How do I know if someone viewed my WhatsApp profile on iPhone or Android?

Whatsapp Profile: Check Who Is Viewing Your Whatsapp Profile Easily!

Social Media Platforms have become the backbone of modern society. There is not much that you can do without your social media nowadays. In some ways it is a boon, it helps you stay updated about news all around the world, you can catch up with world news, and even get away from the harsh realities of the world by following your favorite celebrity on some social media platform and see what they are up to.

Whatsapp Profile

But, since it has become so easy to find and connect with people on social media platforms, it is not hard to see, that they do have a dark side to them. Even if you do not want someone to see your profile and what you are sharing on it, if you do not take the necessary precautions, everyone on the platform can see what you are getting. Although most social media platforms have the feature of making your account “private”, there is still some information that is public to everyone. Hence, even strangers will be able to try and connect with you.

One of the most popular social media apps is Whatsapp. This application has blown up over the past several years and has become the primary point of communication for most of the people around the world. Whatsapp, with its simple design and great of use, won the hearts of many. It is not difficult to operate this app, and once you start using it, you will not want to go back. This application has made it easier to stay connected with your friends and offer you greater privacy since no one without your number will be able to view your profile. Hence you can control who and when can person view your profile.

Whatsapp has private chats, group chats and also allows you to be able to send and receive pictures, files, music files, videos, gifs and more, it has everything that you would need to keep your conversations with your friend exciting and fun. What’s more? It is completely free! All you need is a stable internet connection, and you will be able to use this app to your heart’s content without any extra fee. It truly is the most widely used app across the globe.

As mentioned earlier, social media does have the disadvantage of anyone and everyone being able to view your profile and information without you being able to do much about it Even if you turn on all of your privacy settings there is still some information which is public knowledge.

Although Whatsapp is leaps and bound is ahead in terms of privacy features, anyone with your number is still able to access a lot of your information. Or are they? It is quite easy to see that Whatsapp values their user’s privacy. They understand that sometimes you may have to give out your number for official purposes and you may not necessarily want to share what you are up to with this person hence they have some significant reinforcements to prevent you from having to censor yourself on this app!

Check Who Is Viewing Your Whatsapp Profile Easily!

Will You Be Able To Tell Who Viewed Your Whatsapp Profile?

If you want to know who viewed your WhatsApp profile, you may have Googled this question many times. However, most of the results are filled with bogus hacks that have no foundation and do not work at all. Ultimately the best way to know who is viewing your profile is to find it out through Whatsapp itself.

When you try to use the apps and websites which promote them as being able to tell who is viewing your profile and how many times, it does not work out. All you end up with is a list of random people from your contact list, or even with no names at all.

However, when you use WhatsApp itself to see who has viewed your profile, you get the most accurate results. When you visit your profile page on WhatsApp, you should be able to see a counter at the bottom of the screen. The number which is displayed there is the number of people who have viewed your profile. If you want to know who is viewing your profile, then you can swipe up to find out their names.

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How Can You Tell If Someone Is Constantly Checking You Out Or Even Stalking You Via Whatsapp?

The technique mentioned above allows you to see how many times your profile has been viewed and by whom. Apart from this pure knowledge, there is not much that you can glean from this information. It does not help you to see who is stalking or who is always viewing your profile to check you out. All you will be able to see is who has viewed your profile. Ultimately, WhatsApp is an app where you can chat with people. Hence, some day or the other you may have chatted with someone you barely know, or someone may have viewed your profile while talking to you. This does not necessarily mean that they were checking you out or that they are stalking you.

Since this app is meant to be able to help people interact and chat with one another on an almost daily basis, whether or not they have viewed your profile, thus, says nothing about their intentions. Hence, although you can see who has viewed your profile, there is not much else that you can deduce from that information.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Constantly Checking You Out Or Even Stalking You Via Whatsapp?

Are You Able To Limit The Number Of People Who View Your Status On Whatsapp?

You can control who sees everything you do on WhatsApp. Privacy is one of the strong points of the app and one of the reasons it is popular. You can restrict visibility to your contacts; your contacts except… and also are specific about individuals who can see what you do on the app.

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp values their user’s privacy and hence, offer them great privacy settings. A user can control who sees what on Whatsapp quite easily. Whether it is your status, your information, your profile picture, and even your activity, you can control when others can see it and when they cannot.

With your status, you can restrict the access strictly to your contacts, or if you want to avoid some specific people you can select the “your contacts except…” option, or you can select particular individuals who can view your status. This you have a lot of control and say in who views your status.

Here Is How You Can Control The Privacy Settings Of Your Whatsapp Status:

Here is what all of the options do, and how you can control them to limit access to your status:

Here Is How You Can Control Who Contacts You On Whatsapp:

You can control who can contact you on WhatsApp by keeping your phone number safe. As WhatsApp is phone based, someone needs your phone number to contact you. You can also search by username, but this is more difficult. To control who can contact you on WhatsApp, keep your name safe.

Whatsapp works based on your phone number; unlike other social media platforms, Whatsapp does not require a unique user id. Rather, your number becomes your unique id. If you want to restrict who contacts you on WhatsApp, you have to ensure that your number is safe, only share your number with those whom you wish to contact and make sure that they do not share your number with anyone else. By controlling who you share your number with, you can control who contacts you on WhatsApp.

However, if you have given your number to someone, and they seem to be bothering you on the app, again and again, all you need to do to prevent them from contacting your again is to block their number. Once you block them, not only will they not be able to contact you again, but they will also be unable to view your profile picture, your status as well as any other information about you.

It is effortless to block someone on this app, and it works right away. Here is how you can do it if you have an Android:

What Are The Other Privacy Features That WhatsApp offers?

There are several features that WhatsApp offers which allow you to be able to maintain your privacy on the app. Not only can you turn off you’re Last Seen as well as disable your read receipts, but you can also block people from seeing your profile picture.

Here’s how you can do all of that to ensure that your privacy remains intact on the application.

You can turn off your last seen on the app by following the steps given below:

Want to disable your last receipts to prevent people from knowing whether or not you have read their messages? Here is what you need to do:

You can even hide your profile picture by following these easy steps:

How to Know If Someone Checked Your WhatsApp Profile on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, here is how you can check who is viewing your profile on Whatsapp:
WRevealer is an app that allows you to check who has been viewing your profile on Whatsapp, It is only available for iOS devices, however, and there is no Android equivalent available at the moment.

The WRevevaler is a Cydia tweak for devices with iOS 8, 9 or later. Although it requires you to jailbreak your device, they offer a one-day free trial which will help you see whether it works or not.
So, wondering how you can use it on your phone?

How to Know If Someone Checked Your WhatsApp Profile on iPhone

The only drawback to this app is that once you have used up your free day, you will need to start paying for the app, with three different subscription options- Monthly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly. These subscriptions cost about $10, $51, and $84 for each plan respectively. However, you can get an additional free day when you share a tweet regarding this app. But, once that is done, you will have to start paying for the app.

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Whatsapp offers several features that allow you to be able to maintain your privacy when you are using the app. You can control almost every aspect of how your information is being shared and with whom, which undoubtedly reassures the users that their information is protected.

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