Top 12 Best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019

People from Tamil Nadu, India are always looking for the websites which can provide Hollywood and Bollywood movies in their dubbed language. There are many other websites which do this job for Tamil people so that they can enjoy movies and TV shows in their mother language. TamilGun is one of them which can provide users with their favorite movies and TV shows in Tamil dubbed language. In addition, if you are a Hindi song lover, it’s one of the best sites for you to download Hindi mp3 songs.


TamilGun is a very fantastic website and most users search to use this website. The Google trend report also presents the popularity of this website in South India. The graphic user interface of this website is so lite that you can stream online videos without any buffering and extra data consumption. But since the last few months, the performance of this site has not reached the standard with which Tamil people are familiar. Some advertisements have also been added to the pages of this website, which overall makes the website slower than usual. But it is still valid, which is definitely good news.

If you don’t like the current working performance of this website, then you can switch to some other websites just like TamilGun to continue enjoying the watching experience of movies in the Tamil language. There are many other options available and we will list the top 12 similar websites to TamilGun for you. Some websites are just irrelevant because they are not so compatible for all users and we have already removed them. So, just have a look at these 12 best TamilGun alternatives.

1. TodayPk

This free streaming website is very popular among users after TamilGun. Basically, it is a complete all-rounder website which is able to provide you with most Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, TV shows, web series, all in Hindi. On this free website which is like TamilGun, you can also download these movies in the English dubbed language or else languages.

TodayPk is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

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2. Bolly2Tolly

This another best similar site to TamilGun offers seamless features and movie stuff in the Tamil dubbed language. Some popular movies of Hollywood are also available in the Tamil language on it. Also, the new movies and other content are added on this website in a very short time, which is the key feature of Bolly2Tolly. You can also download your favorite movies and TV shows in the screen resolutions of your choice.

Bolly2Tolly is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

3. GoFilms4u

This is another very popular TamilGun alternative website for you to access movies and TV shows in your preferred language. Not only the Tamil language, but some other languages can be accessed too, such as Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, etc. Films and TV shows on it are sorted by popularity, genres, language, size, etc. The content is added according to the tag each week, which is why GoFilms4u is a very good choice in our point of view.

GoFilms4u is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

4. Hungama

Hungama is known to provide comedy movies of Hollywood and Bollywood in the Tamil dubbed language. Other languages can also be accessed by downloading the movies. The main focus of Hungama is to provide comedy movies but movies of other genres like action, horror, romance, etc. are also available on it. Just like the TamilGun website, its huge database makes it easier to upload unlimited content. If you can’t find the movie you’re looking for, you can request it from the administrator so he can add the movie to the site.

Hungama is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

5. Online Movies Gold

This similar site to TamilGun is known for providing the best Bollywood movies in a variety of dubbed regional languages. Most of the traffic to this site is generated by South Indian people. People who can understand Hindi also use this website to access their favorite movies and TV shows. Some small issues like the presence of ads and irrelevant links needs to be solved to ensure its smooth functioning.

Online Movies Gold is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

6. World Movies HD

This is another TamilGun alternative website which can provide fruitful results to users. All the movies and TV shows on this website are available in HD quality, which accounts for its popularity among users. Also, the manual search option makes it easier for users to search for their favorite movies in just a few clicks. Other movies and TV shows will automatically get suggested according to your watching history. You need to log in with your Email ID and password before you start streaming online on this website.

7. Hotstar

We think that Hotstar is the best option which you can choose as a similar site to TamilGun. But the fact that you have to purchase the subscription by paying some subscription charges makes this website less popular. Users want free content with their desirable screen resolution. That’s why it is not so popular among users. But some of the movies in the Tamil language can be streamed online on this website hassle free. Some popular English shows and Korean drama web series are also available on this website. The subscription charges are not so high, so if you are able to spend some money, then Hotstar is a good option you can select on this list.

Hotstar is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

8. OnlineMovieWatchs

This free streaming website is another brilliant TamilGun-like website and it is capable of providing Hollywood and Bollywood movies in a variety of languages to their users. As the name suggests, you can only watch movies online, but there are still some movies available to download for users. Some popular web series and national TV shows are also available on this site. This website is under optimization, so in case you are not able to access this website, you can switch to any another one mentioned in this article.

OnlineMovieWatchs is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

9. India4Movie

This is an excellent similar site to TamilGun which cannot be ignored as far as the content availability is concerned. The main drawback of this website is that you cannot stream your favorite movies in your preferred screen resolution. But the dubbed Tamil language movies are just awesome and can be downloaded from this website very easily.

