Top 18 Best Sites Serving as Alternatives to TheWatchSeries Online 2019

Being a huge source of web series and TV shows in different languages and of different genres, TheWatchSeries online is considered as the best choice for all users. This website contains a huge collection of Korean, American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese web series. Some series is also available in English dubbed language.

Along with web series, movies and TV shows are also available on this website. All the contents are sorted according to the category, genre, language, popularity, etc. You can watch all these web series and TV shows online on TheWatchSeries streaming website for free. That’s why this website is loved and supported by millions of users from all around the world. TheWatchSeries is the first choice over any other website which offers the same features.

But nowadays, to earn some handsome amount of money, this website has added a lot of advertisements and links which are unusual and unwanted for most users. Every time you click on the web series icon to stream it online, ads get opened up in new tabs, which is pretty annoying for users. This may lead to some malicious activities in your PC or phone. That’s why users are trying to avoid using this website to stream web series and movies online. And we also recommend you to avoid the usage of this website. But don’t get disappointed because there are still some TheWatchSeries alternatives available. We will definitely solve your problem by listing the top 5 sites like TheWatchSeries streaming online.

All these alternative sites will offer the same stuff as TheWatchSeries online. Some websites will offer to download the whole web series and movies too. That’s why all these websites are quite popular among the users and they are free from any type of annoying ads. Some small ads will be displayed but they can be tolerated because they won’t interrupt your watching experience at all. So, just navigate to these alternative sites to TheWatchSeries listed below.

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1) Tubi TV

This is our first pick from all these TheWatchSeries alternative websites which offer web series and TV shows online for free. Tubi TV may be considered as the best free online streaming website and the perfect substitute for TheWatchSeries streaming online. From action, horror, comedy, love to home TV series, all types can be found on this streaming site. You can access all these online contents for free without creating any account. But we still recommend you to create your free account and subscribe for the updates so that whenever new contents get uploaded, you will be notified at once.

Tubi TV is best Alternative Sites to TheWatchSeries Streaming Site.

In order to stream movies or TV shows online, you have to click on the link provided there. And if you aren’t able to find out the movie which you are looking for in the list, then you can search it manually by using the search box available on the top of the homepage. You can also connect your PC with your TV or LED to make your watching experience more interesting and joyful.

2) TVMuse

This is another very amazing website like TheWatchSeries streaming site which offers awesome stuff to their users for free. All the available contents on this website are sorted category wise. On the left side of its homepage, you can find any movie of your choice very easily because all those movies and TV shows are sorted in alphabetic order. some of the American web series of the 90s are also available on this website.

TVMuse is best Alternative Sites to TheWatchSeries Streaming Site.

New contents are generally uploaded on this website every 4 or 5 days, and that’s why there is a very high probability that you will find the movie which you are looking for. You can also watch the trailer and a small synopsis of the movie before you start streaming. All you need to do is just logging in by using your email id and password to start the seamless experience of online streaming. Considering all these points about this TheWatchSeries alternative website, you will definitely choose it without hesitation to start your stream.

3) SideReel

As a simple and real website which is dedicated to providing excellent entertaining movies stuff, SideRell is known for its high-quality free services for all users. This alternative site to TheWatchSeries is an open-source website like these above-mentioned websites. This site is quite popular among the users from the USA because many anime series, TV shows, and American web series are present on this website. Along with these web series and TV shows, some American movies are also available too. That’s why it is not so popular among Chinese, Indian, Japanese people.

SideReel is best Alternative Sites to TheWatchSeries Streaming Site.

But you can watch all these series with English subtitles below the display of the movie. All these web series is a blockbuster and a complete source of entertainment for sure. TV shows include some talent hunt shows, some real-life incident shows, some TV serials and much more. Although it’s not the best alternative one to TheWatchSeries website, you must go to this website if you are a big fan of American web series and TV shows.

4) Share TV

Frankly speaking, there is not so much difference between the Share TV website and the SideReel website because both two websites offer American web series and TV shows for free. They are perfect competitors to each other and both of them have equal popularity among the users from the USA. But Share TV website got a little edge over the SideReel website because it has tied up with some of the major TV channel companies and some web series production companies too. Every newly launched American web series or TV serials first come up on this website. That’s why users tend to prefer this TheWatchSeries alternative site instead of SideReel. This partnership between Share TV website and major TV channels is the main cause of making this website so popular among American citizens. Apart from American web series and TV shows, some of the anime series like One Piece and Digimon are also available for you to stream online for free.

