List of Most popular and famous Samsung Smart TV apps available on the Smart Hub

As we all know that most of the Smart TV’s, which are manufactured with the latest technology trends support a large collection of apps which is very useful for Samsung users. From entertainment apps to music and movie apps, all these apps are now supported with the latest Samsung Smart TV technology. There is a massive number of different apps that are available and compatible with the Samsung Smart TV. You can use these apps which we are going to list below on your Samsung Smart TV’s and can accomplish your different tasks very quickly. Though there is a possibility that some of the apps which we will list below will not be compatible with your Samsung Smart TV of outdated version, most of these apps will become consistent with your phone for sure.

Samsung Smart TV apps available on the Smart Hub.

1) YouTube

The first app in this list should probably be the world’s largest online free streaming platform, YouTube. Samsung Smart TV’s of almost every version is pretty much compatible with YouTube, which is a very good thing for the Samsung users. To get the best streaming experience, you can also log in with your official Google Account ID, which will sync all the data from YouTube. So, YouTube is our top pick in this list for sure.

2) Netflix

Netflix is probably the world’s most significant online movie and video streaming platform where users can stream unlimitedly without any restrictions. Most of the Samsung Smart TV’s are having Netflix pre-installed in them, and for the TV’s which don’t have Netflix pre-installed in them, they can easily download it. The main advantage of stream videos on Netflix on a big Smart TV is to enhance the Streaming experience. You can watch a movie or a web series with your friends and with your family as well.

3) Amazon Prime Video

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is another very great option for the Samsung Smart TV’s owners. This app is owned and operated by Amazon in different selected countries. And as we all know that Amazon Prime Video is known for its excellence in providing exclusive content to its users, that’s why Amazon Prime Video should have to be listed on this list.

4) PlayStation Now

With the new features of PlayStation, it has been made possible for the users to play PlayStation 3 or later on their Smart TV’s. The main advantage of using PlayStation app in your Samsung TV’s is that the main loads of games will be loaded directly from the servers of Sony which will enhance the gaming experience of users for sure. So, PlayStation Now is a perfect app for all the users.

5) Hulu

Another exciting choice for the users who wants to stream online movies or web series directly on their Samsung Smart TV. Hulu is a very great app for the users which provides on-demand videos to its users. You can also use this app on your Samsung Smart TV, which will let you enjoy more and more for sure.

6) Spotify

For all the lovely music lovers, Spotify is undoubtedly the best music platform where they can stream an unlimited number of songs exclusively on their Samsung Smart TV. You can create your playlist and can play songs of your choice on your Samsung Smart TV. So, a perfect app for your Samsung Smart TV for sure.

7) Vudu

Vudu is another very high-quality video and sound providing the app, which is very good for your Samsung Smart TV. This app offers on-demand videos and music to the users which are a blessing for the users. So, that’s why we have included Vudu on our list.

8) Plex

Unlike the apps which are specialized either in video streaming or in music streaming, Plex is a video player which is quite popular among the users. You can play content on your Samsung TV by using a remote server very quickly.

9) Web search

To search for any utility right from your Samsung TV, use Web 2.0 app from Samsung itself. This search utility is very efficient for Samsung users to get answered about their queries.

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10) HBO Now

Another very excellent app like as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, HBO app is undoubtedly a perfect app that should have been present in your Samsung TV so experience

Tips: How to Download YouTube Video?

YouTube is interested in video viewing on their website only, so they do not allow downloading the videos from the site directly. But this does not mean that you cannot do it. You need just follow 3 simple steps to download the video from YouTube.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version
  1. Download and install the Gihosoft TubeGet application. It’s available for macOS and Windows.
  2. Copy the video link from the browser.
    How to Download YouTube Video ?

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