11 Best iOS Cleaner Apps to Clear Junk on iPhone/iPad in 2019

Similarly, as it occurs with a PC, your iPhone, with time going by, additionally gathers a large number of unnecessary files named as cache or rubbish. This happens in light of the fact that the use of iPhone and iPad are increasingly intense, and people are busy downloading a lot of applications which basically leads to a lot of temp files. Thus, the device will store many unwanted, unusual and useless information, caches, and cookies which can’t be seen on the screen but they do exist and slow down the phone by consuming RAM and storage space as well. Taking out these cookies and temp documents to create or free up more space in your iPhone will definitely speed up your phone so that you can enjoy surfing the web and playing video games.

Best iOS Cleaner Apps to Clear Junk on iPhone

That’s why there are some sort of PC applications dedicated to free up the space occupied in your iPhone. Here are the 4 best iOS memory cleaners for Windows and Mac that will assist you to clean your iPhone so to get free space rapidly.

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Top 11 iPhone and iPad Cleaner Apps for PC and Mac 2019

1. iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner by IObit

iPhone needs something other than an ordinary manual cleanup. You may find that your iPhone keeps slowing down in terms of performance after some time if you haven’t cleaned it up for a while.To make sure that it doesn’t happen again and again you need to use some cleaning software to frees up the storage space. iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner is one such incredible application made for iOS. This iOS memory cleaner will scan your iPhone and evacuates useless data very fast.

iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner by IObit is top iPhone and iPad Cleaner Apps for PC and Mac.

Official Download: iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner

Key Features:

2. CleanMyPhone (Now: iPhone Cleaner)

In spite of the fact that somebody may state that no iOS iPhone cleaner can undoubtedly clear all garbage inside iPhone, still this application has picked up a decent reputation for its straightforward interface and capacity to clear out temp files and useless data, consequently making more space in your iPhone.

CleanMyPhone is top iPhone and iPad Cleaner Apps for PC and Mac.

Official Download: CleanMyPhone

Key Features:

3. PhoneClean

This is a short, simple and reliable iOS cleaner for iPhone that enables you to remove trash on your iPhone effortlessly. All the temporary files and useless garbage documents like cache and cookies can be cleared in simple tap. This application also work in real-time scan and clean up all the junk files and duplicate files at once.

PhoneClean is top iPhone and iPad Cleaner Apps for PC and Mac.

Official Download: PhoneClean

Key Features:

4. TenorShare iCareFone

This iOS cleaner application consistently enables you to clean temp, advertisements, caches in iPhone or iPad programs to free up the storage space occupied by unwanted and duplicate files. In addition, it also enables you to transfer music, photographs, recordings and so forth. The best component about this product is that it enables you to block advertisements inside your iOS software with only a-click setting. It is accessible in both Windows and Mac.

TenorShare iCareFone is top iPhone and iPad Cleaner Apps for PC and Mac.

Official Download: iCareFone

Key Features:

5.Phone Cleaner app by saarbaruch

Phone Cleaner by saarbaruch is designed to free up storage space on iPhone and iPad devices. The Phone Cleaner enables you to free up huge chunks of storage space on your device. The app also optimizes the storage space by organizing your media files, including the removal of unwanted junk files. You can easily sort files by size with the help of the Phone Cleaner app. You can view the largest file(s) at the top of the list with detailed parameters about the file size. You will be able to decide the files that need to be kept or removed from the device. It is possible to search files with advanced filters, including the ability to search for media by type, size, creation date, modification date, and other parameters. You can find duplicates and similar images inside the gallery. You can remove files that are identical to each other, and this will free up extra space. The integration of Extra mode enables you to keep the browser ad-free. Moreover, the mode also performs the cleaning of ads from the browser. You need to a valid subscription to work with the Phone Cleaner for iPhone and iPad. You can test drive the app for 7 days, and after that, you need to pay $2.99 per month with the ability to cancel anytime. If you had subscribed to a free trial, the package would be charged unless if you haven’t canceled 24 hours before the end of the trial period. The latest version includes contact cleaning module and addition of the cleaning reminders.

Phone Cleaner by saarbaruch is designed to free up storage space on iPhone and iPad devices.


The Slidebox is the number one photo album organizer using which your trips, events, and ideas are captured on your iOS-enabled device as images and screenshots. With Slidebox, you can manage images with simple gestures. You can delete unwanted photos with a swipe of a finger. It is possible to sort photos into albums with a single tap. You can easily compare photos, including the ability to mark special photos as favorites. The main highlight of the Slidebox is that it interacts directly with your photos app. Hence, any changes you make on the app are automatically reflected on your iPhone and iCloud. The latest version includes support for undoing last action and GIF. You can also print to Walgreens and is available only in select cities in the US.

The Slidebox is the number one photo album organizer

7. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

The Remo Duplicate Photos Remover enables you to get rid of duplicate photos from your phone easily. You can search and delete pictures in iPhoto library easily. You will be able to save a considerable amount of storage space on your iPhone by removing identical and duplicate photos. It is possible to mark and unmark duplicate images in all the image groups. The Remo Duplicate Photos Remover automatically keeps one copy safe in each group with the capability to preview images before deletion. You can fetch image details such as date, resolution, and size. The Remo remover is designed using a simple and user-friendly interface coupled with an accurate scanning algorithm. You need to drag the option to start scanning for duplicates, and this will enable you to recover an enormous amount of free space. The latest version includes bug fixes and enhancements.

