Best free iPhone games of 2019

Now, if you are fond of classic games and looking for free games on your iPhone, then you must go through the list given below. All the games mentioned below are available on App Store and free to download and play.

You can find games of different genres in this list. We have added games from different categories to fulfill demands of all types of game lovers.

1. The Battle of Polytopia

If you are interested in games of war and battle, then The Battle of Polytopia will be the best suited for you. The game will begin with a battleground where you will get a warrior unit whom you can use to win the battle. You can give commands to them to win the fight and explore the game.

The game is full of excitement and surprises. You will get 30 turns which you can use to ally with or attack the empires and grow your civilization. Modern technologies and new options are also equipped with the game. It depicts the battlefield fun in a small town with a unit of crew members.

The game is all about survival and strategies. It checks the person’s capability to survive using the techniques and strategies of unlimited resources. You will get many situations while playing, which includes a dilemma between the selection of wildlife resources or technology. You will also get a chance to win over the miniature kingdoms and rival cities. The game deals with the decision making and smartness of the player. You will enjoy playing this game as there is no repetition of the same steps and frequent pop-ups.

You will find this game best among all the Civ games available for iPhone or other iOS devices. It runs on 4X gaming that includes eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. You can set up its mode to ‘domination’ mode to add up more thrill to it. All the excitement, tools, and resources provided on this game is full of fun and entertaining. All these qualities make it one of the best free games available for the iPhone. You can enjoy playing this game without going for any in-app purchases as well. It is a simple and easy-to-play game with quick action buttons and tabs.

Features of The Battle of Polytopia:

2. Pigeon Wings Strike

As the name suggests, this game is powered with fights and strikes. You will get a game where evil minions have captured the city, which can only be saved by the pigeons. The interface will appear very first to you as the attacks are made through the zig-zag paths along with the buildings, subways, and tunnels. The pigeons on biplanes strike the minions to protect the city. The game is full of drones and explosions.

You will get fascinating things while playing in this game like a pigeon beak. It is an endless game where you will get full of enjoyment while playing. You can speed up your plane by killing more and more minions. Also, the altitude and screen can be easily adjusted by tilting and holding the phone in the required direction. There are many situations like boosting up the other pigeons and unleash laser death in the case of adversaries opens up another package of excitement.

It is a fantastic game to play when you are bored and want to go for any game without putting much effort into it. It is a good source of refreshment and helps to boost up the mind. The tilt control is the versatile feature of this game, which makes it known as Pigeon Wings. However, the game has a one-note touch, which can hinder the fun of playing some time. But, as there are many things awaited after pigeon in this game, people hardly say no to this game. With frogs, skunk, and rabbit, this game delights its players and give a free packet of fun and enjoyment.

The graphics of this game are colorful and well-animated, which is a primary source of attraction. The interface captivates the players and makes them play more and more. You will enjoy playing this game even with the ads as they are not much disturbing and interrupting.

Features of Pigeon Wings Strike:

3. Disc Drivin’ 2

Are you a racing game lover? If yes, then what are you waiting for. Disc Drivin’ 2 comes up with a turn-based racing game packed up with excitement and thrill. It is an engaging game that addicts the player and makes him play again and again.

In this game, you will get an online opponent whom you can beat by selecting the track and throwing the discs on to him. You can boost up the speed by hitting the speed-up pads and avoiding the abyss. You can switch to speedrun mode to enjoy playing without any limitations. This mode will help you to get trained on taking turns, and memory jumps while playing.

You will get mastered in this game by enhancing your speed and working on your reflexes. This game can help you to teach a right balance on your mind as well. The more you earn coins, you can use it to get power in this game. You can also unlock the next level by collecting the coins. Apart from playing, IAP is another way of making coins. You can buy 100 coins for £1.99 to 3,600 coins for £38.99. Owing to its versatile features and enjoyable gameplay, it is one of the best freebies games available for iOS devices.

Apart from normal gameplay and IAP, you can earn coins by going for daily challenges. The game will never let you get bored. It is the most straightforward game you will play under this genre. Apart from general convention about the racing games, you will find this game very entertaining and can play on any iPhone or iPad irrespective of the version. You will get as much you will put into this game. It is one of the basic and important specifications of this game. Enjoy playing this game for free by downloading directly from the App Store.

Features of Disc Drivin’ 2:

4. Data Wing

As you will get started with this game, you will find this game, not at all childish. With the severe and dark interface, this game is well-designed for fun and enjoyment. The game is fully packed up with thrill and excitement and can drive to the track of battle aligned with a spaceship and classic arcade blaster Asteroids.

