Top 14 Apps to watch and download Indian Movies 2019

There are lots of different apps which pretends to provide the best Bollywood, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi and Marathi movies. And as of no doubt, we all know that streaming online movies is everyone’s favorite thing to do in their vacant Time. There are also a lot of websites which are available on the internet which users can use to stream or download their favorite movies for free. Though some of them are paid too, most of the users look for free websites suggestions.

But apart from online streaming websites, there are lots of apps that are available for the users which they can install in their phones to make their streaming experience hassle-free. We have prepared a list of top 15 apps for our users which we will list below to stream and download Bollywood, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi and Marathi Movies & TV shows online over your Wi-Fi or cellular network.

1) Vidmate

Vidmate is undoubtedly the best possible app which will help you to stream or download movies and videos absolutely for free. At the earlier stages of its launch, Vidmate was only considered as an application that will help the users to download videos from major online video apps such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. But now things have been changed incredibly. Vidmate is now featuring its own video section which users are liking the most. Moreover, you can easily search for any video on Vidmate to download it. You can easily choose the screen quality resolution of a particular and can download it hassle-free. So, definitely, it would be a very good call if you install Vidmate in your phone as an app which will let you stream online movies and other videos.

Using Vidmate to watch and download Indian Movies.

2) YouTube

The whole world knows about the legacy of YouTube that how fantastic this app is for the users to stream quality videos unlimitedly for free. But if you want to stream Indian Bollywood movies or South Indian movies, then you have to pay some money to stream that on YouTube. The total amount will not cost you too much, and you will get to stream your favorite Bollywood movie at a meager cost. So, YouTube is a perfect option to as well for the users.

3) LiveNetTV

If you want to get an app which will let you stream more than 700 different live TV channels, movies and TV shows, then Live Net TV app is a very awesome choice for you. The UI of this app is very well developed which is pretty appealing for the users. The database of this app contains all the Indian, Punjabi and South Indian movies which you can stream absolutely for free. You can easily apply for the filters to get some filtered searched results based on your move requirements. So, Live Net TV is an awesome choice for every user who loves to stream Bollywood movies online and other TV shows as well.

4) Jio Cinema

This app is really an excellent choice for the users because Jio Cinema app is recently launched on the Play Store which contains a huge number of different movies based on their date of releases and popularity as well. Anyone who is having the Reliance Jio SIM card in their smartphone can easily install and use Jio Cinema on his/her phone. New movies and web series are regularly get uploaded on this app which attracts users in a maximum number. The Graphic user interface of this recently launched application is so very well developed that you will not resist yourself to install it on your phone.

Using Jio Cinema to watch and download Indian Movies.

5) UK Mov Now

An unlimited resource of getting the most popular movies, UK Movie Now the app is one of the best apps which provides the streaming option of Bollywood movies and other South Indian movies as well. The best part about this app is that the developers of this app frequently upload new movies and TV shows content, which will surely attract users in a very large number. You can easily install UK Mov Now app on your phone, which will surely enhance your streaming experience. The frequent updates on this app is also a very good thing which stands in favor of the users.

6) BeeMovie

To stream all the popular and the trending movies, BeeMovie app is surely a very fantastic choice for the users. This app is really very awesome for the users which will not occupy much space on your phone after the installation. Moreover, BeeMovie app provides the simplest UI to the users which they can use to download or stream their favorite movie for free. A huge number of Bollywood and South Indian movies are present on the database of BeeMovie website which makes it a perfect choice for the users. So, definitely, BeeMovie is really a great option for all the lovely users for sure.

7) Hotstar

Hotstar is another very similar app as like Jio Cinema is for the Indians. The main advantage of installing Hotstar is that it will provide you so much stuff to stream exclusively for free. You can also upgrade yourself to the Hotstar premium which will let you to stream all the latest episodes of the GOT (Games of Thrones) series. The premium pack is not so expensive and if you can afford to pay that money, then we don’t think that there is any other better choice present in this list for sure. Hotstar is featuring all types of Bollywood, South Indian, and other dubbed movies is a huge number which is just impeccable. Download Hotstar from Google Play Store and enjoy happy streaming.

