Top 15 Best Video Editing Software for Windows&Mac in 2019

Video editing software packages are undoubtedly the best in class software tools which can create the desirable alterations in every video which you want to. There are some instances when you have recorded a memorable video but there is someone else present in that video which you want to remove. So, in this case Video editing software will provide you cut option so that you may remove the footage of your choice. That’s why video editing software holds a very huge importance for all the users. You may try to use some best video editing software on your PC to edit all your favorite videos.

Moreover, apart from video editing options, some different video editing software packages are also offering photo editing options which is just magnificent for the users because they are getting both things at one place. But choosing the right video editing software is a pretty difficult task because you don’t know that which software will provide you much better options than other software. That’s why we will bring some of the top best 15 video editing software here in the below article which are rated by professionals from all around the world. Adding different kinds of visual and motion effects will no longer become big deal for you if you bother this list till end. We had tried to cover almost every feature which is demanded by a user in an idea video editing software. Some of the video editing software are paid and some of them are free to use. So, choose your favorite choice wisely and let’s get started.

1) Adobe Premier Pro

This video editing software is surely the finest video editing software present in this list which will offer you all the excellent features present in an ideal video editing software. Just open the video which you want to edit and get started with the editing inside this app. Visual and 3-D effects of this app are its main surplus points which are just awesome. Other features like cutting of video, lowering down the playback speed etc are its basic features. So, definitely a very good call to install this awesome video editing software in your PC. This app requires a subscription charge of 20$ per annum. You can visit the website and can buy the annual subscription.

Adobe Premier Pro is one of the top best Video Editing Software.

2) Final Cut Pro X

The best and the most fantastic option for all Mac users who are looking for a beast of video editing software. This software comes with a lot of newly optimized and enhanced features which will make the task of video editing much easier than ordinary video editing software. Built with a lot of customized features, Final Cut Pro X software requires a subscription charge of 300$ per annum which we think is justified if you look on the features of this software. You can add newly launched visual effects from the website once you purchase this software’s subscription. That’s why we have placed Final Cut Pro X at the 2nd spot of this list.

Final Cut Pro X is one of the top best Video Editing Software.

3) Avid Media Composure

One of the best thing which we have liked about this software is that it provides the option to the users to download the output file in their favorite output format. And since after the release of the free version of this software, users are getting connected with this software at a much higher pace. Though the monthly subscription charge of this software doesn’t justify the features, but overall a very great choice with a pretty optimized Graphic user-interface. That’s why we have placed Avid Media Composure at 3rd spot on this list.

Avid Media Composure is one of the top best Video Editing Software.

4) Shotcut

This video editing software is an excellent choice for the users who have their channel on YouTube. This amazing video editing software will let the users to shoot the videos which they want to upload on their YouTube channel after having some basic video editing. Moreover, you can also add music effects in the back side of videos so that it will become more appealing to the users. This software is available for all users for free and that’s why, Shortcut is our 4th best pick in this list.

Shotcut is one of the top best Video Editing Software.

5) Hit Film Express

Another very good option present in this list which will make you feel like a professional. This amazing video editing software is a class software which can be used to add all types of desirable effects for free. The features which are available in the free version are not very appealing, but the features which are offered in the paid version will surely let you to edit all your videos on your fingertips. According to the company, this software is having more than 200 different visual effects which can be added in the videos. So, definitely a very suitable option in the 5th spot of this list.

Hit Film Express is one of the top best Video Editing Software.

6) iMovie

What an absolute beauty this video editing software is for all iPhone or iPad users. This brilliant video editing software will provide you the best features of video editing which is used by most of the professional in their video shooting campaigns. Moreover, this video editing software is having a very good popularity on web which clearly defines its popularity among the users. That’s why we have placed this software in the 6th spot of this list.

7) Adobe Premier Elements

Another very good video editing software which is compatible with both windows and MacOS. Though this software is not very cheap, but the features which adobe has added inside this app are really very amazing. You will surely get attracted towards the awesome video editing tools which will let you edit in the way just like professionals do. With the presence of optimized video editing tools, Adobe premiers presents its name above all possible good video editing software packages. That’s why a pretty decent option which we have placed on the 7th spot of this list.

8) LightWorks

Not the best video editing software, but surely one of the decent choices for all the Linux OS users out there. LightWorks is a recently launched video editing software which become pretty popular among the users who are in need to get a decent video editing software which is cheap too. Lightworks software is exactly delivering the demands of the users and because it is cheap to purchase, that’s why Lightworks becomes our 8th best choice in this list.

9) Openshot

The presence of huge collection of visual effects in the library of this app is its identity mark among the users. This free video editing tool provides so much of 3-D effects and Visual effects with a lot of different animations which will make the edited video pretty appealing. This software is exclusively available for the Linux users and there is not type of hidden subscription of this video editing software. So, definitely one of the best kinds of video editing software placed at 9th spot in this list.

10) DaVinci Resolve

This video editing software is an ideal choice for the users who wants to add color effects in their videos. For example, if you want to decrease the composure of the video, then you can directly select your video and can access that feature to accomplish your task. You can also see the ongoing real-time effects in a separate window before you proceed to get the output file. This software is available for free to all users. DaVinci Resolve video editing software is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. That’s why we have placed this awesome video editing tool on the 10th spot of this list.

11) Adobe After Effects

This video editing tool is the strongest contender of Final Cut Pro X video editing tool and most importantly, this software is compatible will all three forms of OS which are Windows, MacOS and Linux. The free version of this software is also available for the users which users can try before going to subscribe the paid version. For the beginners, this software has an in-built guide which will help them to learn the working of different tools about the video editing process. 3-D effects offered by Adobe After effects are the best type of 3-D effects which are offered by any software mentioned above. That’s why we have placed this fantastic option at 11th spot in this list.

12) Belnder

This is another very great option which works with Windows, MacOS and Linux OS as well. This video editor is having all the basic and some advanced video editing tools which will edit your video according to your terms and conditions. Blender is an open-source video editing software which can be used by all users for free. However, some of the advanced video editing tools are still missing in this video editing software and that’s why we don’t think that this option can be compared to other option available above. So, that’s why we have placed Blender at 12th spot of this list.

13) Sony Vegas Pro

This awesome video editing software is that kind of video editing software which is used by both professionals and beginners in video editing field. The Linux OS is not supported by this video editor but still Mac and Windows users are using this video editor on a very high mark. After you are done with the video editing through the use of this video editor, you can easily download the output file in the file format of your choice. So, definitely a very good option if you spend some good money on this software.

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14) Cyberlink Power Director 16

This Windows based video editing software is an awesome choice to get a professional looking video editing software. This software basically focuses on the color modification of the video like how users can lower down the exposure or how they can decrease the color intensity. Moreover, this software is also having other basic video editing tool which will surely satisfy you with the output results. We have placed Cyberlink Power Director 16 software at the 14th spot of this list and we hope that won’t mind that.

15) Pinnacle Studio

If you are looking to get a cheap video editing software with a lot of cool and new video editing tools, then there is no other choice better than Pinnacle Studio. Designed with basic video editing software, one can easily switch to advanced version by paying 60$ as the subscription charges. Though the graphic user-interface of this video editor is not so appealing as like other option available in this list, but overall a very decent choice. Only windows OS is supported by the Pinnacle studio and that’s why we have placed Pinnacle studio at the last spot on this list.


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So, these are some good video editing software options for our lovely users. We hope that you have liked these options and you will give a positive node to all of them. We will be pleased to get some suggestions similar to these video editing software packages from your side. So, please do tell us in the comments section below.

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