In this gameplay, you will be provided the control of a triangular ship that you need to use to destroy the asteroids. You will face flings and irrational speeds, which will boost up your enthusiasm to play this game. It consists of much more than a basic racer game. The game is powered with time trials under which you have to complete the goal and hit the checkpoint. If you fail to do so before the clock runs out, you will lose the game. You Can gain battle gravity and enjoy playing with a royal touch. The game is full of adventures and ups and downs. Unlike other games, it does not frustrate with annoying and permanent challenges. With many trials and levels, it has been listed under the top free games for iPhone and iPad.

There are many ways to escape and deal with critical situations in this game, which include a distant and high-up exit. Apart from all these, you will get a narrative interface where you can easily track all your points and level. This game is fully featured with Artifical Intelligence. This makes the game not only exciting but different from other games. This game is also the heart of the classic iOS games to be played. You can enjoy playing this game without any interruption with a hassle-free interface. It is an entirely free game without any in-app purchases. All these features make this game exclusive for iOS users. Moreover, it gives a feeling of PC games on smartphones owing to the crisp and high-quality graphics.

Features of Data Wing:

5. Knight Brawl

Here comes another battle game, i.e., Knight Brawl. It is a game similar to a popular game of Knights, ” Mini Militia.” If you want to play in a group and want your squad to play together for fun, then you must try out Knight Brawl.

In this gameplay, you will be given the role of a knight, and you have to defeat the opponent using the sword and spikes. It is a wonderful game full of fun and adventure. You have to kill the other soldiers using the stick and sword. You will also get some equipment to save your life. It will add up much excitement to your life with situations and decision-making cases. It is not all about how you manage your player but also the way you tackle the opposition.

The gameplay is derived from the idea of gladiator battles, and that’s what makes it an amazing free game available for iOS users. You may feel irritated while playing because of the ads and pop-ups. You can avoid seeing the ads by going for the in-app purchases. You can easily win the game using the skills and ways to point out and strike the weapon. It can help you to earn points quickly and readily.

You will also get missions and scraps apart from general battle goals. It will render you an old and classic feeling of gaming owing to its traditional colored graphics. You can’t miss playing this game on your iOS device as it is full of fun and enticement. Get the beautiful feeling of gaming on the smooth processor of the iPhone or iPad by playing Knight Brawl. You can speed up your techniques used for weapons and to walk towards the opponents by earning more points and defeating the opposition.

The bad ads and malware can be removed from the interface of the gameplay by purchasing £1.99. You can also play easily with the ads as it does not appear much during the gameplay.

Features of Knight Brawl:

6. Shadowgun Legends

Do you want to play a free mobile game on your Android and iOS devices? Go ahead and play Shadowgun Legends that’s a new first-person shooter game that was discharged within March in 2018. It’s the third sequel to the initial ShadowGun and Shadowgun Deathzone each of that were triumph games. It’s a game wherever killers and murderers square measure treated like pop stars and celebrities, with superb spirited effects and visuals, high accessibility and suppleness.

The compelling and challenging gameplay and pace of the sport can keep you concerned in every one of the tasks in conjunction with the short movement of the competition.

In conjunction with such a lot of and points, there also are some negatives like the story is incredibly loose that causes you to forget and recapture it everywhere once more.


Released by Mediocre AB, PinOut is the latest pinball game out in the market that is available for all Android and iOS users today. This exciting game has only one aim that is to let the ball propel as far as possible until the time runs out. There are many varieties of pinball games for many years now, all of which have tested and played the fields of animations and other radical elements. The PinOut is one such game that has challenged to redo the entire game in the form of an endless runner. As said before, there is only a single goal which is to let the ball move through the giant table present in the game as far as possible till the time runs out. It has some visual effects and also the use of spirited noble gas colors to focus on the sphere is visually appealing to everyone enjoying the sport for whichever length of your time.

8.Asphalt 9: Legends

The latest games of the series of Asphalt universe of video games is the Asphalt 9 Legends. Released in July 2018 by Gameloft, Asphalt 9 Legends is the most recent of the lot and naturally has many new and improved features that you gamers have been waiting for. These new options embrace a more modern line of higher cars, new management systems like a neater and electric sander autopilot mode that is called the ‘Touch Drive’ .

This smart feature of the game lets you enjoy the non-traditional modern ways of driving and racing that give you goosebumps while drifting through the game. There are also new additions of various other race modes. There is also a revamped version of the ‘shockwave nitro’ taken from the Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. The Asphalt 9: Legends also has better graphics and more exceptional transitions from one mode to the other, letting you to over the backdrop of the previous version. The inclusion of such a large amount of options and graphics may worry you concerning the speed of athletics and booting.

