11 4K Video Downloader Alternatives 2019

Whenever you are bored, YouTube videos, as well as music, save the day. The only problem is that you have access to sites such as DailyMotion or YouTube only when you have internet access and an unlimited data plan. If you are somewhere where you have bad internet connectivity, or perhaps, when you have run out of data, you do not have many avenues for entertainment. So, what can you do in such a situation? Well, thankfully, now you have the option of installing 4K Video Downloader.

How does this help?

4K Video Downloader is an excellent program that allows you to download and save media files to your phone, which you can watch later on even when you do not have access to the internet. So if you are having network issues, or your data plan has run out, you can still get your daily dose of entertainment. How great is that?

4K Video Downloader is famous out of these, but there are some alternatives products to choose from. Let’s see at the below software available and hope you get Popular Alternatives to 4k Video Downloader for Windows. Find the best programs like 4k Video Downloader for Windows.

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More than 11 4k Video Downloader alternatives to choose.

1.  Gihosoft TubeGet Pro

Gihosoft TubeGet is a application dedicated to downloading YouTube clips and saving them in their original format. It also has an option for extracting the audio stream to save it to MP3. This type of software comes in handy if you’re looking for easy ways to get YouTube tutorials, guides and other types of videos to put together an offline collection that can be played on media devices. It supports download HD & UHD videos from YouTube, such as 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K & 8K resolution.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

TubeGet is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

2.  AllMyTube

It is one of the best options allowing people to download not only high-resolution YouTube videos but also from more than 100 other video streaming sites. AllMyTube has a comprehensive package, and this downloader supports many types of file formats. It has the capability of converting the videos in the desired file format and adjusts according to the playing device. The interface is quite simple to handle 4k resolution videos, and one can select the desired resolution with a single click. One can also record the video while it is streaming from other sources and enjoy them watching at a later stage. The downloader is fast, and the waiting period is less.

AllMyTube is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

3.  Imtoo YouTube Video Converter

Imtoo YouTube Video Converter is feature packed having a clean interface to handle 4k resolution media without any glitches. It is something similar to Xilsoft but has many added features. One can easily convert the audios and videos in any format and listen or view them in any digital screens. It has the capability of extracting the photos and making hem t videos. One can enjoy the feature of multiple video personalization effects and can merge and clip videos for having more fun. It allows high definition decoding and encoding of the videos and supports more than 150 video formats. It also automatically converts 2D videos to 3D videos. One can also adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation of the videos using this converter.

Imtoo YouTube Video Converter is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

4. Xilisoft YouTube Video Converter

Although this video converter works only with YouTube, it gives sunning 4k video resolutions during the download. This converter is easy to use and has a clean interface making the operation very simple. As it comes with the most advanced HD video converter, one can easily convert HD videos to MPEG-4 or H.264 formats. The Video editor tool included in the downloader is flexible to use, allowing the user to merge, clip, or even watermark the videos and add subtitles. The rich conversion profile allows the user to optimize the conversion as per the viewing device. It will enable adding soundtracks and adding and adjusting the special effects. The conversion speed of Xilisoft YouTube Converter is swift, and not much waiting time is needed to convert the videos in the desired format.

Xilisoft YouTube Video Converter is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

5. Freemake Youtube Downloader

Freemake YouTube Downloader has recently been upgraded to handle 4k resolution videos, and it can download videos from other streaming sites as well. The interface is quite attractive for converting the videos in the desired format so that one can view the downloaded video without any compromise in the desired device. Apart from YouTube, it allows o download videos from more than 10,000 sites. One can save the full playlist and get some stunning HD and 4k videos. The video quality can be chosen in 15 varieties starting from 360p to 1080p. One can also limit the download speed depending on the speed of the internet and can even download blocked videos with proxy. The parental control option is there to restrict visiting adult sites and the default uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage saving the disk place on your device. The software is easy to download with few clicks enabling users to have a flawless viewing.

