Top 10 Alternative Sites to TamilDbox 2019

Movies and TV shows have become the backbone of the world of entertainment. Millions of people use online video streaming website and torrent sites for movies and TV series every day. However, not all the website providing these content and files are reliable to use. There are many sites which are improper to use taking malicious content and ads. Moreover, downloading from such sites let the intrusion of malware and harmful viruses into the device of the user through the downloaded file. All this put the user in trouble. So, it is very important for the user to use safe and verified website which can provide a secure arena for downloading and streaming movies and TV shows.

Hollywood and Bollywood movies are popular around the globe. So, you will find many safe and popular websites which you can use to download them. However, the websites for downloading regional movies are not much famous. In this article, you will find out the top websites using which you can easily download and watch Tamil movies.

TamilDbox is an amazing site for downloading Tamil and other movies and TV shows and watch them online. It does not ask for any type of registration or signup to let the user access its media and content. It is a perfect site which a user can use for quick access to movies and TV shows.


TamilDbox is a superior platform for getting movies. The site has a clean and interactive interface using which you can easily get your movies and TV series. All the movies and TV shows are categorized under several genres and sort options like popular, latest, featured, etc. You can easily search your movie by its name or year of release using the search bar. Moreover, it also displays the list of movies as per most watched, Halloween movies, top views, recommended, top day, top week and top month movies. TamilDbox renders more than one option to stream movies which make it more reliable and easily accessible to users. It will not redirect you to any phishing website. It provides completely safe content and movies downloading links working on a single tap. The best part of this site is that its interface is hassle-free and you will not get any annoying pop-ups during streaming. You can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies in Tamil dubbed and subbed version for free at TamilDbox.

TamilDbox has all the features that you would like to search in a movie streaming site. You can go for this site with two extensions i.e., and But you might not be able to access this website as it has been blocked in many countries due to the violence of copyrights. When you will open this website, you will receive a message saying, ” The URL has been blocked as per the instructions of the Competent Government Authority/ in compliance to the orders of Court of law”. This creates the need for TamilDbox alternatives which you can use to access the same content.

TamilDbox Mirror Sites

TamilDbox keeps coming up with new extensions which you can use for downloading movies and TV shows as TamilDbox. These sites have different extensions and are just a replica of the original site and are known as mirror sites. You can use TamilDbox mirror sites to safely access its movies and TV series.

Mirror sites are generally created to reduce the traffic on the original site or when the original site is down or blocked by ISP or government by any reason. These sites are safe to use and easy as well. You can use the mirror sites of TamilDbox to get the same content and download links. Below you can find a lost of mirror sites which are the replica of the original TamilDbox.

If you are not capable to use any site of TamilDbox then it means that site is blocked in your region or by your ISP. In that case, try using other links. You will definitely be able to download your favourite movies using them.

If you don’t want to use TamilDbox mirror sites, then you can go for these three sites which are similar to TamilDbox in features.

1. TamilGun

TamilGun is a popular website for online streaming and downloading movies and TV series. This website allows the user to download and watch different countries movies in Tamil dubbed and subbed version without any hassle.

Features of TamilGun:

In this way, TamilGun is a wonderful website where you can find all your movies desire in the Tamil language. It is completely different from other Tamil movie streaming website and renders user very smooth access to the website.

2. Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers is another popular website for watching movies online for free. You can easily find your favourite movies from this site using its well-organized and well-customized website. You can stream and download unlimited movies and TV shows from this website. The website is hassle-free and easy to use. It updates the released movie and episode within one day on the website. You can find here all types of movies you want. However, you may get some pop-ups while playing the movie. But it will not affect your movie experience much. It is a good website to be used for movie streaming in Hindi, English and Tamil language.

Features of Tamilrockers:

Tamilrockers is the best website which you can use to find Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil movies. It will not disappoint you with its services.

3. TamilYogi

TamilYogi is a wonderful website where you can navigate to find your favourite Tamil dubbed movies. It has a huge database of all types of movies including Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed and subbed in Tamil. Its interface is somehow similar to TamilDbox.

Features of TamilYogi:

TamilYogi is also a good website available to you as an alternative to TamilDbox. However, you may find some annoying ads and pop-ups while browsing. However, it renders great service in terms of content.

4. MovieRulzz

Movierulzz website is possibly and undoubtedly the best possible alternative to TamilDbox website which is having a vast collection of Tamil movies for the users. Apart from Tamil movies, the latest Telegu, Malayalam and Kannad movies are also available on Movierulzz website, which is undoubtedly an excellent feature for all. The advanced and powerful search engine algorithm of this website is pretty much optimized, which will help the users to search for their favorite Tamil movie to stream. However, the majority of the Tamil movies available on this website are sorted according to their genres, languages, Year of release, IMDB ratings, etc. Users are just required to create a free account on this website using their Email account ID. HD video streaming quality on this website is also supported. Just click on the Thumbnail of the movie which you want to stream on this website. A separate feature to Download your favorite movies is also available on this website for the users. You can also start streaming a particular movie from where you have left off last time. The huge database of this alternate of TamilDbox website contains Thousands of Hollywood and dubbed Hollywood movies in Tamil and Telegu language.