Using Hotstar to watch and download Indian Movies.

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8) Voot

This app is pretty much restricted to provide the online streaming coverage of the most popular Indian web series and TV shows especially of MTV. There are many advantages to using this app. First of all, you will get a neat and clean user-interface which will surely impress you in a definite manner. Another very good thing about this app is its content availability. There is a separate section present on this app named “Movies” which you can open to look for the movies which are present for the streaming purpose. This app is only available in India, and anyone from India can install this app in their phone from the Google Play store hassle free.

9) Terrarium TV app

Another very great free online streaming app for the users which they can install to browse some awesome content for free. Terrarium TV app is known to be the hardest competitor of Showbox app, which is another beast of this segment. Though this app is pretty restricted to offer only TV shows more than Bollywood or South Indian movies, that’s why Terrarium TV is not so having much popularity among the users. But if you browse the movie content availability, then you will surely find some great content that you can add in your playlist to stream later.

Using Terrarium TV app to watch and download Indian Movies.

10) Zee5

This app is pretty much similar to the Voot app which focuses to provide users a platform to stream all their favorite TV shows and serials. This app is recently launched and that’s why this app doesn’t contain much Bollywood content in it. But if you love to stream Indian web series and TC shows of Zee network channels, then Zee5 is an ideal place to stream them. The Graphic user-interface of this app is pretty much decent which makes it a complete choice for all the users. Zee5 app is available on the Google Play Store for free but users are supposed to log in with their phone number to this app to browse the available content in it.

11) Sony Liv

This app is launched by the Official Sony Private Limited India which is a well-reputed channel in India. Most of the popular TV shows and serials can be streamed on this app which makes it a perfect choice for all Zee lovers. And coming to the Movies section on this app, you will find a very good movie content on this website featuring the most popular Bollywood movies, South Indian movies (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada), etc. This app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. You can also create your free account on this app so that you can access and create your personal playlist. So, definitely, Sony Liv can be considered as a very good free streaming app and you can too consider it for sure.

Using Sony Liv to watch and download Indian Movies.

12) Prime Video

This app is really a fantastic choice for the users which offers all types of TV shows, web series and most importantly, the latest releases of Bollywood movies. Prime Video is an official app of Amazon India which is very affordable for the users. The basic prime membership of Amazon in India starts from 129INR per month which is really very low as far as content availability is concerned. Prime Video frequently adds the latest and blockbuster hits of Bollywood Indian movies which a user can stream or download in his/her device. There is also a huge number of South Indian movies present on Amazon Prime Video which makes it an ideal choice for all the lovely users who are looking to get the best movie streaming app. Go to Google Play Store and install this app from there. So, just don’t wait and buy an Amazon Prime Membership to view the available content on this app.

13) Airtel TV

This app is not so popular among the users because the content available on this app can only be streamed by the users who are having Airtel SIM card present in their phones. Though the content availability is also very decent, if you don’t have Airtel SIM card in your phone, then you will only get restricted content. Airtel TV app is an official app launched by Airtel Telecom India Limited which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. So, not an excellent choice, but if any user has Airtel SIM card, then it a worthy choice for him/her.

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14) MX Player

There was a time when MX player was only used as a video player platform which will help you to stream videos present in the internal storage space of your phone. But now MX player has started to create its own content. There is a separate section in MX player where users can stream Bollywood Indian movies, South Indian movies, and much more related content absolutely for free. Moreover, MX player has tied up with other major Indian apps that provide different Bold web series to the users. You can install MX player directly from Google Play Store or can update MX player to the latest version to see the change which includes the addition of a separate section. So, definitely a worthy choice if you install MX player in your phone to get unlimited Bollywood and South Indian movies. You will also get some good suggestions which are based on your previous browsing or streaming history on MX player.

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So, these are some worthiest apps suggestions which we have listed above to stream an unlimited number of movies. But we personally suggest you use Vidmate as a video downloader in your phone and Prime Video as an online video streaming app on your phone. Please share the names of those apps which you have installed on your phone along with your feedback and suggestions about those apps in the comments section below. And please never forget to share this article with your lovely friends and family.

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