Top 7 Photo and Video editing apps for Mac users

Apart from the basic and advanced security features, Apple Mac devices are also devoted to providing some of the tools which may help users to enhance their creativity. We are simply pointing to the presence of photo editing tools present in the Mac which provides the basic photo editing tool to the Mac users. The default image viewer of Mac is having all the basic photo editing tools like picture cropping, adjustment of composure and light, beauty enhancer, some special photo filters, etc. All these basic photo editing tools are performing very well for the users who just need basic editing in their photos or videos. For all the users, who wish to fire up their creative skills in photography, we will recommend them to use some more optimized and enhanced editing tools which will help them in this task. The App Store is flooded with various kinds of editing tools that you can download and install them for free.

We have picked some of the best top 7 photo editing tools based on the popularity mark and reviews given by the users. Moreover, we have personally used some of the apps in our systems and we are very happy to say that we have found them to be a relevant option for your guys.

Some of the main advantages of using these photo editor apps are that you will get some more exciting editing tools, some extra story filters, more enhanced graphics, special effects, beautiful composure, beauty enhancer, and other editing tools. We are assuring you that if you use these apps in your Mac device, then you will see that your photography creativity is going to a whole new level where you can capitalize more and more on you. So, just don’t wait and dive in further to find the best photo editor for your Mac device.

Best 7 Photo and video editing apps for Mac users in 2019

1) Affinity Photo

According to the price tag, this photo editor app is the best ever choice in the segment of photo editor tools or apps. This app is available on the App store exclusively for 49.99$, which is a quite reasonable rate if you dive in through the features of this photo editor app. All the feature which a user expects from a pro photo editor like composure balancer, beauty adjustment, etc. You can easily save the edited file on your Mac device once you are done with the editing process. The UI of this app is also pretty appealing, which helps to enhance the editing experience of the users with this app very much. So, definitely, a very good call to get subscribed to this app if you are really looking to get an excellent photo editor app at a low and reasonable price.

Affinity Photo is the best ever choice in the segment of photo editor tools or apps.

2) Fotor Photo Editor

This photoshop app is an absolute beauty of this segment of photo editor apps because getting an app like fotor photo editor is really a blessing in disguise. This app is exactly having the stuff which professionals are always looking for. The editing toolbox present inside this app is really a special part of this app which helps the users to try all the features one by one in the real-time. You can add borders, special effects, filters, text, etc by dragging the photo in the editing area where you can try and apply all the effects. We are assuring you that this app will prove to be the perfect match for your needs and requirements which will cost you nothing at all. So, hurry up and quickly install this app on your Mac device so that you can start with the photo editing process as soon as possible.

Fotor Photo Editor is an absolute beauty of this segment of photo editor apps.

3) Light Room

Another very fascinating option present out there for the users which can prove to be an asset. This brilliant photo editing app comes with a free 30-Days trial package which will let you explore most of the exciting features exclusively for free. This app is the only app in this list which is well capable of providing the 3-D effects in the photos clicked by you. Sometimes when we have blurred images which were clicked in a hurry can also be edited through the use of this excellent photo editing tool. This is a classic photo editor app which is not having shining filters or effects. This photo editor app simply contains the simplest form of photo editing tools which can boost your creativity for sure. After the trial period is over, you need to pay $9.99 per month as a subscriptions charge. So, one of the decent choices with a low subscription rate.

Light Room is the only app in this list which is well capable of providing the 3-D effects in the photos clicked by you.

4) Pixel Mator

Pixel Mator is probably one of the strongest competitors of Affinity photo editor which is developed with the best in class enhanced editing features and tools. The best thing about this app is that this app allows the users to integrate two different pictures to get in one slot where editing can be made much easier. Moreover, you can also cut or crop the undesired part of the photograph according to your needs and requirements. Though this app lacks the presence of special filters and 3-D effects, overall, Pixel Mator is one of the finest choices which you can have for your Mac device in this list. The pro version of the Pixel Mator app comes with $29.99 per month, which we think a very reasonable rate for sure.

Pixel Mator is probably one of the strongest competitors of Affinity photo editor.


If you are a die-hard fan of photography and photo editing tasks, the GIMP is surely the best suitable choice for you. You will get full access to the photograph which needs to be edited once you drag the photo in the editing area. Editing tasks like maintaining the saturation level, composure, brightness, color, beauty, contrast, etc can be easily maintained by using the GIMP app on your Mac device. The advanced set of editing tools are also very good in their respective areas which will provide you all the magnificent features without spending a single penny on it. GIMP is not listed among the successful photo editor apps on the App store, but in our perspective, we think that GIMP is one of the decent choices which you can get for your Mac device.

GIMP is not listed among the successful photo editor apps on the App store.

6) Snapheal

Getting a photo editor app like Snapheal is really very fortunate because of the listed features which it has for the users. Though the functioning of the editing tools present in this app is pretty complicated, if you explore this app for some time, then you will find it to be the easiest among all the photo editors which we have listed so far. This app comes with all the basic and enhanced photo editing tools which is present in other tools as well. But the main advantage of using this app is its Graphic UI. The graphics UI is so very well developed that you will surely get fall in love with this app. That’s why this app is especially preferred by most of the professional photographers. To get this app on your Mac device, you need to pay $7.99 per month as a subscription charge.

7) Preview

Last but not least, Preview is another very fantastic photo editor app which is really very good in this task of photo editing. And you will be shocked to know about the fact that this tool is already present on your Mac device. Preview is an in-built photo editor app present in the Mac devices which are having all the basic photo editing tools to meet the requirements of the users. Though this app cannot compete for the other professional photography tools, this pre-installed photo editing app is also having a really very cool Graphic User-interface which will surely attract you the most. That’s why we have listed preview on the last spot and in this manner, this list ends here.

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Final thoughts:

Every Photo editor app brings someone or two new features with it but identifying the best photo editor continues to be the biggest problem. That’s why we have listed this list and we hope that you have loved to browse this list and will send us a positive report about this article and file as well. You can also send us your valuable suggestions about some of the other photo editing apps which you have in your bucket list. Till we get an update for you, please stay connected with us.

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