How to keep AirPods from falling out of your ears

AirPods are the most convenient and fantastic tool for ear canals at present. However, it is not possible that all the AirPods can fit in everyone’s ears. There are 10% of AirPods users who have complained about that they keep falling out from their ears. It can be unfortunate if one lose this magical pair of earbuds. If you are also fed up with the behavior of AirPods keep falling out of the ear then you must read this article. Here you can find some simple hacks to prevent your AirPods from falling out.

AirPods are the wireless earbuds developed by Apple. It is a very convenient tool that can help you to listen to music, talk on calls, and have access to all your audios without having any contact with your phone. This tool is beneficial and is featured with advanced sensors and wireless techniques which make it a unique piece in the world of earbuds. However, it does not fit with everyone’s ears do it may fall out while making any fast movement. So, you can use the given methods and accessories to keep your Airpods intact with your ears and enjoy using it while running, playing, and dancing.

1. Make some changes in your AirPods

Before you go for any hacky, why not to try this simple way to make your AirPods flexible to adjust your ears. This is the best technique that you can use to make your AirPods compatible with your ears without buying any other accessories. You can refer to any video tutorials from YouTube to do this correctly. All you have to do is to press your AirPods inwards and then twist the stem of it forward by making an angle of 30-degrees. This will change the inclination of the AirPods, and it will fit your ears perfectly and there will be minimal chance of it from falling out.

2. DamonLight AirPods Covers

DamonLight is a company that sells a pack of AirPods covers which perfectly adjusts it into the user’s ears. This cover is specially designed to protect the AirPods from falling out. It can be easily applied with the AirPods covering the ear part. If your AirPods’ earbuds are smaller than your ears then you must use these cover to prevent slipping. These covers are composed of anti-slip silicone material which adjusts the AirPods in the ears by applying more grip and friction. This can be the best solution to prevent the AirPods from falling out. It also enhances the sound quality of the AirPods, along with giving protection.

The best part of these AirPods covers is that you can easily keep your AirPods in its case with them. It merely fits the charging case providing more stability to it. You need not carry them mainly keeping extra care of them. Normally load these covers on your AirPods and start using it without any worries. Moreover, it is not clumsy like other ear hooks and makes AirPods more convenient to use. You can buy these covers for $11.95.

Buy: DamonLight AirPods Covers ($11.95)

DamonLight AirPods Covers

3. EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks

It is a highly rated accessory and is the most durable and popular pair of ear hooks available on Amazon. It can be used with any earplugs without any problems and is capable of providing a better grip on them. It is also very compatible to be used with AirPods and keep all the sensors active while using it.

It is also made up of thin and soft anti-slip silicone material making AirPods soft and comfy for ears. It has a hook which makes it different from AirPods covers. These hooks fit just over the ear keeping the earbuds intact with the year. So no matter what you do, whether your dance or run, your AirPods will be there with you in your ears. It comes with the labeling of “L” and “R” for quick adjusting the hook to the appropriate AirPods. This ear hook is very helpful in making firm contact between the ear and earbuds. You can buy it for $10.95 from Amazon.

EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks

4. AhaStyle AirPods and EarPods Hooks

Here come another AirPods hooks which are entirely designed to fit them and keep your AirPods safe. It is soft and durable with its Silicone material and is highly comfortable for AirPods users. It has a chic design and makes it look cool with the pair of AirPods. It is not only to prevent the AirPods or EarPods from falling out but also keep them in the right position giving an excellent audio experience to users. It comes with a pack of three so you need not worry if you lose anyone hook. It is also available in different colors giving wider options to users. You can select colors like pink, red, blue, white and black as per your choice. You can buy them for $11 from Amazon.

AhaStyle AirPods and EarPods Hooks

5. EarSkins 2 AirPods Covers

If you are not comfortable with using ear hooks, then you can better go for EarSkins covers which provides a proper and padded base to your ears to keep the AirPods fit in them. It comes with ergonomic design and high-quality soft material which not also helpful for keeping your AirPods safe in your ears but also enhances the sound quality of the AirPods. It can be the most comfortable accessory which you can use for preventing AirPods from falling out while playing, dancing or jogging.

It directs the speaker part ultimately towards the ear canal with its extra padded structure. It has outstanding holes and cuttings as per the sensors and speakers of the AirPods. This provides ear comfort while wearing it and also gives high-quality audio. Since it is more padded than DamonLight AirPods covers so it cannot be carried with the charging case. Hence, you need to keep them separately and use them whenever needed. It is available in many colors like red, white, yellow and black so you can select any as per your preference. You can purchase it by paying $12.95 on Amazon and get it to stabilize your AirPods.

6. SoundRound Foam Ear Covers

This can be the simplest and most affordable accessory to keep your AirPods safe and stabilized in your ears. This is the most convenient way to keep the AirPods intact. You might have used these covers for making your earphones padded and creating a foam base for them. You can also use them for your wireless AirPods and keep it stable in your ears. It is the right accessory for creating a grip for the protection of AirPods. You can buy 25 packs of these SoundRound foam ear covers only by paying $5.

This is the most convenient cover to put and keep the AirPods in the ears. It makes them fit your ears ultimately making the sound effect better than before. So, if you want to run or dance, this makes you feel you secured about your AirPods. You can also carry it with your AirPods charging case and get yourself tension free from keeping them individually. Just plug them with AirPods and forget about it. You can, but it’s the pack for $4.49 from Amazon.

7. Filoto AirPods Accessory Set

This is a complete package to keep your AirPods safe with you providing a firm cover it. You can buy its set consisting AirPods hooks, a cord to attach the AirPods together, a silicone case to keep your AirPods charging case protected, a carabiner which you can use to clip your AirPods together while traveling or carry them whenever you want and a case which can be used to keep all these accessories together. So, if you want the ultimate solution to keep your AirPods safe and make it more comfortable with the use of props you must buy this kit from Amazon for $13.

You can buy this kit which consists of high-quality ear hooks and cord. It has a fantastic design giving a chic and fashionable look to the AirPods users.

8. AhaSound Ear Hooks

This is an alternative hook to the above-mentioned ear hooks. You can use it if you are not satisfied with other hooks or you are not capable of getting them. This in-ear style bud looks very comfy and cool to be used with AirPods. It goes well with ear canals and gives them a softer feeling with enhanced audio quality. However, it also carries environment noise to ears via AirPods which make it not so enjoyable to be used for ears. You can also not keep them in the charging case of the AirPods as well. You can buy it for $14.96 from Amazon.

So, here you have seen various accessories that can help you to safeguard your AirPods. Moreover, it is also helpful in enhancing the audio quality. It makes the AirPods more convenient and durable. If you have any queries or doubts, then put it in the comments section.

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