Top 3 Best Fake File Generators for You to Easily Create Fake Files in 2019

Maybe you have been wondering a better way to protect your files than the file encryption protection with password which is annoying sometimes especially when you forget the important password. Then have you ever heard of fake file generator? It’s a kind of software which can create fake files according to your needs in order to protect the original files by confusing others who may post a threat to these files.

With a fake file creator, you can customize the format, size, and name of the fake file you want to create later. When you use an online fake document generator, after the generation process, you can then download this generated fake file to your computer to take effect. In this text, we will kindly show you a list of the best 3 fake file generators used as computer programs or online tools.

Option 1. Gihosoft File Encryption

The first time you see Gihosoft File Encryption, you may be appealed by its neat and clean graphical user interface. This program works as a fake file generator with one of the functions called File Masquerade, and besides this function it also provides you with the features to lock folder/file and create virtual disk to protect files. In terms of the File Masquerade function, it mainly combines the original file and the target file into one file, which we can call fake file. And this new fake file looks exactly the same as the target file you use before.

In case you may wonder what the original file and target file are, here we will explain them briefly: The original file is a file that needs to be protected by masquerading. The target file has an appearance as which you want to disguise the original file. Then, you should know how to create a fake file with this fake file creator.

  1. There is a password applied to the whole software, so you can access its functions after you enter the master password.
  2. On the homepage, find the third function called File Masquerade which is listed on the left. Click on it and you will go under the File Masquerade function.
  3. Now click on the Select Files option at the top of this page, and then there will show up a small window. In this window, you should firstly click the Select Original File to add the original file, and then click the Select Target File to add the target file. The best part of this fake document maker is that it can support any format of the original file, and then it will disguise the important original file as a normal image, video or audio.
  4. After that, click the Disguise button to create the fake file whose name and appearance are the same as those of the target file you use. Then the created fake file will be displayed with its path and name on the right side of the interface.
  5. After you finish, the original file has disappeared from its location. So, if you need to restore it, just select the file from the program interface and then click the Disguise off option to make the original file split off from the fake file.

Option 2. Create Dummy File

Create Dummy File is a free fake document maker mainly for Windows users. With a pretty simple and intuitive graphical user interface, you can easily create multiple dummy files just in a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, the most appealing part is that it enables you to create fake files of variable sizes at once. With its function area marked yellow, users can quickly find the exact option according to their needs. This program makes the created fake files clearly listed item by item with the relevant file size, file size unit, and file attributes on this page. Now, you can have a look at the operation steps of this fake document generator.

  1. First, you should enter your desired file size, specify its unit (bytes, KB, MB, GB), select file attributes (Hidden, Archive, Read-only, System), enter fill character, and then browse for the save path you prefer and give a file name with an extension.
  2. Now, you can click the Add File To List button to add one file or multiple files here, just depending on your particular needs. After adding the file to the list of fake files to be created, you need to check the corresponding virtual file and click the Create File or Create File(s) button according to your previous operation. All fake files will be created at the specified location of the specified size.

Option 3. Online Random File Generator

Unlike those two fake file generator programs having been introduced to you, Online Random File Generator is an online tool helping you do this job, and you can also get this point from its name. On this website, you can create multiple fake files at once. The best thing about this online fake file generator is that it allows you to generate both small files and large files. That is, you can create a fake file in bytes, KB, MB, or GB. You can even set the file name pattern for the generated multiple files and set the same number of characters. The generated file does not have any extensions, so you must manually add an extension to the file. Let’s see how to make a fake file and download it from this website.

  1. First, you should decide the number of fake files you want to create. Then you need to set the file size. First select the file size unit from the byte, KB, MB or GB and then manually enter the size.
  2. On the right side of the site, you can choose a file naming option. The preferred option is the random file name, which is to set the file name as a number, or you can choose other file naming options based on your specific needs. For random file names, you can set the number of characters for the file name; in other file naming options, you can enter a file name template based on your selection.
  3. When you are done, click the Generate button and the created fake file will be displayed on the website. You just need to click on the file to download it to your computer.


After having a look at those practical free fake file generators, you can make a rough comparison and decide which one to use. Don’t forget to share those best 3 fake file creators with your friends and families! Besides, if you have any questions, you can leave your messages in the comment section below!

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