20 Best Alternatives to Torrentz website 2019

Fond of using Torrentz website but not able to use now? Yes, nowadays every user is complaining about the inactive interface of the Torrentz website. This is because the functionality of this website is banned by the Telecommunication authority of different countries. But the main reason is still not disclosed by the website owner and as a result, users are not able to use this website anymore. Torrentz is one of the most popular websites of this torrent segment and due its huge popularity among the users from all around the world, this website was bearing a tremendous amount of web traffic. Also, to retain its popularity, Torrentz launches a similar website named as Torrentz2. But after some time, this website also becomes inactive for the users. That’s why to compensate or to replace the empty space of these two websites, some other website has to be chosen so that users will continue their seamless experience of getting torrent files in order to download their favorite movies and TV shows.

In this article, we will list top 20 torrent providing websites which can be taken in to consideration while searching for the best substitute of Torrentz website. It was not an easy task to find the perfect suggestion for Torrentz website because no website can offer such great features and Torrent files as Torrentz offers. But we had tried our best and prepared a list of 20 websites which we will list below. You must consider every website and after taking in to consideration, you may select your best pick from the list. So, just go through it:

20 best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

1) The Pirate Bay

This website is the best recommended website for all users to replace the Torrentz website. The magnificent features which this website offers to their users are what makes it quite popular among the users. Torrent files of different movies and TV shows of any Language, Genres and Popularity can be fetched from this website. You just have to register on this website and after that you will be able to access the torrent files. To get the torrent files from this website, we recommend you to enable the VPN of your device or PC so that your identity won’t be revealed in front of anyone. So, a very brilliant choice as a substitute of Torrentz website.

The Pirate Bay is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

2) iDope

Another brilliant website of this segment which is quite impressive as like Torrentz website. Almost 50% website traffic of Torrentz website has been approached to this website which clearly defines its popularity. The huge database of iDope is capable of containing millions of Torrent files. That’s why due to these features, iDope is our second-best pick in this list. We strongly recommend you to use this website in case if you don’t like The Pirate Bay website.

iDope is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

3) Lime Torrents

As like torrentz website, Lime Torrents is another very popular website which is quite capable of providing the required torrent files to the users. It is one of the oldest torrents providing website which is known for its excellency and brilliancy in this segment. Another plus point of this website is its lite user-interface which saves a lot of data of the users. On an average, almost 5000 new torrent files are regularly uploaded on this website. That’s why a perfect choice for all users.

Lime Torrents is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.


This is another very good choice to replace Torrentz website as far as availability of torrent files are concerned. This website is basically a torrent hosting website which simply means the search engine of this website is capable of searching torrent files from other different websites. That’s why there is a very high probability of finding favorite torrent file on this website.

RARBG is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

5) BT Scene

This fantastic website is purely devoted to provide torrent files of latest releases of movies and TV shows. The torrent files are categorized according to the date on which they are added on this website. BT scene website is quite secured and safe to use which makes it a very good choice for the users. This is a certified website and we hope that you will definitely love this website for sure.

6) Popcorn Time

This website is not so popular as like Torrentz website but when it comes to availability of torrent files, this website is very good in that. Currently, this website is having more than 2 Million active torrent files and roughly, 1 Million global active users which defines the popularity of the users. But unlike Torrentz website, these stats are very less.

Popcorn Time is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

7) Your BitTorrent

This BitTorrent website is another very suitable replacement of Torrentz website. The presence of huge database and lite user-interface is what makes this website very good in this field. Thousands of new torrent files are uploaded on this website on weekly basis which is quite beneficial for the users because they can access all these new torrent files for free.

Your BitTorrent is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

8) Torrent Downloads

As per the name of this website, any user can make an idea in his/her mind that this website is popular for providing access to download torrent files. As a user, you can also request to the admin of this website to add the torrent file which you are looking for. Any other user can also upload the torrent file on this website after seeing the request made by other users.