Freemake Youtube Downloader is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

6. YTD Video Downloader Pro for Windows

The software of this downloader has been recently upgraded to version 5 to give the users a more satisfactory result. Apart from YouTube videos one can now download videos from over 50+ sites and almost converts all the videos to mp3, Flv, 3gp, Avi and in many other formats. It can only support video resolution up to 1080p, and beyond that, one has to pay for using the software. One can download the videos on their digital viewing devices and watch them at a later time. There is also an integrated video player to watch the videos instantly while the conversion and download are in process. With restricted free resolution limit it is one of the best software to download and convert the videos that work on Windows platform and have Internet Explorer 6.

YTD Video Downloader Pro for Windows is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

7. Ultraget

Ultraget is one of the best free video downloader’s that can download any online video, tv shows and even adult content videos from over 1000+ websites. Supported by multithreading technology, this software adjusts the download according to the device bandwidth so that the speed is not compromised. One can use this software in PC, iPhone, Android phone, and any compatible mobile devices and see videos in MP4, FLV format with the widescreen view and crystal clear picture. One can save the videos using this software and can join the broken links while downloading, and there is no need to download from the start. It is simple software to see HD videos.

Ultraget is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

8. Clone2Go Video Converter

If you are looking for fully featured software that has many presets and many types of conversions, then Clone2Go Video Converter is the perfect software to use. One can edit and trim the videos if needed, and the interface is quite flexible. One can even customize the length and the output profile. It is a YouTube Video converter as well as downloader and coverts various file types as MP4, FLV, HD MP4, 3GP and many others with high speed. The supported input formats for conversion are avi, WMV, asfdat, rmvb and many more. The output formats are AVI, DVD video NTSC/PAL, MPEG I & II and FLV. It is supported by Windows version XP to Windows 10 and great software to load in Pc’s running on windows.

Clone2Go Video Converter is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

9. MovieBox 11

Moviebox has organized feature pack software through which one can download videos from many sites and convert them to the desired format. One can directly stream the videos, and the internal media player allows you to view the downloaded video with ease. One can burn the videos in CD and DVD as well and also convert the audio files to the MP3 version. The video format is MP4 WMV and AVI. One can get videos up to 1080 p resolution using this software; however, it needs to be upgraded to handle HD+ formats. One can choose the video resolution for the downloads, and it has also got an integrated browser or search option. Otherwise, the software is easy to use without any clutter and has a clean interface.

MovieBox 11 is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

10. Leawo Video Converter Ultimate

Leawo is one of the best software to download and convert, stream videos from many sites apart from YouTube. One can also create DVD’s from the downloaded video, and it turns and downloads HD videos to some of the most popular file formats like the AVCHD to AVI, MTS to AVI, MOD to AVI m2TS to MP4 and many more without any compromise of the sounds or the picture qualities. One can play the output videos easily in almost all digital playing devices, including the iPhone and Android mobile phones. The interface is clear without any clutter and provides a complete package. One can reset the audio and video parameters with the advanced settings like codec and bit rates, frame ratios and many more. One can easily convert the 2D videos to 3D, and the 3D depth box can be modulated easily. One can use the merge options to merge the videos. The software is compatible with Windows operating system.

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.

11. Downie

If you are fond of Mac, then Downie is your perfect choice to download and convert the videos apart from live-streaming and watching. It has a 100% 4k resolution and is quite easy to use. The interface of Downie is quite simple, and the software is easy to use making downloads from the internet simple. The 3.5.5 version of Downie has extra multimedia features like video conversion and trimming and the audio extraction. The output quality is superb, and there is no compromise in any respect. Ne only needs t drag the URL, and the video starts to download. One can download from more than 1200 sites using this website. This software can only save the audio discarding the video while downloading, and one needs to set the options that way. One can also set the parental control feature active in this software and block adult contents. It is updated at regular intervals to give the users the best experience.

Downie is one of the best 4K Video Downloader Alternatives.


With the above best 11 4k video downloader alternatives, downloading and converting the 4K videos and audios from Youtube to the desired format is not more any difficult task. Use any of the above software and feel the difference of watching high-resolution HD, HD+, and 4k videos without any compromise in sound or picture quality. The high-resolution videos are no more only for the rich to enjoy but have become most popular amongst all due to these 11 popular 4k video converter and downloader.

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