12 Filmlinks4u Alternatives to Watch Bollywood Movies for Free

Streaming online movies and TV shows is always a very delightful activity for every user because entertainment is a thing which every user need. And what if streaming popular movies and TV shows become available for free? It would become even better. So, to fulfill this act of entertainment and joy of the users, a group of several companies launched a website named as “FilmLinks 4U” which soon become very popular because the demand of users to stream popular movies for free is increasing day by day. Film Links 4U is a first ever website which is having a massive website traffic in a very short time span after its launch. Users are getting attracted towards this website automatically and all this had become possible due to the incredible and fantastic features which this website offers.

Many of the big website of this same segment only allows to stream movies and TV shows online, but Movie Links 4U do allow the users to download their favorite movie by providing the suitable URL to them. This also has decreased the popularity of the users towards torrent sites which has been banned by the government of various countries. Movies, either from Hollywood or Bollywood can be streamed online on this website hassle free and as a result of this, Movie Links 4U has established itself to be the best entertainment website among the users.

All these features make Movie Links 4U website as a trending one but still users are searching for some different websites of this same segment due to the inactive and inappropriate behavior of this website. It has been observed that from past many weeks, this website frequently went down for the site maintenance and as a result of this, users are getting disappointed with it. But please don’t worry, we are here to help you to search for the best website which can be considered to replace Movie Links 4U website. You can browse the list which we will list below and can pick your favorite website from the list.

1) Todaypk Movies

The best replacement of Movie Links 4U website is probably the Todaypk Movies website. This is because all the features which Movie Links 4U offers to their users are offered by this website and moreover, you will definitely some extra features on this website too. New content is added on this website very frequently on the daily basis and you can stream all those added content in the screen resolution of your choice for free. Like as Movie Links 4U, you can download movies and TV shows from this website very easily by using a suitable video downloader. That’s why due to all these features, Todaypk Movies is the best possible replacement of Movie Links 4U in our perspective.

2) Online Movies Watch

The name of this website itself suggests that this website will let you to stream all your favorite movie for free. Unlike Movie Links 4U and Todaypk Movies, this website won’t offer downloading of movies to their users but users can download them by using a suitable video downloader. One more thing which we want to add here is that its Graphic user-interface which is just incredible. You can stream all your favorite movies hassle free on this website. That’s why Online Movies Watch is our second pick in this list.

3) Hotstar

First of all, please make clear in your mind that if you want to stream movies and TV shows on Hotstar, then you have to pay some subscription charge. Although some of the movies and TV reality shows are available for free, but majority of the movies can be streamed after purchasing premium subscription. You can also download the mobile application of Hotstar from Play store or App store for free. WE strongly recommend you to use this website if you can spend some money for good and quality entertainment services.

Using Hotstar to watch Bollywood movies for free like Filmlinks4u.

4) Go Films 4U

This is another really fantastic website if you look at the features and the availability of content on this website. On this website, you can stream your favorite movie or TV show in your regional dubbed language. Not every movie is available in dubbed language, but you can try your luck. Mostly, South Indian films are present on this website which make it a good choice among the South Indian people. Some Hollywood movies has also been added on this website which makes this website even better choice in place of Movie Links 4U

Using Go Films 4U to watch Bollywood movies for free like Filmlinks4u.

5) Cool MovieZ

Cool MovieZ is another very brilliant choice for every user who is looking to get a replacement for Movie Links 4U website. You can download and stream all the available movies on this website hassle free. The graphic user-interface of this website is really cool and clean which doesn’t allow to consume unnecessary data of yours. Like as Go Films 4U, you can find some really fantastic stuff on this website for sure.

6) CiniSearch

This is a must try website in place of Movie Links 4U because of its simple and clean user-interface which is really amazing. Talking about the content availability, this website contains a huge database in which thousands of movies and TV shows are present. If you become a regular user on this website, then you will discover that new movies and the latest episodes of TV shows are frequent gets added on this website. You will find a separate section for streaming latest episodes which makes Cinisearch a very good and fascinating choice for the movie users.

7) HiiDude.info

This website cannot be regarded as the best replacement of Movies Links 4U, but this website is also a convincing one because of the stability and performance. The availability of content is not so much as compared to other website, but you can compromise with that after seeing its features and lite graphic user-interface. In the main content on the homepage, you will broadly find three sections named as Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood. You can choose your favorite movie which you want to stream from that list. The streaming experience is also very great which ultimately makes this website a very good choice.

8) 8X Films

Yet another very awesome website which is best in this segment of providing quality popular movies to their users. 8X Films website is specially designed to fulfill the needs of the users who want to stream or download popular English movies which are not available even on the major torrent websites like 1337x and KAT etc. You can also browse or stream these movies in your favorite screen resolution after registering on this website with your email ID and password.

Using 8X Films to watch Bollywood movies for free like Filmlinks4u.

9) Atish MKV

This website is not very good as per the availability of content is concerned. But his website do contain some of the popular and all-time great movies of both Hollywood and Bollywood. You can also download movies of your choice to watch them later without even registering on this website. One more thing which we want to add about this website is that as a user, you can request to upload the movie which you are searching on this website and your request will be send to the admin so that the relevant link can be added to fulfill your need. That’s why Atish MKV is considered in the list of top 12 alternatives to Movies Links 4U.

10) World Free 4U.trade

This website contains the most excited and featured movies of both Bollywood and Hollywood. Streaming and downloading movies on this website is absolutely free like as Movie Links 4U website. The main advantage of using this website is that you can create a playlist on this website in which you can add all your favorite movies at one place so that every time you open this website, you can start streaming those movies without wasting any more time. That’s why World Free 4U trade website is our last pick in this list.

11. SabWap

Subwap is another very good alternate of Movie Links 4U website because this website will provides so much of Bollywood and Hollywood stuffs absolutely for free. SabWap is quite popular among the users and we hope that when you use this website for the first time for the online streaming purpose, then you will too like it for sure.

12. Stagevu

Last but not the Least, Stagevu is another very best alternate or substitute of Movies Links 4U and most importantly, this website offers similar features as offered by Movies Links 4U. Users can easily stream their favorite movie in the screen resolution of their choice. The Graphic UI also pretty appealing which makes this website a perfect substitute of Movie Links 4U.


It is quite tough to replace a website like Movie Links 4U but to enhance the browsing and watching experience, one need to switch to another website for sure. You can try all these websites which we had mentioned and can pick up your best pick out of them. Please don’t forget to share your experience and best pick in the comments section.

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