Share TV is best Alternative Sites to TheWatchSeries Streaming Site.

5) FlixTor

This is the last streaming site like TheWatchSeries website. FlixTor is a brilliant website when it comes to online streaming of most popular movies for free. The graphic user interface of this website will let you feel like you are streaming online movies on Netflix. After you open the homepage of this website from the link provided, you will see the recently uploaded movie or web series which have already become popular among the users. The screen resolution can also be adjusted according to your needs. You will get all the information regarding the movie like the duration, genre, language, the number of episodes of web series, the short synopsis of every part, resolutions available and much more on this website. FlixTor is the best possible alternative site to TheWatchSeries website if you don’t like the above-listed websites for any reason.

FlixTor is best Alternative Sites to TheWatchSeries Streaming Site.

In addition to these best websites for you to stream movies online, you also should know the best 6 free apps to watch movies on your iPhone or iPad.

6) worldfree4u

It is quite a popular and now trending site which does its work of submitting every kind of entertainment. If you are not sure about having to choose from the videos and movies, the site can provide you the excellent access to the unlimited source of films. There are movies, music, games with excellent quality of videos, and many such pick-ups for you.

7) NewMoviesOnline

This is a fantastic free source for watching movies, videos and great stuff. There are regular updates made for movies and videos daily. If you are not able to find the right place to watch the latest Hollywood movie, here it is the right spot coming with great graphics to enjoy. This is not the best part yet. There is no need to buy any subscription plan or register on the site. They want to entertain, and this is their best possible way without charging anything. You will be saving a lot of data as the site doesn’t end up eating everything from your data pack. Some downloads can be made based on graphics to be able to save some data.

8) VioozWatch32Movies

A completely free source of amazing graphic quality for movies and videos are available at VioozWatch32Movies. You can stream your desired movies online using the site. There are different genres, and the files are uploaded according to the same. This means if you want to watch a movie from the action genre and don’t know which one to watch. You have to click the action genre option, and the list will appear to you for selection. This brings us to the point of knowing that free space will be required for the download.

9) Vumoo

It happens to be a great source of movie streaming and downloading. It can also serve great options at times when there is an internet connection issue or low data. The site works on small data service. This means that you get to enjoy unlimited movies even with your low data plan in high quality without having to pay for any kind of subscription plan anywhere. If you have heard about the name, which is a great online movie streaming site finds Vumoo as its alternative. It is Vumoo that brings similar service and can be used anywhere.

10) DivxCrawler

There is the possibility of downloading your desired video and movies from the DivxCrawler web page. It is not always that every other site brings you the option of downloading. Many sites offer you to stream your favorites, but they don’t allow downloads. It is also to be mentioned that DivxCrawler is not just a movie options website, but you can download music clips, audio files, and other stuff. This is something rather a great option than just a movie website which offers only movies. The primary source of income for the site comes from the advertisements. It is possible to access the website from anywhere. You have to open your browser, and then after putting the web link, the site will appear on the screen. If you want to download something you can do the same after a click on the desired video, music, audio or movie file with the download option which remains available below the record.

11) fullmoviesfreedownload

It is a site that remains dedicated to bringing free video, movies to everyone. There are high numbers of regular users on the site. But over time the site has managed to pick it at best with traffic following the website every single day. There is every unique possibility of having to enjoy the latest trending movies on the website. The site has its reputation with people being regular customers’ overtime. If you feel that any player is not able to play up to your desire, you can shift between the players who are available on the website. Some unlimited sources are present on the site. The site always tries to keep the advertisements away from it.

12) Putlockers2

There hasn’t been a single time when the website has failed to bring you the latest movie. You may be able to see the movie coming up in the list of available film category. The website is known as a heaven for entertainment. Mark the words you will not regret using this site to stream anytime. The website version works well, but if you require having an application of the same, it can be downloaded from the play store or application store. All can be accessed easily from anywhere; If you are traveling back from office to home, it works well.

13) My download tube

It is an excellent source to meet with movies and watch some great streaming online. It is the extraordinary graphics that work in the zone and will make your experience friendly and interactive. Most of the categories remain filled with movies as the website keeps in trend with the latest movies every single day. The genres are different, and movies matching its own genre are put in the category. There aren’t many of the movies which are excluded from any of its perfect category lists. In any case, where you fail to meet with your desired movie in the search column, you can email the company about it. They try really hard to bring you the demanded movie available on the site.

