MP3BOO: 10 Best Free Music Download Sites like MP3BOO 2019

Music is a versatile mode to refresh the mind. There are various sources of music for where one can get all types of songs and albums. However, one needs to pay for it to get a high quality of it. Owing to this reason, music lovers are looking for a safe and secure platform for streaming music for free. This article talks about different sites that you can access to obtain all genres of music and enjoy unlimited streaming.

Online streaming and downloading of music are getting favorite day by day. MP3Boo has contributed a lot like a good download site to the music world. So, you can explore all types of music from its vast database of songs collection. You can also use several filters to customize your search. It enables the user to download the music in a few simple steps. It gives you the download link along with the name of the sites you search it. You need not register to download the music from this site.

The best part of this music download website is that you can avail all its services and download high-quality MP3 songs for free from here. Since MP3Boo is running down for a long time, so people are searching for similar music download websites. Here, you can get the top 10 alternatives to MP3Boo and can satisfy all your music desires. Go through the article thoroughly to know about it more.

MP3BOO: 10 Best Free Music Download Sites like MP3BOO

10 Best Free Music Download Sites like MP3BOO

1. ZippyAudio

ZippyAudio is an efficient online tool used to search, download, and stream online music. You can listen to any music online using this tool. It has a straightforward and well-defined user interface. The user can search for any music based on its year of release, title, and artist or can explore through the index on its main page. It also enables the user to create its playlist and add his favorite songs to it. It is a beautiful MP3 download site for new songs and albums. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. No user registration is required to download to listen to online music from this site. It renders user access to a high-quality music arena. Moreover, it is safe and secure to use and does not include any way for the invention of malware or viruses.

ZippyAudio is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

2. Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is a popular website for its large collection of songs and availability as a high music downloader. It is compatible with Android and iOS system devices. You can access the Free Music Archive from your computer as well for free. WFMU, the favorite freeform radio stations in America, manages this website and allows the user to enjoy free music with no efforts. It does not ask for any registration to permit its access. It is a great resource to download songs in all languages. You can also download videos in MP4 format from this site. You can explore a new world of music by browsing this website.

Free Music Archive is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

3. Jamendo

Jamendo is not a completely free website but is an excellent platform for legal music downloads. There are some set of plans which you can choose to access its different downloading tools. Its free version is also useful for downloading music in eight languages. More than 500,000 tracks are listed on its music library allowing you to download them in high-quality MP3 format. All these qualities make it a popular alternative website to MP3Boo and SoundCloud. It is compatible with both mobile phones and web working under iOS, Windows, and Android operating system.

Jamendo is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

4. is a simple website for all types of music services. It allows the user to listen, watch, and share the musical content among the community. You can explore all kinds of music genres ranging from classical music to the latest hit music. It has an attractive interface that makes a different mood while listening to music. Moreover, it provides the user with a list of trending songs and artists around the world. It has a live global counter which displays its number of tracks accessed by the user from all parts of the world. You can slide to any country on the world’s map to listen to its trending track. is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a viral platform among music lovers. It is almost similar to MP3Boo and hence can be taken as one of its best alternatives. You can listen and download all kinds of music on this website. Moreover, it also allows you to connect to your favorite artists from all around the world. It is also an excellent platform for newbies who are interested in creating music. It provides them with an option to connect with their audience and give them feedback about the quality of music produced. So, it is considered one of the best websites to choose music as per your choice.

SoundCloud is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

6. BeeMP3

BeeMP3 is an online tool that acts as a search engine for finding music tracks from all over the internet. It traps the best and favorite songs and provides the links to download it in MP3 format. You can find a search bar to find your song. It also provides the user with a tool for the MP3 Cutter as well. It enables the user to get international MP3 downloads, a list of artists, and a playlist search. It is one of the oldest websites serving music lovers.

BeeMP3 is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

7. Videoder

Videoder is an Android application for downloading videos and music tracks from all types of video streaming websites, which include Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo, and many more. It is compatible with Android and Windows operating systems. You can download videos in 4K video quality and enjoy its high-quality media downloading. Moreover, you can also download karaoke songs using its downloading tools. It is also a perfect MP3 downloader from the YouTube website. You can download a movie, songs videos, karaoke songs, audio of YouTube videos, and many more using Videoder.

8. MP3Jam

There are many sites which can be the reason for the entry of viruses and malware into your device while downloading music or videos. Due to this reason, everyone wants to use a safe and tested website that will not redirect the user to any phishing website. MP3Jam is one of them rendering a secure way to download songs. It allows the user to download only the legal soundtracks available on the internet. Moreover, it has a huge library containing about 20 million songs so you can get all your favorite songs from any genre from this site. You can also share your favorite songs with your friends as well.

MP3Jam is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

9. Spotify

Spotify is well-known music streaming website available in 78 countries from all around the world. You can browse it free and use services for streaming music videos and audios. It has about 200 million users, among which 87 users are accessing this site under a paid subscription. It is compatible with all types of devices, including Windows, iOS, and Linux. It is an excellent source of music with a collection of more than 40 million songs. It enables the user to create, edit, and share a playlist of their favorite songs.

Spotify is one of the best free music download sites like MP3BOO.

10. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a favorite song streaming website developed by Google giving access to millions of the users for downloading and listening to their favorite music tracks. Its mobile application acts as a music player and a downloader as well. It is famous for its podcast streaming services with its database containing more than 40 million songs. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and all web browsers. You can download the audio in various formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, and Ogg. It is a paid platform rendering a 30-days free trial to every user. It also gives access to YouTube videos to its Premium subscribers.

Hence, you have seen all the popular websites and applications which are trending for its music downloading and streaming tools. Moreover, all the options are the best alternatives to MP3Boo, allowing the user to access the big database of music tracks. You can also go for the premium version of these listed websites if you want to explore more of its features. If you have faced any difficulty in accessing any of these websites, please post your queries in the comments section.

Tips: YouTube converted MP3 or paid downloaded MP3, which sounds better? Mp3 is not good quality if you are genuinely interested in the quality of a song because most of the people aren’t. To start with, YouTube converted mp3 is the worst thing you can do to music quality.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

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128kbps does not sound good. if you download At 320kbps, it will get better, but not near perfection, formp3 are compressed version.

Mp3 lacks the richness and Dynamics of music, they are not the exact representation of the sound which was recorded.

So what you need is a lossless format of music (FLAC format is the most common example), an excellent hi-res earphone and a good Audio player.

Flac format will sound way more richer,lower frequency will sound like they are played separately and vocals will be clear as someone is actually in front of you and singing them for you. During high like a guitar solo.

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