Best 10 Lightning Headphones for your iPhone 2019

Since Apple got rid of the 3.5 mm jack in its latest iPhone and iPad models, it has been a struggle to find headphones for those devices. Although people would still get the traditional EarPods when they purchase their phone, it would now have a Lightning connector, rather than the 3.5mm headphones slot.

Without the headphone jack, Apple was able to reduce the weight of their latest models and also make them slimmer. However, this left the iPhone users with a great dilemma. Most people prefer switching to headphones from other manufacturers since the traditional EarPods do not provide as high-quality sound as most people would like. Although Apple has provided its users with the option of AirPods, since it is a Bluetooth headphones option, it cannot achieve the same quality of sound as those which are connected via a wire.

Here Are The Top Picks For Headphones With Lightning Connector:

1. Audeze SINE

Well, most may be put off by the price, and rightly so. They are quite expensive for a pair of headphones. But once you see the features that it offers, as well as the excellent sound quality, you will be forced to rethink your decision. The SINE headphones come with a 3.5mm cable as well as a special Cipher cable that features a lightning connector, built-in microphone, amplifier, and DAC. Hence, you are not just limited to using these headphones with the latest models of iPhones and iPad. So, it becomes a sound investment. In terms of the design of the product; there is nothing much that you could ask for. The earpieces are padded, which allows them to sit comfortably on your ears and cushion them from any heavyweight. The band can be extended if required and also has a smart leather trim to give it a sleek look, and which can be folded down to make them flat so that you can travel with them when you are travelling with them. The claim is that these are the “world’s first on-ear Planar magnetic earphones.” What does this mean? Well, this technology is something which only very few high-end headphones feature. The sound quality is thus amplified, and you can hear every little detail of the tracks you are listening to. While the high price tag will dissuade most, you can think of it as a wise investment; you will not get this high-quality design and sound form any other headphones in the market that is for sure.

Audeze SINE is one of the best lightning headphones for your iPhone.

2. Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

While this is not a headphone with Lightning connector per se, you can pay a few additional bucks to get the lighting cable. While this pair of headphones will seriously set you back by a good few bucks, the quality of these headphones cannot be denied. If you are someone who does not like to travel with various adapters that get tangled together and become a great mess, then you will love these pair of headphones. Here, the lighting adaptor replaces the 3.5mm connector; which means that you will not have to worry about accidentally misplacing them. The lightning cable includes all of the features that a traditional cable would; it has in-line controls for controlling the music that you play as well as B&W’s trademark DAC so that you can enjoy your music anytime and anywhere. The design of the headphones is a plus, and t definitely looks high-end. While these P9 headphones are quite expensive, you can be assured that it is money well spent. The soft leather covering on the earpieces make them comfortable, and the earpieces are designed so that they tilt slightly inward so that the music comes from the front rather than the sides. The headphone also features metallic hinges to get rid of any vibrations which may adversely affect the sound quality. While there is no noise-cancelling feature, the design of the headphones is such that it is pretty effective in blocking out most noise. While it has a closed back design, the sound produced mimics an open and atmospheric quality, and you will truly be transported into a different world when you are listening to your music.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature is one of the best lightning headphones for your iPhone.

3. Beats Urbeats3 With Lightning Connector

These are one of the cheapest set of headphones with a lightning connector that you can find on the market. Since Apple owns beats, it is not surprising that they would want to come out with a pair of headphones that provide a better quality of sound than the EarPods that their phones usually come with. The design of the headphones is great; they have a sturdy flat cable which prevents them from tangling together when they are in your bag or pocket. The earpieces are magnetic, and they cling together when you aren’t using them. So they are perfect for just keeping them around your neck. It provides a great and punchy bass line which is great for rocking out in the gym. Although mid-range and higher frequencies may suffer a little loss in sound, for the price, these headphones work wonders.

Beats Urbeats3 With Lightning Connector is one of the best lightning headphones for your iPhone.

4. Audeze Isine 10

In terms of their design the iSine ten are quite similar to the iSine 20, but they are just a little more affordable. They have large earpieces on these headphones which allow them to deliver great sound. Unlike most other pair of headphones, these come with a 3.5mm cable as well as a Lightning cable; thus, you can use them with a variety of devices. They feature “planar magnetic” technology which allows them to deliver crystal clear sound, and pick up every little detail of a track. The headphones have a great range, and they can pick up the bass of a sing as low as 10Hz, and they do not perform too badly with songs that have high frequency either. The sound quality of these headphones definitely explains the high price tag. The headphones have a semi-open design which might be a deterrent for some since this means that some of the audio may leak out and bother those around when you are using public transit.

Audeze Isine 10 is one of the best lightning headphones for your iPhone.

5. Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

The Sennheiser Ambeo seems a bit pricey for just a regular pair of headphones, but there is a good reason for that. While this may look like any traditional pair of headphones, it has a few interesting features. The earpieces hook over the back of your ear to keep them in place. The cable also has a built-in microphone so that you can answer calls on the go. The sound has the trademark high quality that only a pair of Sennheiser earphones can offer. The interesting feature of these headphones is that they allow you to record audio. The earpieces feature two special types of microphones for capturing 3D audio. This feature can be used along with the Ambeo app to add stereo sound to the video that you shoot using your phone. Although primarily aimed at bloggers who may be in need of easy to carry a device that they can shoot high-quality videos with great sound, this feature can be quite handy for others too. The earphones also have noise-cancelling features but provide the option of transparent hearing which allows you to listen to the noise of the traffic when you are on the streets so that you are safe. This pair of headphones is thus, quite far from ordinary.

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset is one of the best lightning headphones for your iPhone.

6. Philips Fidelio M2l

Philips was the first to manufacture Lightning connector earphones, and they are quite affordable. While there is room for improvement, if you are on a budget, then these are the best option for you. They have padded earpieces to ensure that you are comfortable no matter how long you are wearing the headphones, and the headband is adjustable as well for added comfort. The headphones sit comfortably over your ears and are pretty lightweight. There are in-line controls built into the right earpiece, with a dial for adjusting the volume and a single button that you will need to press once to pause the music, and twice to skip forward and thrice to skip backward. The controls are a little tricky and take some time to get sued to, but they are definitely beneficial. Unfortunately, this pair of headphones does not have a built-in microphone which means that in order to answer calls you will need to put your iPhone close to your mouth. The sound quality is as good as it gets; if you are a big dance fan, then you may want to think twice about purchasing this pair since it can get a little echo-y, but the sound quality is pretty decent, and nothing to complain about. The major disadvantage of this product is that the lighting connector only allows you to use this pair of headphones with the latest iPhone or iPad models, and not much else. But, if you like this pair then you need not fret, Philips manufactures a similar pair of headphones but with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use it with a variety of devices.

7. Libratone Q-Adapt In-Ear Headphones

These in in-ear headphones are one of the most affordable options. These headphones are quite lightweight and weigh about 20 grams. This they are perfect for when you want to listen to music all day. They have a unique noise cancelling feature which allows you to be able to control the amount of noise that you want to let in or block from the background. Thus, depending on whether you are at home, on the streets, or in public transit, you can have more control over your music. The noise cancelling technology, according to Libratone does not put a lot of strain on your battery, and thus you will not need to charge it every hour. These pair of headphones also comes with 6 different tips to ensure that you find the perfect fit. The sound quality is pretty good for a pair of in-ear headphones. Although you will probably receive better sound quality form other headphones, if you prefer the in-ear style, then these are an excellent option for you.

8. Pioneer Rayz Plus

With these headphones, you will be able to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. While this not an important feature for many, it has been highly requested and this is one of the few wired headphones which lends you this feature. These headphones are pretty impressive and might just become your go-to everyday pair of headphones. There noise cancellation technology allows you to have more control over your music when you are in different environments. The HearThru mode allows you to revert to an ambient sound which is quite helpful when you are on a busy street. While it takes 10 to 5 seconds to adjust the noise cancelling feature, it is pretty decent overall. Like the AirPods, the RayZ plus are also intelligent. They pause the music when they detect that you have taken them off, and start it back on when they are in your ear again. Although this feature is a bit hit and misses, it is quite a helpful feature when it does work. For the sound quality, the features and the price, these headphones are worth a try.

9. Earpods With Lightning Connector

Of course, Apple’s flagship product has to be on the list of the best lightning connector headphones that you can find on the market. A pair of them will ship with every new model of the iPhone, and you can buy them separately too. The best part? These headphones work well with all Apple products as you can use the lignin port to listen to your music no matter which model of iPhone you have.

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10. Nuraphone

These headphones are nothing like any other pair of headphones that you may have tried before. Although they look like a conventional pair of headphones, they have a lot more to them. When you are using these headphones they will create a unique profile for you by testing out a bunch of sounds and determining which frequencies you are sensitive to. Although these are actually wireless, they have a proprietary connector which allows you to use them with various cables and thus with a variety of devices. These have in-ear drivers, too, which is a unique design but can be quite uncomfortable when you first start using them. The in-ears do most of the work, while the over the ear earpiece will make you feel the bass when you are using them.

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There you have it, the best lightning headphones that you will find in the market for the best quality sound. However, as the demand grew, so did the market. Now, thankfully, you can choose from some high-end as well as budget-friendly headphones which have a lightning connector and provide great sound.

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