Top 8 Sites to Receive SMS Online for Free via Temporary Phone Numbers

Imagine putting your email addresses on websites every time you want to sign up for some participation in a forum discussion. Then, you find your email flooded with messages from that site. Cringe-worthy, isn’t it? You wouldn’t want to lose your privacy.

Did you know that you can receive SMS online with temporary phone numbers?

You can get your own disposable phone number to bypass SMS verification, and you don’t have to spend a penny on it. You can log in to one of the websites that help you receive SMS online for free. Intricate yet simple, these free online phone number generator sites offer a different edge to communicate and network.

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You don’t have to give your personal details while signing up for different services anymore. Access a number of web services that you like, negating the irritable flow of spam in the mailbox. No more seeing the many ‘promotional’ emails that honestly are no use.

Why Would You Want to Receive Text Messages Online?

Here is a look at a few reasons it’s a great ideal.

The Top 8 Sites to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free

To protect your privacy, you can receive messages online no registration on your computer rather than using your real phone number.

Some of them may be a VoIP number, a temporary phone number generally used to forward calls and texts to users’ private numbers, concealing the real phone numbers. Others may be real phone numbers that are in use temporarily, which you can use to get SMS for free.

Here are the top 10 free sites where you can receive SMS online without revealing your real phone number.


The site offers the users various free virtual phone numbers for verification, across different countries. You can choose a number according to the geographical location. Plus, while the numbers listed on the site are public, the application has to be discreet.

Although the pros stand unequivocal, the service of free SMS stands undisputed. It’s a simple way to provide credentials to a vague identity, without the unwarranted requirement of going through a clichéd ordeal. This is a good resource site, free to receive text messages online. It has an exponential coverage of over 228 countries with a 24/7 customer support. You can select any number you like to use on the site and lo! You’ll receive your SMS.

Using to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.


Another great site for receiving SMS online without registration, the website offers a list of temporary phone numbers that you can use as you want. Choose from countries like Canada, United Kingdom, and USA. You have a good variety here, but many of the numbers are a landline. Again, the messages you receive here are online, and so can be read by everyone.

Using to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.


One of the more multipurpose sites out there, it helps you to both send and receive messages online. On the flip side, you only have SMS and phone numbers from Estonia here, the host country of Sellaite.

It’s one of the more reliable fake phone number generator sites too, as Sellaite is known to quickly take down phone numbers from the website which are not working. The only disadvantage, a rather unambiguous one, is that it will not work if the SMS gateway cannot send any request to the Estonian base.

Additionally, some of the messages may not get sent to these Estonian numbers, so you do need to keep that in mind too.

Using to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.

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It’s another great phone number generator platform to receive SMS online for free. You can use it to receive those one-time passwords easily. Although a few users have reported that some virtual mobile numbers are null, the site offers a profound experience of convenience.

Using to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.


While it’s one of the better sites to receive SMS free online, do note though that you need to go for registration. Once one gets the phone number, you can pretty much use it for everything
Call to the US or Canada as much as you want, receive SMS or send one, or even stream live TV as you need – this VoIP number is a great choice. Add to it the fact that there are different monthly plans that you can subscribe to too, which start from free to as much as $39.99 a month. You get your own private online number, which makes it a more complete solution than the other ones above.

Using to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.


With a distinguished interface that gives quick access to everything, you can select numbers from both Canada and U.S. The other thing that you will like is that you can choose a fake phone number from major places in the two countries, like Ottawa and Vancouver. You need to sign up to receive a link to your email first, and you can then view the numbers.

Additionally, the temporary phone numbers change each month, ensuring that you can get hold of a new number whenever you need it. The downside is that all the numbers that you receive here are public, which means anyone can see the texts you’re getting.

While you cannot send SMS like some of the other services, the wide variety of numbers to choose from makes it a great choice.

Using to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.

7. The Pinger Textfree Web

Pinger Textfree offers solutions to problems that you have with services like TextNow. Pinger Textfree, anyone can sign up and use the portal without incurring any charges. And did we mention that you get a real US phone number with this one?

On signing up, users are presented with different US phone numbers to choose from and offer unlimited access to an updated list of free virtual phone numbers, weekly. While it’s an excellent app, but often fails to deliver an all-around performance. That being said, you will love the extended features, like free calling and group chatting, which you can do with your online US phone number. You can use emojis as well, to make your chats more interesting.

Using The Pinger Textfree Web to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.


While the platform serves the purpose of receiving messages online for free and inadvertently, remember that all the messages you receive here are public. It makes it great for receiving sign up passwords, but not that good when it comes to chatting.

Receivesmsonline is one of the most sought-after websites on the internet to receive SMS online, offering a concurrent list of disposable phone numbers that you can use anywhere.

You have seven numbers to choose from and can even buy your private numbers. You can choose public numbers from various countries like India, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and more, making it one of the better sites when it comes to choices.

Using to Help You Receive SMS Online for Free.

Final Thoughts

Take a look at these websites, if you are looking to get a fake phone number to receive SMS online. Here are the benefits.

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Giving one’s own contact information to every jay-faced folk is not a very sensible move.

Temporary numbers add an added layer of confidentiality and can act as a free phone number for verification that you want. Have you thought about using one of these services yet?

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