24 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone 2019

If you ever think of some safest and most reliable smartphone, then the first name that comes to your mind is Apple iPhone. This smartphone runs on its iOS operating system, and the demand for getting this phone is now rising with all new models of iPhone. If you ever visit the Apple App Store, you can see that there are about more than 1 million apps present in the store and all these apps are very useful as well. If you are thinking about which app is best and needs to have on your iPhone, then you can refer to this list.

Here you will find the top must-have 15 apps which can be installed in your iPhone and you can get some benefit from that app too. The list of these apps is mentioned below.

15 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone 2019

1. Google Maps

Google Maps are the one which helps the user in a great manner. The main work of this app is to show the best route to reach any place. In iPhone you will get a navigator app which is known as Maps but to make it work fully, you need to add Google Maps to your list. After that, you can use this app in a better way so that you can reach your destination in a good way and without any problem.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a new kind of app, and it looks as well as works like Hootsuite. With the help of this app, you can go for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn posts. All the social media posts that are based on it are said to be more effective than the random timings in which you post something in your social media. In short, it acts as an AI as it calculates and assigns all the best time for you so that you can post during that time only and you will get a huge reach and good stats for that posts.

3. Dashlane

As technology is getting advanced each day, it is seen that going for online things is now a normal thing. With better internet connectivity for all, it is seen that almost all people get their things from online stores rather than going for local offline stores. If you are too interested in this, then Dashlane is the best app for you to be on your iPhone. If you look at the app, you will find that this app will help you to save the payment and other information in a good place and it never gets lost among all other things. Apart from that all, this app too helps you in keeping track of online spending as well as it helps you to find all the receipts.

4. Zillow

Searching for a place or home to stay is one of the most difficult tasks in the present time. If you are thinking of searching for any place and you own an iPhone, then you can install Zillow app in it. Real estate business apps are such that many times, you find it difficult to search for some good properties. But with the help of this app, you can always get all kinds of good properties and real estate things that are available near your area in the most convenient manner. Moreover, this app also provides details about the broker or owner and gives you their details so that you can get in touch with them for getting this deal done.

5. BillGuard

Organizing finances in a better way is one of the top priorities of every people. But to do it in a better manner, you need to arrange the same in a good way. To do all this, you can take the help of Bill Guard app, and this app is the only app that can be installed by iPhone users only. This app comes with the management system, which helps in controlling your spending habits. This also shows notification for charges for the services that you are charged with.

BillGuard is one of the must-have Apps for your iPhone.

6. Fooducate

If you are concern about health and how to keep your health fit and fine, then this app is the best app for you. This app helps you in determining the value of the item and its ingredients and how good is this for your health. The app does this by simply recognizing the label. With the help of this app, this helps you to scan the barcode of the item that is present over an item. After that, you can get all the data starting from calories to other ingredients present in the item. With this, you can know what the things present in your food are and how good is the same for your health.

7. Dropbox

If you look now, you will find that people now prefer cloud services to store their data safely and in a better manner. For all this, you can see that there are many cloud service provider who all provides you with this kind of services. But among them all, Dropbox is said to be the best cloud service for you, and it works well on the iOS platform. With the help of this app, you can save and can also view all your files on multiple devices, which includes tablet, laptop, and other devices. You can install this app on your iPhone to have the best cloud service.

8. Vine

If you are interested in getting some entertainment that to in a better way, then you need to install the Vine app on your iPhone. It is seen that if you look at the other popular apps, then Pinterest and Instagram are the ones that are used by many users. This app also provides the users with the opportunity to create, and it can be used to view for just a 6 seconds videos which are done via Twitter-style newsfeed. This app is a funny app, and you can always get some best videos, which are funny and better from other apps.

