How to Convert Image to Video (Online/Mobile/PC)

Image to Video: Ways to Make a Video with Photos and Music

Smartphone has become one of the most important components of our daily life, especially when the cameras of most flagship handsets are keeping pace with digital cameras in some aspects. No matter professional shootings or daily captures, these mobile photographs are our precious memories. What can we do to make the most of them? Converting image to video is absolutely an awesome idea.

Why to Make a Video with Photos and Music

Images are basically still photographing where you won’t be able to see any physical or visual movements at all. Whereas in case of videos, the overall principle is almost same but videos consist of multiple still images. To be precise, 24 or more images or frames should be there with very little movement of subject to make one single second of a video with motion.

Why to converting images to a video? You may agree to some of following reasons.

Which Features You Can Expect from an Image to Video Maker

The needs for picture to video conversion is obviously huge, that’s why there are so many options on all platforms. You can easily find image to video makers for your Android or iOS device, Windows or Mac computer, and even online tools.

However, as we have known, there are too many options to choose the best one for each person. Here we are going to help you decide.

Which factors to expect for the best image to video maker for you?

Of course, not all of the factors matter to you, but may help you find out which tool to choose, after going through following analysis of the pros and cons of different image to video makers.

Option 1. Convert Image to Video Online

There are thousands of video maker online sites available over the internet. Some of the most heard names in the category are Kizoa movie maker, Adobe Spark, Pholody, etc. which can easily make videos with your images. There are hundreds of templates and presets available on the sites, though not all of them are free.

Convert Image to Video Online

You just need upload all the desired images on the site, sequentially arrange them as you want, select the template and choose your music then click the confirm or export to finalize the video.


  1. Enjoy fast operation on PC without installing software.
  2. Share composed videos to social channels with one click.
  3. Reach people of same interest in the community online.
  4. Save completed or unfinished works to computer or cloud account easily.


  1. Have to import photos from mobile phone or camera to computer, then reverse.
  2. Must have internet access, and log in account sometimes.
  3. Potential risk of privacy leaking.

It is worth mentioning that some image to video online makers also provide their mobile version tools, like Kizoa movie maker and Adobe Spark.

Option 2. Convert Image to Video on Mobile Phone

Despite of the shortest development history, smartphone has become the biggest battle field of image to video converting. Apple users definitely have a head start here because of the Apple iMovies app on which they can create movies using photos and even put a background music. While Android apps like Viva video maker might not be able to give the same flexible editing options or the performance but it can make your photos turn into video as well.

Convert Image to Video on Mobile Phone


  1. The popularity of mobile photography is the biggest advantage.
  2. More (free or paid) choices and quicker update of features and fashion elements.
  3. Even better experience in social sharing.
  4. No need to import and export from/to other storage devices.


  1. The availability of advanced functions is just modest.
  2. Only suits for mobile photographs.
  3. Accumulated videos (including unfinished) will still slow down phone performance.

Option 3. Convert Image to Video on Computer

But for the popularity of smartphone, computer is the best platform for image to video convert. Actually, on computer, you don’t have to install extra tools for picture to video convert, but only using PowerPoint and necessary editing utilities. Surely, professional tools will produce better works.

After decades of development and competition, survived tools in this industry usually are capable of giving excellent experience and specific solutions. However, most PC video editing tools also integrate other functions, hence far more advanced for image to video purpose. You may need to subscribe for annual/monthly fee or fixed price. A classic example is Camtasia. There are also free tools on Microsoft Store, like Photo Video Maker with Music, but usually have ads with bad experience.


  1. Best control and watching experience for all kinds of images.
  2. Less worries about storage limit and privacy leaking.


  1. Comparatively less and slower update.
  2. Rich functions can also be a disadvantage due to high cost of learning.
  3. Usually only free for trial version or restricted version

Image to video converting can be as easy as a slideshow, but can also be as advanced as a movie. Therefore, you can choose the best image to video maker for yourself under the guide above.

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