9. Super Cat Tales 2

How would you feel when someone stuffed in some classic old-school gaming sessions into your iOS device? Such kind of games has always been a pleasure to play especially when they are fast-paced, easy to understand and represent, and even exciting and thrilling to the core. Super Cat Tales 2 is such a kind of game that brings you to the edge of your seat every time you play. The gaming platform of this game is filled with action and drama, and so many secrets missions and tasks that it builds up your energy and excitement to another level altogether. It even brings in a short backstory to the game before you start playing to allow your attention and interest to kick in. The cats in the game will move about, slightly levitate around the screen, jumping, meowing, leaping and grabbing gold coins that keep appearing on your monitor up for grabs. The cat is all set to jump into the yellow tank when the time comes for some excellent robot killing. You can quickly excel at this challenging and intriguing game just with the use of your two thumbs and let your cat turn into a ninja cat.

10. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Every iPhone user until the date has needed to play a kart athletics game on their phones. This game permits you to whoosh past the huge trucks and various heavyweight vehicles in your comparatively little automotive take athletics positions. You furthermore might get a variety of possibilities to grab power-ups on the tracks and use these to maneuver past your opponents and different obstacles.

RV athletics two comes with fantastic visuals with intriguing color style and pattern. You can also find several weapons and a variety of tracks in the game that can get as crazy as a fire-breathing dragon! Enhance your gaming experience with karts with Beach Buddy racing 2.

11. Slydris

Every fanatic of the sport of Tetris has invariably followed au fait games that are almost like it and if you’re one amongst them. Slydris takes the essential gameplay of Tetris and has managed to make a vice world associated with it. Like Tetris, in Slydris too, some blocks make up your screen. The sole upgrade here is that each section of the sport here is turn-based. During this game, you’ll be able to amendment the direction or position of the block that has already born to position.

The challenge here is to tactically manage your brain’s approach of looking at and predicting what’s going to happen and slowly build up a series of steps.

This visually appealing game of Slydris can assist you to overcome the troublesome puzzles and methods higher than ever before!

12. Look, Your Loot!

Look Your Loot is one in each of the foremost effective alternatives academic degree iPhone user has for educational degree arcade, and action game. The mouse in the game is armed with spear and shield like a soldier going on war, which probably has the cutest whiskers that have the power of disarming opponents and viewers as well. The game in ‘Look your Loot!’ takes place on a grid where most of the slots are filled with challenging and dangerous obstacles and opponents. The mouse within the game aims to maneuver around, sneak into gold, shield the one that you just have already got defensive and sinning yourself against threats and warnings.

The task among the sport could also be consummated victimization the numerous power-ups you get and keep alive throughout the full game by defensive.

13. Threes! Free

A puzzle game you have always wanted on your iPhone and Threes! Free is just that. With simple techniques and methods, Threes has been able to captivate your interests and attention. The basic idea of the game is to match numbers that involve the super simple task of merging your cards within the board present in the game usually of the size four by four. For example, when you slide a blue-colored car one into a red-colored 2, they combine to form a single card 3. The trick here to understand is that every move you take in the game moves a non-blocked tile presently on the board. If you are highly professional or only just lucky, you can manage to merge more than two cards at the same time. As you continue playing, you will find yourself indulged in the ever-growing score you have that gets boosted with every higher-numbered card you reach. Get thrilled playing Threes for free today!

14. Power Hover: Cruise

Power Hover: Cruise is an extension of the original Power Hover with enhanced challenges and powers techniques than the original. Power Hover: Cruise has full-fledged stages of these challenging tasks that keep you involved in the game like never before. With this new and improved version of the original game, you can now hover randomly in and above underground tunnels and caves that are filled with dangerous obstacles. You can also choose to fly through the clear skies and hang around the virtual world that has hidden barriers or just simply perform loops over and above the clouds. Participating in Power Hover Cruise is so satisfying not alone thanks to the freedom you get to play it on your phones.

15. Total Party Kill

Developed and published by Adventure Islands, Total Party Kill is one of the craziest games to have ever come into the gaming world. This game, unlike others in the list above has a dark, unsettling platform puzzle that makes you think out of the box to solve at every stage and level. The only aim of the game is to avoid and dodge the chances of entering single-screen dungeons. Do your level best to stay away from such dungeons that are full of spikes everywhere. There are three heroes in the gameplay- a knight, a ranger, and a mage. Your challenge is to complete your work just with the help of these characters and nobody else. For example, you will have to use the mage to freeze a friend into a solid, which helps you in creating a stage. At other times, you will need the night to lead a group with a massive sword, propelling him across the screen to thump a switch. The ranger only has a bow and arrow and can pin your opponents to any wall. Play this exciting and enthralling game today to let your skills loose into the virtual world of gaming.

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