renders an option to filter your search using movies, cartoons, sports events, and others from the entire day TV programs.

Features of TV Guide UK:

3. TV24

TV24 is the second most versatile and popular TV guide app available on the Google Play Store and App Store. With thee smart customizations of movies, TV shows, and sports events, it has made tracking and following the TV shows very quick and easy. You can easily obtain the TV listings and check the daily and weekly schedules. It mainly features the TV channels of the UK and the US and also enables the user to track the movies on Television.

TV24 is programmed to work based on DTH operator, so you need to input the DTH operator and the ZIP code. You can enable the location of your device so that the app can automatically detect the location and display all the DTH services operating in your region. If you are unable to find your DTH operator in the list shown by the application, you can enter the ZIP code for the app to proceed.

You may or may not register to this application for knowing the schedule of the TV programs. However, if you want the app to send reminders for your favorite shows, you need to signup or login to the app. You can follow the TV channels and add up the favorite programs into your Watchlist. You will find ads and pop-ups in its free version. You can get a Pro version for your Android or iOS smartphone to enjoy browsing and discovering TV programs without any ads.

Features of the TV24:

4. TV Time

If you are not finding the above-listed apps accessible owing to any reasons like features or location, then TV Time is there for you. With a well-designed interface and customizable options to track the TV channels, TV Time offers all its services for free. You can build your calendar for the shows you are watching on TV using this application.

You can register to this site to sync all the TV shows, and its schedules automatically anytime. Once you create your account on TV Time, enlist all the channels and shows you watch often. You can change these selections anytime as desired. Get access to all the trending news and article associated with TV and movies on this app as well.

The main page of TV Time is categorized under four main sections, i.e., Upcoming, Watching, Profile, and Trending. You can see a list of upcoming shows on the watchlist section. The app will push notification on your phone before a few minutes ago of your TV show. This helps the user to not to miss any of the favorite shows.

You can read a short description of the show and each episode which you are following. It is helpful to catch up on all the essential news and info about TV shows and other programs shown on TV. You can explore the app for new shows and get options to change the Watchlist as per the interest. You can visit the Trending section to catch all the hottest news of the movies, TV, and celebs. You will also get the stats of time spent on Television on your profile section. This is a wonderful feature of this application, which helps in time management.

Features of TV Time:

5. Hobi

Last but not least, Hobi features all the specialties as a lightweight TV guide app. With a tabbed user interface, it enables users to keep track of their favorite TV programs and discover a new world associated with Television. You will find this app divided into three sections, which include Watchlist, Following, and Explore.

You can catch up all the web series aired on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such platforms using Hobi. Moreover, it also consists of the schedules of TV programs aired by popular DTH operators. You can check out the length, album art, and description of episodes easily using this app. It is wonderful all to follow the shows divided into seasons.

Features of Hobi:


These are the top 10 online streaming sites where you can get access to all kinds of top-rated series and all kinds of free TV shows as well from a different genre. So, when you are in search of getting a good and decent site for online streaming, then you can always go through this list of sites.

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