Best 10 Downloadming Alternatives & Similar Websites 2019

Listening to music according to the variations in moods are always very beneficial for the users because music always makes users happy and feel joyful. There is no need to explain how much music is helpful for the users to relieve the stress. Music is not just limited to one mood or category, there are lots of variety of music categories for the users. According to the different surveys made by WHO, it has been observed that users prefer music as their first preference when they feel tired or feel some sort of anxiety. Though music is made in a variety of languages in different countries, it becomes important to select some applications or websites which will help you to stream all your favorite music based on your mood.

Most of the websites have sorted the Hindi songs according to various categories like Devotional music, hip-hop, romantic, party, normal, workout, Ghazals, etc. You can choose your favorite categories so as to browse the latest releases. Some of the applications which we are going to list below will also provide you the option of free downloads. So, just don’t wait because streaming music will undoubtedly the best source to relieve pressure and anxiety from your body.

DownloadMing is the best free site for downloading Indian songs. It offers songs in MP3 format. The website offers songs from Bollywood movies, Punjabi songs, and general Indian pop.

In this article, we will list the top 10 handpicked alternative websites to downloadming to download Hindi Mp3 songs. If you are an Indian, then this list is probably of your interest. Though some of the websites or applications which we have picked will also provide you the option of English songs, the majority of them will compatible with the users who love to listen to Hindi songs.

1) Gaana

Whenever you look at the best websites available to stream online Hindi songs, then the official website of Ganna will be considered as the first preference. Gaana currently has more than 30 Million different Hindi songs on its database and these all songs are free to stream for all users. Though streaming on Gaana will prove to be very annoying for the users because of the ads which get after every single song you play. But if you are an Airtel (Indian Telecom company) premium user, then you can unlock several benefits like free online streaming, free unlimited downloads, no pop-up ads, and many more benefits. These all benefits are available for free to all Airtel users and for other users, they can stream online songs for free. Other users can also switch to Gaana+ which will unlock all these benefits for Non-Airtel users by paying a little subscription fee. So, just don’t wait because Gaana has recently rolled out its official app on Google Play store which will make the streaming task easier and more relevant.

Using Gaana to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

2) Songs.Pk

This is a Pakistani website that is ruling the web of online download Hindi songs for many decades. Though this site is illegal the Government of Pakistan had not taken any strict action on this. But if you want to download Hindi songs for offline use, then this website is the most suitable option for the users. You can easily download any Hindi song just by searching from the search box option. Downloading will get a start as soon as you click on the download icon. If you are unable to launch this website on your web browser, then you can use a VPN product to get access.

Using Songs.Pk to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

3) Songs Mp3

This is another very decent option as like You can easily download all the songs of a particular Album at once. You need to browse the categories present on the homepage of the Songs Mp3 website. There is really no need to register on this website until and unless this website asks to do so. This is an open source website and that’s why we don’t think that it will ask you for the registration process. You can browse different categories of music present in the music library of this website.

Using Songs Mp3 to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

4) Risky Jatt

Another very good option for Indian users to download their favorite Hindi songs online for free. Though the unusual and less attractive Graphic user-interface will let you feel that this website is not very secure to use, we wanted to let you know that this website is free of any type of virus. This website is installed with various kinds of security certificates which will surely enhance your music streaming experience for sure. So, just try this website at least once.

Using Risky Jatt to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

5) Mirchi Fun

The main advantage of using this website is that you can not only download Mp3 songs, instead you can download various types of wallpapers and ringtones as well. And the main limitation of using this website is that you can’t stream music online on this website. As like website, users can only download their favorite songs by clicking on the URL’s present. The presence of an input search box will make the searching process a lot easier for the users. That’s why Mirchi fun is a perfect choice for all users looking out of free Mp3 Hindi songs.

Using Mirchi Fun to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

6) DJ Johal

One of the leading and the most popular music and entertainment company, DJ Johal is another very good free Mp3 Hindi songs download website available in this list. Moreover, this website will also provide you the download URL of some of the most popular Bollywood movies of all time. Music streaming can be done in a variety of song quality. There is no need to register on this website. This is an open-source website which doesn’t require any sign-in process to be done. Though some of the pop-up ads will try to spoil your streaming experience, we will still recommend this website to our users.

Using DJ Johal to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

7) India Mp3

No one can beat this brilliant website when it comes to downloading Hindi Mp3 songs. Most of the Indians prefer this website to download the full latest albums in one go. You need to register on this website if you want to browse the full content available on this website. For all music lovers, we can bet that they won’t find a brilliant option. Strongly recommended by us!

Using India Mp3 to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

8) Mr. Jatt

One of the biggest advantages of using this website is that there is no sort of pop-up ads presents on this website which will try to spoil your streaming experience. And as far as the content availability is concerned, then this website is another very good option like, etc. You can browse all the latest releases, top 20 weekly, top 100 monthly songs on the homepage of this website. Mr. Jatt is exclusively available for the Hindi Mp3 songs. That’s why if you think that you will find some English songs, then please switch to some other option. Mr. Jatt will only help out those fans who love to listen to Hindi Mp3 songs.

Using Mr. Jatt to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

9) Free Mp3 Finder

How a website can offer a lot of features without charging any subscription charge is defined by Free Mp3 Finder website. When you land on the official homepage of this website through the above link, you will be provided with the search box option where you can search for all your favorite songs hassle free. What’s more exciting about this website is that you can also download your favorite Hindi song in Mp4 format after you obtain the URL of that video. You have to copy and paste that to start downloading that video for free. So, Free Mp3 Finder is genuinely a very fantastic option for all music lovers.

Using Free Mp3 Finder to download Hindi Mp3 songs.

10) Pagal World

This is a free Indian website which will let you download all the Hindi Mp3 songs exclusively for free. All the latest Bollywood releases albums can be downloaded through the use of this website very conveniently. The cover banner of song can also be viewed in the songs application which you use in your device by default like Google Play Music. There is very little space occupied by the ads of different companies which will not annoy you for sure. Users are not facing any as far reviews are concerned. That’s why we recommend our users to use the Pagal world website to download all Mp3 Hindi songs.

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YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing site on the Internet today. Although there are many negative viewpoints surrounding the practice of YouTube downloading, people do have legitimate reasons for doing so. There are many options available for people who want to, but we have found the ones we think will work best for you. Everyone is free, but there are some additional installs such as toolbars and registry cleaning software that may be included.

If you need a quick tool for downloading several video/MP3 clips from YouTube, Dailymotion or other sites, then this one will be your ideal choice.


We admit that there is no tough contender of the Gaana website if you look Similar to DownloadMing at the list thoroughly. But if you have some bucks in your bag, then purchasing the premium subscription is worth it for you. But all other websites are also very high options in their related areas. If you can suggest some other possible good options, then please do share with us in the comments section below.

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