10. BoxTV

This premium movie providing website is known for providing new or latest releases of the Bollywood and Hollywood movies. This website is placed at the bottom of this list because the movies which are added on it are not available in High-quality screen resolution. That’s why this website is less popular. But those movies which have been released earlier can be streamed and downloaded in High-quality screen resolution. Not the best TamilGun alternative website, but one can surely try this website to accomplish his/her task.

BoxTV is one of the top best Alternative Websites to TamilGun in 2019.

11.Tamil Rasgan

Tamil Rasgan is undoubtedly a very great website to stream all the Tamil movies exclusively for free. The main reason behind this fact is that this website is having one of the fantastic kinds of the graphic user interface, which is very attractive. Tamil Rasgan is considered as an ideal substitute of Tamilgun website because of the incredible media content available on this website. There are a lot of Tamil dubbed movies present on this website that have been streamed by the users on a massive scale. Anyone can stream Tamil movies on this website without registering himself/herself on this website. HD streaming video quality is also supported by this awesome streaming website. Moreover, some latest Tamil TV shows and new web series in Tamil dubbed language are also added on this website, making it an impressive choice for all users.

Users can also download their favorite movies from this website hassle-free in their ideal video quality. Tamil Rasgan website also keeps track of the film which you have streamed on this website to recommend new movies to you. Users can easily add the suggested movies and all their favorite movies in a playlist on this website. There are mostly Bollywood movies available on this website. Hollywood movies are present on a small scale on this website. There are a lot of sections available on this website where movies of different genres are present for the users.

12. Netflix

Netflix is a one-stop to get all your favorite movies and TV shows in almost every preferred language. The huge database of Netflix is having thousands of popular Tamil movies and TV shows stored in it. The user-interface of Netflix application is just incredible, which is pretty much appealing for the users. Famous Hollywood movies in Tamil dubbed language can also be streamed on the Netflix platform in HD video quality.

There are a lot of premium plans available for the users to get or stream all this stuff on Netflix. Popular Tamil TV shows are also available on Netflix which are available in HD video quality. Like Tamilgun website, Netflix offers a huge variety of different movie genres to its users. Moreover, Netflix will also provide you more media content relatedly to every genre and language. Unlike Tamil Rasgan, there is a strict need to create an account on Netflix to get the premium membership of Netflix. There is a separate mobile application of Netflix available for all the Android as well as iOS users on Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. Netflix is a premium kind of platform for users whose membership or subscriptions are pretty much costlier than other platforms and websites. In every aspect, Netflix is a better option than any other website. That’s why Netflix can be considered as an ideal substitute for the Tamilgun website.

Did You Know?

The history of Tamil language is itself a great story. According to the facts, Tamil is the oldest language in this world, which was discovered way back in 5000 BC.

This is really a very hard fact that Tamil language was discovered before the discovery of legendary and ancient Sanskrit Language in India. Tamil language is pretty much popular among the people of South India. People from neighboring states of Tamil Nadu like Kerala and Karnataka also knows how to speak Tamil language.There is no wonder that users are always pretty much excited to watch Tamil movies or dubbed Tamil language movies of both Bollywood and Hollywood. There are so many websites that servers all this stuff to the users exclusively for free.

Tamil language is pretty much easier to learn in comparison to other South Indian languages like Malayalam, Kannad or Odia, etc. People from both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka loves to speak with each other in the Tamil language despite the fact that both are having their separate National language. Because the Tamil language is considered as the mother of all languages, that’s why there is no doubt that Tamil is a worldwide popular language. The history also suggests that Tamil was one of the highly-rated languages spoken by all the people of India as well as Sri Lanka. However, according to some people who are related to ancient times history, Tamil was the first-ever Classical language, which is an incredible fact in itself.

TamilGun website was providing a great Tamil movies stuff to the users.

Tips: YouTube allows you to rate and comment videos as well as involve in discussions.But YouTube doesn’t allow you download videos but you can still do it, for example, by using Gihosoft TubeGet.

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You may think that the TamilGun website is difficult to replace, but we have analyzed the features of more than 100 possible websites, so we can list these TamilGun alternative websites above. You can consider these similar sites to TamilGun and share your choice in the comments section below. In addition, if you know any other website which also offers Tamil dubbed language movies to users, please share them with us.

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