9. Sleep Cycle

In this busy schedule, it is seen that most of the people suffer from depression and other health complications due to lack of sleep. It is also tough for one to keep track of your sleeping activity in this busy schedule. If you want to keep a good track of these things, then the Sleep Cycle app is the best app for you. In this app, you can find some of the best features in it from which the ultimate alarm clock is one of it. In this, you need to place your phone in the bed and go for sleep. Then the app will start to measure the sleep cycle and can analyze how much you rested and how much more you need to complete the perfect sleep. With all this, you can get it from Apple App Store easily.

10. Duolingo

Learning and understanding new languages are seen to be a wide kind of interest for many people. But when you look at it is seen that to learn it or to understand immediately is quite difficult for all. So by installing Duolingo, you can get this all done in a better manner. The main objective of this type of apps is to give the users a premium-level language app that uses some kind of free lessons so that you can get a feel like a pro at this. You need to install Duolingo in your iPhone from its Apple store.

11. Camera+

This app is a paid app, and if you want to install this app on your iPhone, then you need to buy it from the Apple App Store at $1.99. when you install this app and use this app, then you can find that it comes with a lot of great camera options in it. This app is said to be the best app that covers every kind of feature which is needed for taking the best kind of possible photo with the help of your iPhone. The reason for the popularity of this app is as it provides you with the stabilize options, so that photo will comes as the best photo.

Camera+ is one of the must-have Apps for your iPhone.

12. Spotify

If you are a music lover and want some latest as well as best songs while you go anywhere and at any time, then Spotify is the best app for you. This app is easily available in the Apple App Store. In this app, you will get all the best kinds of music easily. It is also seen that this app helps in delivering the best kind of premium service, and this offers some millions of songs. It also helps in giving the user the best kind of streaming service for the music world. The app is free to download, but if you want to access the playlists in this app, then you need to have a premium account for this. Still, you can hear all the music offline without any paying for this facility.

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Spotify is one of the must-have Apps for your iPhone.

13. Shazam

It is seen that sometimes you come across some of the good music or songs which you don’t have to listen to. But you don’t know who the singer is or want to know the name of the song and to get this information among the millions of songs is very difficult. But to make it easy for the user, Shazam is the best as it can help you to identify the song in no time. To do that, you need the app to listen to the song that is being played anywhere and after that, wait for some time. After the app processed the song, it will show you the name of the song and its details too. If you want to get all the information along with its lyrics, then this app is the best app for you. You can download it from the App store of Apple.

Shazam is one of the must-have Apps for your iPhone.

14. Onavo Extend

With all the things starting from work to shopping are done online, it is seen that all need some big amount of data for the connectivity. Sometimes the data gets over due to excess use for something and you can can’t know when all this happens. All these things are very frustrating for the people as nobody wants their data to get over, and a whole day is yet to get over. So, to keep all this thing at bay and to use the data properly for the whole day, you can install Onavo. The main aim of this app is to help the user to conserve the data in a better way and how to keep track of the apps that are draining your data more. This app is very much useful when you are traveling somewhere, and you want to keep track of the usage of data so that you will not run out of data for the day in an unknown place.

15. MyFitnessPal

In this busy life, fitness now plays a key role in this all. To maintain proper body fitness between the mind and body is very important. And to make this happen in a better way, you can take the help of the MyFitnessPal app. This app comes with several features and other things as well. But the main thing that this app does is about the fitness plans, and it provides you with some best and strict guidelines which you need to adhere to. If you go according to that, you can see that this will help you to have a good fitness body. You can keep track of calories that you have burned or even burned in a day and can plan as per how to do for the next day. By installing this app, you can make your body fit and that at free of cost. You can download this app from the Apple App Store.

16. Shortcuts

This may confuse some. After all, Shortcut is touted as one of the critical features of the latest iOS 12/iOS 13 update. However, this app is not installed by default when you get the update. You have to go to the App Store to download this app separately. Although the app is free, it might be annoying to have to go to the App Store to get something which should be a standard download on the phone. Additionally, it can also mean that some people miss out on the functionality which the latest software update offers through this app.

