Enjoy Animoji On Any iPhone

Gone are the days when we just used to send fun emotions to our friends. The latest technology has developed to make that old school and bring in the new Animoji which as the name suggests is an animated emoji. It is very life-like and can be controlled by us.

“Animoji” is one among the foremost talked concerning options of iPhone X and therefore the 2018 iPhones. And considering however exciting the animated-emoji is, it deserves to possess heaps of accolades. I’m positive several iPhone, and even mechanical man users would be willing to maintain a go at this wonderful feature. Luckily, there’s some way to induce Animojis not directly on Associate in Nursingy iPhones however additionally on an mechanical man device.

Enjoy Animoji On Any iPhone

Meet Associate in Nursing app known as “SUPERMOJI” that may allow you to use Animojis on any iPhone. To be a lot of precise, you’ll get Animojis on your iPhone 5s, 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s and, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/7 and, iPhone 8/8 and. Another notable factor concerning this app is that it additionally works with the iPad.

It mirrors our facial features, and you can send them to your friends with voice messages and make your chat way more fun. There are many e characters you can choose from like the bear or the dragon. This emoji was found with the technology developed when the ios12 was available, which means that it is supported by the iPhone x-series, which has the iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS. The iPhone-x series users also enjoyed the memoji. It is powered by Apple’s TrueDepth sensors, but if you have an older version of the iPhone and feel like missing out on all the fun, then there is good news for you. New apps are being developed that would make it possible to have results that very much resemble animoji to be used from any iPhone. Some apps are also being developed so that Android users can also join in on the fun.

What you need is an iPhone or Android phone with a front-facing camera tube to use the new apps that are being developed to mimic the animoji feature.Nevertheless, depending upon how much the app developers have put in hard work, we cannot expect that these apps would be very close to the actual animojis. It will all depend upon how much the app developers have tried to imitate the real animojis and also show the type of device you are using. Keep in mind that the animated emoticons that you are producing is not an actual animoji and can never be absolutely a carbon copy of the real deal.

Some of the apps that have come very close to actually imitating the real animojis are-


The app is called MrrMrr, also known as Mirror Mirror is a complete report of the original animojis. Even though it has ripped off of an official app for the iPhone x series it has been granted permission to be an actual downloadable app from the Apple store. Another weird fact about this is, it was also shown as the app of the day, sometime earlier, of the Apple store. It should be noted that this app can also be downloaded on Android phones. You can say that this app closely resembles the features of Snapchat. It has a very good face tracking ability, and the app is free. With this app you can have a lot of fun by layering weird faces, animated animal faces, faces of celebrities, etc. all up to your face. It uses real-time effects to two more of your face into an animated character so that you can send video messages to your friends. When you scroll next to the Masks option in this app, you will find the add emoji option which is where it lacks originality and is a complete rip off Apple’s animoji. Still, it must be mentioned that the choices are quite limited; you will find that the bear and the poop can be found. Realistic emoticons of lion and koala faces can also be fun to use. These are found in the masks section. You will find the emojis appearing on the app draw in messages, just like it does for animojis. Since older force does not have apples to depth feature, facial recognition won’t be as accurate as it does for the iPhone x-series; nonetheless, it will be a fun app for you.


Msqrd is a school play on the word masquerade. It is a real-time face altering app. It is not as cartoon-like as animojis, but it should be taken into account that it is just like the MrrMrr in its face-tracking abilities. The app is free to use and can be used for both iOS Apple phones as well as phones powered by Android. You can find the app on the Apple store as well as the play store, making it very easy to download the app. There is just one catch that is if you want to download the app on your Apple phone you need to update your phone to iOS version 8.4 or above and in Android phone, your phone must be updated to Android version 4.3 or above it. When you open the app, it will ask for your camera access, which you should grant to be able to use the app. In the catalog section, you will find an animal section which will have animals like Panda, orangutan, and even a tiger. Line your face with the white outline on the screen so that your face can be correctly recognized. There are plenty of options for you to choose from other than animals. Take video recordings of up to 30 seconds and send them to your friends to exchange funny videos.

Emoji Me Face Maker

This fun app can be downloaded free of cost from the app store. It is a little different from the animoji’s structure is it lets you create your emoticons. It does not have the same sophistication of using face tracking abilities like the previous two applications, but it is equally fun to use. It resembles Samsung’s AR emojis and Apple’s memoji technology. You will see that customization of your emoticons is almost limitless. You can send the end product as a sticker or a GIF file. Open the app drawer in the messages to access the custom emojis that you create.

You can get all these apps for free and have a fun time. It does not matter that you do not have the latest iPhone, you can still enjoy animoji on your phone even if you are using an Android device. There are many other options available, choose the one which suits your needs the most and appeals to you. Each of these apps is made, and updates are available by the developers who are continuously taking the help of the latest technology to come up with modes of estimated face-tracking abilities by their apps.

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