Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for You to Free Download TV Shows/Series in 2019

Finding the best torrent websites to get the most suitable torrent file of your favorite TV shows or series is probably one of the toughest things because of the present variety of torrents sites. Another reason behind the above-stated fact is that many of the big and popular torrent sites are now blocked due to the copyrights of the content reserved by their respective owners. Whenever you want to watch or download any of your favorite movies or web series for free, then you need to approach a torrent website which will help you access the torrent files you need.

Best Torrent Sites for You.

There are lots of torrent websites in existence, but if you access the best torrent websites, then you will surely get them with ease. For this task, we have hand-picked the best 10 torrent websites which you can use to get torrent files of movies/TV shows as well as different software packages considering your needs. Please check out the features and functions of these different torrent websites so as to pick the best one of them. Also, please do remember to enable the VPN of your device so that you can access all these websites without any problem.

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1) iDope

iDope is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

This website is undoubtedly the best torrent website for TV shows/series on this list. This website has been recently launched and till now, it has become the most popular debut torrent website in a very short time. All factors of popularity measuring, whether it’s website traffic or Google trends, are very positive, hence making iDope the most popular website for all users. According to the report, the current number of torrent files this website is holding on its servers is over 18 million. This number justifies the value and importance of this website. Moreover, all types of torrent files like movie torrent, web series torrent or any type of paid software torrent can be accessed through the use of this website. That’s why we have placed iDope as our first pick in the list of the best 10 torrent websites.

2) Torlock

Torlock is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

To access torrent files of the latest movies and TV shows, Torlock is the best choice for you because this is a free TV show/series torrent download site. All the latest releases of any type of web series are firstly uploaded on this website. An awesome graphic user interface even makes this website a better choice than other major torrent websites we are going to list in this article further. Basically, Torlock is a torrent hosting platform which is pretty appealing because users don’t have to go anywhere to search torrent files which are not available in the database of Torlock.

3) Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

This is another very successful and popular torrent website which is known for its excellence in providing torrent files to its users. The main advantage of this website is that its powerful torrent search engine will fetch the searched torrent file within a matter of seconds. It is a huge advantage over other torrent providing websites. Basically, the Torrentz2 website is the successor of Torrentz which has been blocked by the government of almost every country. So, that’s why the developer team of Torrentz launched this website named as Torrentz2 so as to retain the revenue they are earning. You can also give a try to this website to check out some more exciting features. By the way, if you used to use YIFY, then you can now try some of the best YIFY alternative torrent sites!

4) TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

This is another brilliant torrent website with fully loaded exciting features which are just magnificent. When you land on the homepage of this website, you will find everything on this website sorted. For example, all types of torrent files are sorted according to their categories like the movies, books, paid software packages, games, anime, music, and more. That’s why this free torrent website to download TV series becomes very popular among users who have ever visited it. The huge database of this website contains over 16 million torrent files at the time of writing this article and this number is expected to rise further as the time passes. You can try this website for your personal use after enabling the VPN of your device.

5) Bit Torrent Scene

If you are keen on watching documentaries and movies of other languages in your regional dubbed language, then there is no other choice better than Bit Torrent Scene. As a TV show torrent website, it holds millions of torrent files which are available for users who want these types of stuff. Some of the most popular drama series is also available on this website to download. Apart from downloading, this website also provides the option of uploading torrent file, which is helpful for other users like you. This website currently holds a massive collection of 5 million torrent files which will increase further as the website grows.

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6) Zooqle

Zooqle is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

Holding over 5 million trusted torrent files, Zooqle is another very brilliant and popular torrent website to free download TV shows/series. This website is used by users all around the world and the reviews and ratings given by them are also very positive, which shows the popularity and craze of this website among users. The lite graphic user interface adds more stars to this website, hence making this website a perfect choice to search for torrent files.

7) YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

When it comes to access all types of torrent files at one place, then the YourBittorrent website represents its name in the front of other leading torrent providing websites. From music torrents, movie torrents, paid software torrents to other application torrents, all can be accessed directly by the use of this website. YourBittorrent is quite popular among people of the United States and India and it has generated a revenue of thousands of dollars for its owner. You must visit this website at least once as per our recommendation.

8) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

Earlier, The Pirate Bay was the beast among the torrent websites world due to its incredible features. But from the past few years, this website has lost its popularity and now users are not interested in this website at all. The major reason behind this fact is that this website doesn’t upload new torrent files regularly on its servers. Users always need new torrent files in a short span of time and this condition has not been fulfilled by this website so far. But, on the whole, we must say that this website is still having something inside and you must try this website at least once.

9) 1337X

1337X is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

This torrent website is another example of old beasts in the torrent websites world. The 1337X torrent website once contained the most powerful torrent search engine as the major factor for the popularity of this website. Like as other websites, all the torrent files are sorted according to the different categories like movies, TV shows, software, applications, books, etc. The lite and clean user interface of this website further increases the reason for using this website.

10) 01Torrent

01Torrent is one of the best Torrent Sites to download TV Shows/Series.

This is our last pick in this list of the best torrent websites, and it is popular as much as the others. 01Torrent is not in existence in many countries because ISPs in different countries have blocked this website but if you enable the VPN of your device, then you can access the torrent files available on it. All types of movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries, and more are available on this website.

Final Words:

The torrent website is a necessity for those who are keen to watch different types of entertainment stuff in any language for free. This list will prove to be an asset because all these best torrent sites will provide you with torrent files of those movies and TV shows/series. You just need to download them using corresponding torrent files and after your downloading, you can easily stream that movie for free. And please share the name of the website which you have picked for yourself in the comments section.

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