5. v100v

v100v is another fantastic choice for the users in place of the TamilDbox website. This comprehensive alternate of TamilDbox is having a great collection of popular Tamil movies, which makes it a great alternative to the TamilDbox website. The best and the foremost advantage of streaming Tamil movies on v100v website is its intuitive graphic user interface, which is pretty much appealing for all. Moreover, there are very fewer ads available on this website, which will not become an issue for the users. There is a huge collection of movies available on this website which has been categorized according to various sections. Furthermore, there is a unique feature available on this website, which will allow the users to create a request to admin to upload a particular movie.There are a lot of genres like Comedy,Romance, Thriller, Murder, Family, etc. are available on the v100v website. There is no need to register yourself on this website to start streaming on this website. However, the only downside of this website which we have experienced is the slow loading of this website and movies. Apart from this drawback, the v100v website is having all the premium features.

6. Uyirvani

This website is another very great substitute of TamilDbox website which can provide a great Tamil movie stuff to the users. This website has millions of subscribers who stream all their favorite Tamil movies on this website on a daily basis. The huge database of this website is pretty much appealing for the users in which thousands of dubbed Hollywood and other popular South Indian movies are available. Users can search for their favorite movie on this website either by alphabetical sorting or by manual search using the search box available on the top of the homepage of the Uyirvani website. The ad-free streaming experience on this website is also a pretty much appealing feature for all the Tamil movie lovers. The graphic user-interface of the Uyirvani website is also beautiful with enhanced graphics and sleek layout. The best part of getting subscribed to this alternate of the TamilDbox website is that there will be no need to do the sign-up process on this website. Whereas while streaming movies online on this website, there will be no pop-up ads displayed on this website, which is an impressive feature.

There are a lot of video streaming qualities available on this website that users can set up according to their preferences. However, this drawback can be overcome by requesting for an updated link of that particular movie from the admin.


Yet another very comprehensive choice for the user which can prove to be an ideal substitute of TamilDbox website. This Tamil movie streaming website is a great choice for the users who don’t want to register themselves and want to stream online for free. Moreover, there will be no pop-up ads displayed on this website, which is one of the most appealing features for the users. Anyone can easily stream all the Tamil and Telegu movies on this website exclusively for free. There is a separate section of popular Bollywood movies available on this website in which movies of almost every genre is available for the users. This website offers both downloading and streaming facility to the users, which is an incredible thing about this website. The graphic user-interface of the Isaimini website is also pretty much enhanced and optimized for smoother functioning. And like TamilDbox’ website, the Isaimini website also contains a large number of dubbed Hollywood movies. Mostly, movies of Marvel Comics are available on the Isaimini website in the regional dubbed language of Tamil and Telegu.

And as we already mentioned, any user can easily download his/her favorite movie from this website for offline streaming. There are a lot of different video quality options available for the users which they can select while streaming or downloading any of their favorite movies.

8. HD Movies da

This alternate website of TamilDbox website is another trendy choice among users from all over the world due to the comprehensive collection of popular Tamil and Telegu movies. Straight on the homepage of this website, you will see different thumbnails and icons of the latest added Tamil movies on this website. There are separate sections of Hollywood and Bollywood movies on this website that can be browsed to stream any particular movie for free. The only major drawback of this website is that you need to be careful while clicking on the icons present because the majority of the icons have backlinks in them. Popular genres like Horror, action, Romance, Comedy, etc. are available on this website in which the developers add movies.

Top-rated IMDB movies are also available on this website in Tamil dubbed language. The user-friendly interface of this website is elegant, clean, and smooth in working. HD video streaming quality is also supported by this awesome alternate website of the TamilDbox website, which is pretty much impressive. However, the HD Movies da website has disabled the downloading feature, which is not good at all. Users are always looking to download movies in their devices so that they can stream it offline without any pop-up ads been displayed. Moreover, this website also provides little information about the movie which you want to stream on this website. But overall, this website provides a healthy competition to the TamilDbox website, and hence it can be considered as a decent alternate website of the TamilDbox website.

9. Yify/YTS

Yify is a new-gen and top-rated kind of online streaming website. There is a huge collection of popular Tamil and Telegu movies available on Yify website. There is no need for registering yourself on this website. All you need to do is open the URL of this website and search for your favorite movie to stream it exclusively for free. There are more than 25 different languages that are supported by the Yify website, which is an incredible feature by itself. Moreover, there is a huge collection of Tamil movies available on Yify website, which supports HD video streaming quality. Furthermore, there are no pop-ups and ads available on this website whenever you click on the Play icon of the movie. The simple and clean interface of this website makes it possible for the users for a hassle-free streaming experience on this website. Hollywood movies and popular Korean drama series are also available on this awesome website which users can stream in dubbed the Tamil language. Drama series of various countries like America, Japan, China, etc. are also present on the Yify website.

10 Einthusam

Einthusam is another very incredible choice for the users who want to stream all the popular Tamil as well as dubbed Bollywood movies in the Tamil language.

The huge database of this website contains a lot of both Tamil and Telegu regional as well as dubbed movies of Bollywood.There are lots of different categories available on this website which you can browse to stream all your favorite Tamil and Telegu movies. There are also a lot of different genres, like Comedy, Action, Thriller, Romance, Suspense, Family shows, etc. are available on the Einthusam website. Multiple servers support this site. If you want to stream all the old classic Bollywood movies online for free in Tamil dubbed language, then the Einthusam website is the first place.Some Hollywood movies have also been added on the servers of this website. The GUI of the Einthusam website is also very enhanced and optimized. Users can sort out the available media content from this website very easily using various filters such as Genres of movie, language, Year of Release, Top IMDB ratings, Movie length, etc.

Note Tips:

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You can find all the newly released movies and TV shows using the listed websites. These websites have millions of users, so you can trust them for your safety. They will definitely give you a wonderful experience of streaming and downloading Tamil movies. If you face any problem, then let us know through comments.

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