8.Gemini Photos

The Gemini Photos app is designed to clean up your camera roll. You can retain those photos that you require and clear those photos that you don’t have. You can select not so good photos, including blurred photos, screenshots, photos of text and others. You can view all the other photos that are grouped by months. You can swipe up if you want to keep a photo and swipe down if you don’t want it. It is possible to delete all unwanted pictures in a tap. You can flip through selected photos and select some other photo if you don’t like the automated suggestions produced by the app. You can tap Delete option to remove selected photos including the ability to recover the photos deleted accidentally. By default, the iOS doesn’t provide a facility to delete the whole photo library in one go. However, with the help of Gemini Photos, you can instantly remove all your photos in a single tap. While the monthly subscription is priced at $2.99 per month, the annual subscription costs $11.99 per year. You need to pay $34.99 for lifetime license. The paid subscription packages provide unlimited access to remove similar photos.

9.Smart Cleaner

The Smart Cleaner app automatically deletes phone photos and contacts. The app enables you to remove duplicate contacts, screenshots, pictures, and Live Photos on your iPhone. The Smart Cleaning module helps you to clean your device in just one single tap. With Smart Cleaner, you can remove all unwanted files in one single go with the ability to search and remove screenshots. You can search and remove similar photos, Live Photos, similar burst photos, and large videos. It is possible to organize photos by places and remove all photos captured in one single location. The photos can be browsed in a handy list with the capability to hide your photos and videos in the discreet secret album. You can search and remove duplicate contacts and can also merge and backup contacts. The Smart Cleaner app enables you to fast delete contacts but doesn’t clean up device memory. The payment will be charged to iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. The user can manage the subscriptions. You can deactivate auto-renewal by navigating to the Account Settings option after purchase. You need to pay $7.99 for a one-week subscription and $24.99 for the 12-month subscription. The lifetime subscription is available for $39.99. The latest version of the Smart Cleaner provides support for the secret album folder, which enables you to hide photos and videos in the safe place. Moreover, the latest version also includes several bug fixes and performance tweaks.

The Smart Cleaner app automatically deletes phone photos and contacts.

10.Clean Doctor

The Clean Doctor app is one of the best cleaner app using which you can manage your iPhone or iPad. You will be able to save internal storage, clear duplicate photos including clearing of large size videos. The Photo Cleaner module enables you to search for duplicate photos in the photo library or camera roll. It is possible to delete photos included with the camera roll directly. You can search for large photos and delete the relevant media directly without navigating to the camera roll. This will save considerable storage space. The management of internal storage is necessary for iOS-enabled devices because you can’t extend the storage using a microSD card. Hence, you should keep the internal storage within limits. You can search for all photos in the Photo library including sorting of various kinds of photos. With Clean Doctor, you can clean up unwanted photos in addition to screenshots captured using the phone, continuous shooting, edited photos, live photo, panoramas, and HDR. You can search for duplicate videos irrespective of the size of the video. You can also directly delete the selected photos and videos, including the ability to search for big size videos. The Clean Doctor enables you to search for duplicate contacts, phone numbers, and emails. You can also scan contacts without a name and phone number. The app removes duplicate contact information. The Clean Doctor app delete expired calendar events, including the ability to scan the contents of the Calendar app. You can delete expired calendar events directly with one click. With the help of the app, you can scan the integrated Reminder app content and listing expired reminders that can be deleted with a single click. The clipboard content can be cleared, including text and images. The app includes privacy protection options where you can mask in such a way that your private photos are not visible to others. You can easily restore camouflage photos to display as original photos. The app displays system information accurately. The latest version includes bug fixes and improvements.

The Clean Doctor app is one of the best cleaner app using which you can manage your iPhone or iPad.

11.Quick Heal Optimizer

The Quick Heal Optimizer enables your iOS-enabled device to work effectively by optimizing speed and performance. The app displays the health of your device with a wide range of colors such as Green, Orange, Brown, and Red. While the memory cleaner will eliminate unused memory in the background by various apps, the cache cleaner cleans temporary files accumulated by apps installed on the device. You can also backup and restore contacts from the Quick Heal Cloud server for the relevant device.

The Quick Heal Optimizer enables your iOS-enabled device to work effectively by optimizing speed and performance.

Bonus Tips: If you accidentally deleted some important data like messages or notes, you can always use Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to get back the deleted data from iOS devices even without backup.

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For devices like computer, iPhone or iPad, the truckload of copy photographs, unnecessary videos and pointless documents are one of the main reason why the devices are slowing down day by day after using for a while. What these brilliant iOS iPhone cleaners do is that they will give you a better chance to find the needless files and delete them easily from your iPhone or iPad. In this manner, there would be no lagging or any unnecessary type of battery draining issues in your iPhone. In addition, cleaning your iPhone junk regularly can gain some precious storage back for you.

Of course, the best way to clean out your iPhone is by uninstalling the app or resetting your device. But this is not so recommended as you may lose some important data. These applications will hand you a better alternative and work adequately in giving you a chance to keep your iPhone garbage free. If you have any question or suggestion, welcome to leave comments below.

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