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Top 10 Flashlight Apps for Android Phones 2019

If your mobile phone doesn't have any inbuilt flashlight app or want to replace the existing app with no extra permissions app, then go through this list of the best flashlight apps for Android. You will find a perfect and ideal flashlight app for you from this list.

8 Best Instagram Story Template Apps for Android – Create Beautiful Stories

Create eye-catching Instagram story templates to get more followers and likes on Instagram with our 8 best free Instagram story template apps in 2019.

How to Call Private on Android – 4 Trusted Methods

Nothing is more fun than fooling your friends, learning how to call private or how to make a private call on Android to hide your caller ID without root.

5 Best Android Data Eraser Software – Permanently Deleted Phone Data

Want to permanently deleted data from your Android phone? Here are 5 best Android data eraser software can wipe your phone data completely!

How to Play Android Games and Run Android Apps on PC or Mac

The best way to play Android games or run Android apps on your PC and Mac is to install a virtual Android system or download an Android emulator for PC and Mac.

10 Best Reverse Image Search Engines and Apps for Android in 2019

Here are 10 best reverse image search engines and apps that make it easy to search by image on your Android phone to quickly find similar or desired images.

10 Best Torrent Apps and Downloaders for Android in 2019 – No Speed Limits

Here are 10 best torrent apps for Android, with no download speeds and download size limits, including μTorrent®, BitTorrent®, Flud, FrostWire, aTorrent, etc.

How to Record Phone Calls and Conversations on Android for Free

Learn how to record phone calls on Android and save important phone conversations with high quality using our five best call recorder Apps in 2019.

How to Completely Disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8

Are you tired of Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby? Here is how to completely disable Bixby button, voice, and home on your Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, etc.

Everything About Android Q 10 – Release Date, Name, and Features

Android Q is coming soon! Here, we will discuss everything about Android Q 10, the latest Android version, including its release date, name, and features.