Torrent Downloads is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

9) Demoniod

This torrent providing website is lesser known to the users because this website goes down frequently whenever high website traffic approaches to this website. Moreover, the torrent files are also very less available on this website which further decreases its popularity. But you can definitely give a try to search the torrent file which you are looking for on this website. Not the best, but considerably a better choice to replace Torrentz website.

Demoniod is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

10) Ru Tracker

This is another very popular website which is bearing a huge amount of torrent files on its server. Talking about the user-interface and security certificates, the user-interface is just awesome and this website is quite secured to use. This website also has 2 other web domains which can be used in case if Ru Tracker is not working. Overall, a very fantastic choice to substitute Torrentz website.

Ru Tracker is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

11) SeedPeer

SeedPeer is not a good choice for the users as per the security norms but if you want to obtain torrent file of lesser availability on other websites, then SeedPeer is one of the best websites for this purpose. Another point here is that its lite user-interface which actually doesn’t resist the users to access their favorite torrent files.

SeedPeer is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

12) 1337X

This uTorrent website is another brilliant choice to replace the Torrentz website because of its hosting feature. 1337X is quite capable of searching torrent files from different torrent websites and hence increasing the probability of finding torrent files. This hosting feature of this website is supported by over 100 different torrent websites which makes it a perfect substitute of Torrentz website.

1337X is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

13) BitSnoop

This website is basically a BitTorrent website which genuinely contains a huge amount of torrent files which are active. Some torrent files which are present on BitSnoop are also expired, but majority of them are still working and you can too search your favorite torrent file out of them. This website is recently launched and that’s why it may be possible that you will not find this website under working conditions.

14) Zooqle

When you look the interface of this website by opening the homepage of this website, then you will find it similar to the interface of Google webpage. And due to this feature, Zooqle is used by thousands of users due to its lite and charming user-interface. It is also regarded as one of the best torrents providing websites but due to frequent technical breakdowns of this website, it is not included in the top 5 websites which are best alternates of Torrentz website.

Zooqle is one of the best Alternatives to Torrentz website.

15) Toorgle

This uTorrent website is known for providing torrent files of famous TV shows and Web series of different languages and genres. That’s why this website bears a tremendous amount of web traffic and due to this some paid blogs and ads are also added on this website too. Toorgle is one another best possible substitute of Torrentz website and we too strongly recommend to use this website to accomplish your task.

16) EZTV

The reviews and ratings of this website clearly defines that how much popularity of this website is there among the users. EZTV is very popular for providing torrent files of latest TV shows of different genres and languages. The torrent file of every latest episode is added on this website and users too searches on this website before searching on other websites.

17) ManyBooks

As the name of this website suggests, ManyBooks is known to provide torrent files of Paid books and novels for free. Apart from movies and TV shows, the primary focus of Manybookswebsite is to provide free torrent files of Books and other paid written material to its users. So, this website is not a perfect substitute of Torrentz website but if someone is fond of reading books and novels, then Manybooks is a perfect choice for them.

18) GameTorrents

Unlike Manybooks website, GameTorrents is known for providing torrent files of popular paid Gaming software which are not available easily on the web. This website is frequently accessed by the gamers and now a days the popularity of this website is increasing rapidly among the users. Unlike Torrentz website, this website is not able to provide torrent files of movies and TV shows but it is a very good choice if you love gaming.

19) TorrentFunk

This funky torrent providing website provides torrent files of almost everything. From movies, TV shows, Web series, Gaming software, other paid software to paid books, all these can be downloaded using the torrent files present on TorrentFunk website.

20) Monova

This is our last pick of this list and certainly, this website also gives tough competition to all the websites which are listed above. This all-rounder website is also very popular for providing torrent files of almost every type of software and movies like as TorrentFunk website. You must give a try at least once so as to compare it with other websites which are listed above.

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As we mentioned, it is very hard to replace the Torrentz website by any other website, but we had tried to give the possible suggestions in the form of this list. There is no such top 3 or 5 picks from the above list because they all are very good. But you can share your Top picks in the comments section so that other users can consider them directly.

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