With this app, you can create specific sequences of actions that are pre-programmed. These sequences are created using the built-in functions which your phone offers and can be used with supported apps. These sequences of actions allow you to be able to trigger or open & perform different functions on your phone or apps, with just a single tap or the use of a phrase, with the help of Siri. The shortcut app icon can even be added to your home screen; it is that useful.

You don’t have to make your shortcuts, either. There’s a big gallery of user-made actions to get you started. Check our list of some of our favorite alternatives for awesome ideas.

The best part is that you do not have to think of your shortcuts to create! This app offers a gallery of user made shortcuts which you can use to make using your phone a lot easier.

Shortcuts is one of the must-have Apps for your iPhone.

17. 1Password

if you are not keen on getting this particular app, you should at least get some other password manager that you can! Having a password manager can help you in several ways. When you have a password manager, it becomes a habit for you to select long and complex passwords instead of short and easy ones. Hence, making sure your account is more secure. Additionally, you also get into the habit of using different passwords for different websites, which helps add more security to your accounts.

With the latest iOS 12 update, Apple has taken the functionality of password managers one step further. Password managers can now automatically fill in passwords in more forms and apps, and you can authenticate it with a Touch ID or Face ID.

1Passwords is hailed as one of the best password managers by its users; it has support for multiple platforms and works seamlessly in all of them. With this app, you get a one-month free trial, and after that, you will need to subscribe to use it. The subscription fee is quite reasonable whether you want it for individual use or your entire family.

 1Password is one of the must-have Apps for your iPhone.

18. Carrot Weather

This weather app will be so useful to you that you will not mind paying for it. Now, you may be thinking, “Why should I pay for a weather app, when I already have one pre-installed on my iPhone, and all of the others on the App Store are free? Surely, it cannot be that useful”. Well, reserve your judgment until you have read all that we have to say about the app. First of all, the premium membership is so cheap that this app is practically free. They only charge you to cover the cost for their API to access a variety of weather information sources. If you are someone who checks their weather almost every day and need accurate information, then paying for this app will be well worth it. This app is fast and packed with a lot of useful features, in fact, it also offers you several customization features and has a fun app for iMessage, and even an option to integrate it with your Apple Watch and a home screen widget as well.

With this app, you can select the weather source that you want the information form, and it also shows you different weather maps which have different layers. It is completely ad-free and the best part? You have a snarly AI voice that will relay all of the information on your screen to you.

Carrot Weather is one of the must-have Apps for your iPhone.

19. Overcast

do you like listening to podcasts on our way to and from work? Or when you cannot sleep? Then you will want to check out this app. Although there is a pre-installed Podcast app installed on your iPhone, it is not hard to see that it does not have a lot of functionality, it is pretty basic, and while it gets the job done, you can get so much more out of other apps that it is not worth using this app alone. If you happen to listen to Podcast regularly, or even want to start listening to one because you have heard how useful they can be, then you will want to check out Overcast. It not only has a more user-friendly interface, but it also offers nifty features such as the ability to adjust your playback speed as well as a voice boost. The best part is that it has support for Apple Watch and CarPlay as well. The notifications system is worth mentioning, and you will not even need to pay for it! It is ad-supported, but if you want your screen to be free of the clutter of ads, then you can pay for a yearly subscription that will not pinch your pocket a lot

20. Halide Camera

You may like to take pictures as a causal way to improve your Instagram feed, or you may be into photography but do not always have the opportunity of having your camera with you wherever you go. Either way, this app is worth checking out; it will take your skills in using your iPhone to take spectacular pictures to the next level. While the built-in camera is no doubt a great option to get started, the Halide Camera will help take your pictures to the next level. This app is packed with features that more serious photographer s will appreciate such as RAW image capturing, live histogram, as well as focus peaking facility as well. In the iPhone X series, you are also able to get fine control over your pictures in portrait mode; this includes augmented reality which allows you to be able to understand the depth which is captured by your phone camera. Although it boasts of several features, it is not complicated to use at all. It can be operated using a single hand and has a clean-cut interface while you may be able to find out great third-party camera apps for your iPhone, none can beat the ease of use, along with the number of features that this app offers.

