Best 16 Free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal

There are many streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music are great to enjoy music if you have a reliable internet connection. But sometimes you need to download music for offline listening. Search on Google, you can easily find plenty of websites that offer free music downloads in high-quality MP3 format, however, not all of them are legal. Then how to choose the right music download site with so many choices? You have come to the right place. Here we handpicked the 16 best free music download sites where you can download free music safely and legally. Explore and choose your preferred site to download any popular music according to your need.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most favoured sites that allows users to access unlimited music and download for free. In this free MP3 music download site, the beats are uploaded by independent artists and famous musicians. Most of music at SoundCloud can be downloaded instantly by clicking the Free Download button, while some of them may require you to Like a Facebook page to save the track.

SoundCloud is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

2. Jamendo

Jamendo is another great site which offers safe and free download of music. All songs uploaded are protected by the Creative Commons License. On this website, you can enjoy a wide collection of more than 500,000 free MP3 songs shared by 40,000 artists from all over the world. With its built-in search engine, you can easily search for MP3 music by popularity, newness and genres, and download them completely for free.

Jamendo is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

3. SoundClick

SoundClick is a great site that lets you download music from artist’s websites directly, as there are several musicians providing their tracks for free. You can download the free musics legally or buy licensed songs. And you can explore your favorite songs according to genres. This free music download site has some amazing features, such as creating custom radio stations, interacting with other listeners on the forum, mailing personalized e-cards to anyone with themes, and more.

SoundClick is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

4. Audio Archive

Audio Archive offers a set of features to it’s user, ranging from free downloadable music to audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs to live music. The audio library provides over 2 million free digital audio files, which can be downloaded in multiple formats such as MP3 and OGG. On this website, you can download free music from all kinds of artists and even the global, mainstreams songs from Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, etc.

Audio Archive is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

5. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality and free music downloads. The best part of this website is, you can access and download free songs without having an account. It offers a broad array of online tunes and astounding curated melody list by different music enthusiasts and labels. You can easily discover music by your favorite curators and download MP3 music you like for free.

Free Music Archive is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

6. Audiomack

With user-friendly interface and ease access, Audiomack is a great hub for music lovers to discover amazing music. This free music download website has well-categorized sections such as Trending, Top Songs and Top Albums which enables easy discovery of desired songs. The Trending music is ranked in real-time and provides the hottest Hip Hop, Electronic and Reggae which makes this site very popular among young people.

Audiomack is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

7. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade has amazing collection of albums by several artists and allows you to browse any artist you wish to listen to. Musics on this website are completely free of cost and legal to download. It is very simple to discover new songs on NoiseTrade with its Trending section and Top Downloads. However, you will have to provide your email address and postal code to obtain full access or download an album.

NoiseTrade is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

8. CCTrax

CCTrax is associated with Creative Common making it free and safe for downloading music. The layout of the website is interesting yet simple to to search for music distinctively by license, genre, label and artist. This site offers online songs in a bunch of classifications, for example, Electronica, Dub, Techno, Ambient, and so on. You can download them without creating an account.

CCTrax is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

9. was created in 2002 and initially worked as an internet radio station. But now it has developed into one of the best music websites to download free MP3 songs and discover new music. It implements a music recommendation system that will track what you’ve listened and use this to provide better music for you based on your musical taste and listening habits. Plus, you can share your passion for music and find the people with same tastes as you in community. is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.

10. YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest sites on the web offering boundless streaming videos and audios. You must be wondering then why is it listed as the last. It is because that most songs on YouTube are illegal to download due to copyright restrictions. Only music tracks with CC license are free and safe to download. Saving songs from YouTube is tricky, but you can make use of third-party tools like Gihosoft Free Video Converter to download and convert your favorite music form YouTube.

YouTube is best free Music Download Sites That Are Totally Legal.


QTRAX is one of the latest free service song download and player sites that enable to listen and see the video albums of your favorite artist. The site is free to download and enjoy music without any subscription. The motto of the site developers is Free now, and Free forever. One only needs to download the QTRAX player and enjoy listening and watching some of the best genres of music uniting fans all over the world. There are no limitations of downloads, and one can even listen to them offline wherever they are, whenever they want. The quality of the sound is mind-blowing without any glitches and the player s very simple to operate having the simplest interface. One can create a personalized radio system for streaming the music of their favorite singers. Presently QTRAX is available to us in devices operating on WINDOWS, and very soon, the developers are launching the apps for Android and iOS-enabled gadgets. Be in contact with the bands and join the fan base using this player and enjoy music along with the biography of the singers.