14) Zmovie

There are high-quality movies that follow full length even if these are recently released movie. It takes a w single day for the movie to appear here on the website. The graphics are also great with some vast collection of both old as well as new movies. There are even TV series that are available to watch. All of this can be done without having to register with the site. The security of the data is completely secure, and you don’t have to think about having any copyright issues. There is some excellent old movie collection coming with different genres. If you are a lover of old movies, the site can be your ultimate companion in the search. Most of the search results are perfect matches. In the cases when you can’t remember the movie title but remembers some of the words the website works like magic in such a situation. There are most appropriate or close search results that are available to you.

15) Archive

It is a free supplier of some great engaging stuff that includes a huge library of a vast collection. There are more around 2.4 million videos, money and some 2.8 million of tracks. All of these are available for free download anytime whenever you are willing to. With the option of download, it gets easy to access them anytime from anywhere. They are nowhere behind in updating their interaction system or the collection. The site tries to bring all the movies released in the day to appear on its particular category. But at times when it doesn’t happen especially if it is recently released, you might get to see the next option soon under its name. You can turn on the notification feature for the day, which makes it easy to know when the movie is finally available on the website. The site has strict policies against the data, and if you are sharing any of yours, the site keeps it safe. Many sites are considered to be following the footsteps of this site.

16) IceFilms

It happens to be a great site, which is a user-friendly website with a tremendous interactive field. This user interface makes the task of picking your favorite or latest movies easy. No limitation is followed in regard to the downloads. You can download every minute for hours in a single day and no worry about anything. The website has a policy of maintaining the collection and with a new movie or series coming out the same is made available for watch on the site. Many people tend to create a user account, which is free for registration. It is, although required to mention your identity at the time of booking. The site keeps track of your movie choices and will be serving with a similar kind of movie in the suggestion column. In the cases of any interruption with the streaming of your film, you can check with the refresh button. Once that you have pressed refresh the problem of not being able to stream anything (movie or video) will be solved. Sometimes due to traffic on the site streaming doesn’t work.

17) Watch32

This place is considered to be an amazing place where you can find the right kind of categories with the proper collection. You don’t have to register to watch anything on the site. Most of the movies which are available here are free. If you don’t believe that the work which is done by the website is good enough to impress you? It is easy to check for the reputation through the reviews which are available on the internet or either you can check the website directly. You can watch download or stream the media players using this website. As long as your device memory allows a download, you can select to pick your desired movie and download it.

18) Watchfree

There are easy interactive methods that are used on the website. With these methods, there are separate categories for each kind of genre. This is something that takes care of your trouble in searching for any movie. On the days when you don’t know which movie to watch, you can check for the latest and popular movie category; this can save you from the trouble of searching for something to watch. Many sites have the feature of adding new or latest movies available soon after their release. However, there remain some issues with the streaming of anything but it is not there on watchfree. Here you get to enjoy an unlimited collection with no interruption with the streaming. You should know that the site has open policies for the download using any of your desired players. The interface of the website is excellent with the provision of engaging in a better user-friendly interface. It is always suggested that you keep your phone memory a little free to be able to download anything.

Know everything About TheWatchSeries:

This is a great source that can bring you every movie be it the latest or something which you have been looking for a long while available under a single roof. There are endless movies that you would see on the website. To your surprise, it comes with a great sense of responsibility for entertaining people. Therefore the site serves free of cost. There are no associated subscription plans which you are required to be having on other websites. The quality of video and movies are entirely adjustable meaning that you get to enjoy it thoroughly. This site has gained a lot of popularity over the years of its excellent work. Some people would regularly suggest you use the site. There aren’t just the movies which are made available on the site, but there are series which you can watch.

There are specific categories that are mentioned on the site with the latest videos and movies being added daily. There are regular TV timetables with the proper indication of sorts, and there are up to date scenes from every week’s view. If you are not sure about your free timings, you can check and plan for your watching timings.


Growing curiosity and generosity of online streaming for free gives birth to these websites. Some of these TheWatchSeries alternatives are just magnificent and some are not. TheWatchSeries streaming online website is loved by thousands of users but now its popularity has vanished off. These substitute websites which are listed above will definitely not let you down. We have already listed these top 5 websites but if you have any other recommendation, then please let us know in the comment section so that we can update this list for the welfare of our users.

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