21. Just Press Record

When you have a well-made recording app, you will be surprised at how often you will want to use it. While an app that turns your iPhone into an audio recorder may sound like a simple app which you should not have to pay for (after all, you can not only record messages using the Voice Memo app on your phone, as well as WhatsApp), when you see the functionality that this app offers, you will be forced to reconsider. The yearly subscription for this app is so cheap that you will not think about forking it over when you see how useful it is to have eths app on your phone. It allows you to be able to create high-quality voice recordings and you can even use it to sync these recordings to your cloud if you wish. You can use this app to record directly from your microphone, or AirPods, or some other external source. With this app, you can even tweak the recording settings to suit your preference if you wish. It has a sleek dark mode, an easy to use interface, and it is completely ad-free. The best part is not that it supports Apple Watch, but that your voice notes can be quickly transcribed to over 30 languages. Whether you want to record or transcribe some notes on your phone or record an audio message, this app will be the first choice for you, the versatility offered by this app is matched by no other.

22. Things

while this app may have a simple appearance, do not be fooled, any other app cannot match the utility that it offers. This is an excellent task manager, which offers you a lot more. When you want to get your life in order, Things will help you out. It has a clean interface, which makes it easy to use and gives it a clear appearance. While it may be easy to use, it does not skimp out n any feature. This app can integrate itself effortlessly with everything that Apple builds into its iOS, such as Siri Shortcuts, Hands off, Dynamic Notifications, 3D touch, Home Screen widgets, and much more. This app is so great that it has won awards such as the Apple Design Award in 2017 and the App Store Editor’s Choice Award. With this app, you will be able to stay on top of your schedule. However, one thing which may deter you from trying this app right away is that it is quite pricey. Not only is the yearly subscription price for your phone and Apple Watch on the higher end of the spectrum, if you want to extend it to other devices, but the price can also hike up a little further. However, if you do need a well-made Task Managing app, then you cannot do better than this.

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23. Citymapper

Travelling can be a hectic affair. If you live in a Citymapper support metro area, you can make your traveling endeavors a little better. This app uses data from various transit information agencies to help provide you with a unified and clear picture of how you can get around the city. If you have just moved into a new city or even a new neighborhood, this app can help you save precious minutes where you are trying to figure which turn you should take. It is a great way to e babel to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood and surrounding areas. You will be able to determine how much it will cost you to get from point A to point B, or which stop you should get off at to get to a particular destination. You can also turn on push notifications to help you remember to get off at a particular station when you are approaching it. It combines information from subways, buses, trains as well as other rental services to ensure that you have the most accurate information to get around the city. It is great when you want to be able to navigate the city without the fear of getting stranded. However, this is still only available in just a handful of cites, but considering that they are some of the major metro cities around the world, there is a greater possibility that people might be in need if this app. However, if you do not live in the areas which are supported by this app, then there is simply no point in downloading this app.

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24. Night Sky

Have you ever looked at the night sky and worded, “what star is that?” Well, bow this app can help you figure it out. This app is perfect for showing off the Siri Shortcuts and augmented reality features offered by the iPhone. This app not only allows you to be able to point your phone at the sky and see a virtual map of every heavenly body, but it also allows you to be able to get information on them as well. It also sends you a notification when specific events such as meteor showers, or when you will be able to see your favorite stellar object in the sky. With the Siri support, you can even use your phone to point at a star and ask about the star to get a full card on it (even when the app is not open on your phone!)

Top MUST HAVE iPhone Apps 2019 !

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These are the top must-have 15 apps that you need to have on your iPhone. All these apps have got a different kind of functions and provide various features also to you which are useful in your daily life.

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