12. Amazon MP3

Not only they are the biggest online e-commerce store for various products, but Amazon had also started its journey for games and songs. Amazon MP3 is one of the best efforts the web store had made enabling the music lovers to buy the albums of their favorite singer and enjoy. One can download thousands of songs from the site, and the mode of payment is optional. With over 46000 free songs in their library and many more thousands that are available against payments, it has become one of the most favorite legal song download websites for the music lovers. Although the free library does not have the latest songs in the collection but listening to the old classics free of cost is mind-blowing. Old is always gold, and one can search the library according to the genres like Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, New Age, Broadway & Vocalist, and even Children’s music and many more. The administrators regularly update the site, and one can search their favorite artist in the free album section. It is time to tap your foot listening to the free songs presented by Amazon MP3.


Pure Volume is the platform where artists from and music lovers across the globe can sign up and upload their music and songs. The listeners can download the songs and vote for their favorite artists and even comment on them. The option of download by the listener depends on the permission of the artist and on receiving a positive response from an artist one can download the songs of the same artist without any bottlenecks. The artists can upload their profile and add the basic details along with the photos and the songs. Although many artists had created their albums with permission controls, most of them have kept their profiles open allowing the registered music lovers of Pure Volume to enjoy some of the great songs and music from the stalwarts of the industry. The artists have options to create online streaming or downloading, allowing the listeners either to listen and watch online or to download. Enjoy the free coves or the remixes of the popular songs available on this website. However, Pure Volume is only available in a web version, and there is no app of this artist community platform.

14. NoiseTrade

If you want to listen to thousands of amazing songs and music videos performed by some of the great artists across the globe, then this is the right place to surf the pages. It is a platform that can connect the artist and the fans exchanging free music in return of the email id and the postal code. One can create a fan account and complete the profile and get to download the music and songs staying online with a single click. Listen to the music that you want if it is available in the library and enjoy some of the best music that you ever heard. Apart from music, it is a social platform for book lovers. The site is free; however, there is an option that is not at all mandatory to reward and encourage the artist with any payment desired for the amazing albums they have created. Enjoy music free visiting NoiseTrade.

15. SoundOwl

SoundOwl is a platform for directs, musicians, artists, and music lovers to launch and listen to some of the best songs by popular artists as well as newcomers. It is a free site where music can be streamed as well as downloaded as per choice. The site has a large collection of songs forever age, and the site policy is quite strict. Any complaint about the violation of the music rights are dealt with strongly by the administrators, and the song is deleted from the collection abiding the DMCA guild lines. It has some of the great features that are easy to juggle, including the Shuffle feature enabling the listener to get to know about the new music uploads automatically.

Being the oldest player in the business of online music, has degraded in popularity due to the fewer number of song collections in their library. However, it is one of the great sites to listen to the old classics and some of the popular new songs. It is also a platform for young and budding artists to showcase their talents, increasing the fan base to millions across the globe. One can listen to new talents and share them with friends and give encouragement to the new talents. The only drawback of is the collection number of the songs; otherwise, it is a great site to enjoy some excellent musical stuff.

What is royalty free music?

Before digging deep let us understand about royalty free music. In almost all cases royalty is the sum paid to the composer or the artist who had sung the song and are the legal owners of the copyright. Fees are the financial benefits the copywriter gets for using their music. Now, royalty free music is something that the user does not pay anything to the composer every time the music is heard or played but can be once paid or can be free for using anywhere unlimited times. Those can be any TV productions, applications, and many more. In other words, we can say there is no additional license fee is required to be paid to the composer or the copyright owner as and when it is used.

Although in literary words, it seems to be free; however, in most of the instances, one needs to pay a one-time amount for multiple usages or listen to music. After spending for once for the song, one can play the track unlimited times without any legal harassment from the composer or the copyright owner. One can play music multiple times without paying further. We can take the example of some video that one has downloaded paying a one-time royalty for use in some particular website. The video can be seen or used innumerable times by the viewer surfing that appropriate site paying nothing.

The benefits of royalty free music are many. The saves the pockets, avoids the legal battles and using can be easy. There are only a few companies who are interested in fighting the legal actions, and many are interested in getting the one-time payments and reaping the benefits. Therefore, royalty free music is something that is loved by everybody. They become one of the lifesavers for the startup businesses, SME’s and any person or organization willing to enhance the digital content in their website. Let us, therefore, look into the top 16 best Royalty Free music Sites of 2019 and review them to celebrate life with music.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

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The above list introduces the 16 best free music download sites where you cand ownload unlimited number of songs without any cost. So what are you waiting for? Just choose the one which suits you the best and download your desired music for free. If you know other great free music download sites that didn’t include in this list, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll update this list.

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