10 Best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2019

If you like to collect wallpapers or want to personalize your mobile phone, downloading a free live wallpaper app will be a good choice. Compared with the traditional static wallpaper, live wallpaper is obviously more attractive and popular. Next, I will recommend ten best and most highly rated Android live wallpaper apps in 2019, read on, there will always be one for you.

1. Walloop™ Live Wallpapers

Walloop™ app has an extensive collection of 3D and HD live wallpapers, with excellent and innovative effect. You can download this free Android wallpaper application directly from the Google Play Store. This app introduces something new to customize your phone and make it colorful with the most innovative HD wallpaper. The best part of this app is that it can support any mobile phone. Moreover, it does not drain your battery power, so you do not have to worry while setting these live paper on your mobile. It is a convenient and straightforward live wallpaper app for Android users.

Walloop™ Live Wallpapers is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

2. 3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD

Are you a lover of fishes or aquarium? If yes, you can download this cool aquarium live wallpaper app. It has many aquarium-like HD background wallpapers made up of realistic 3D fishes and beautiful corals, and you can see a lot of different fishes swimming under the beautiful coral and sun rays. If you use this live wallpaper application to decorate your mobile phone screen and lock screen, you will find that the background is moving along when you swipe your phone left and right. It’s interesting, right?

3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

3. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a fantastic app that turns your phone into a beautiful device in a flash. This amazing app allows you to bring your Device’s background to life as soon as you download the wallpaper. It has incredible features that you can use a selection of your photographs so that this app can use the wallpaper from there. This live wallpaper app has a unique setting that rotates the wallpaper daily, using different artwork for the background. It is the best and simple app which is perfect to decorate your Android mobile phone.

Muzei Live Wallpaper is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

4. Snowfall Live Wallpaper

Snowfall is a beautiful live wallpaper app. It has an amazing feature of falling snow. It has tones of setting, time of day tracking, snow appearance and many more app. This app works well on 4.2 + Android device. The live water effect makes it more amazing, The ripple wave and water droplet give it a realistic view. When your phone is inactive this wallpaper, this app will sleep automatically which help to save battery. It supports all type of Android and looks great onboard mobile phones and tablet device. What are you waiting for? Install this app now!

Snowfall Live Wallpaper is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

5. AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE

AMOLED is an excellent 3D live wallpaper app for Android users who want to give a fantastic look to their phone without spending battery. This app gives a great look to an Android device. It has a huge collection of live backgrounds, that can mesmerize you. You can share this app with your friend through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This app does not take a minute to install and easy to use. Download now!

AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

6. Forest Live Wallpaper

Are you a greenery lover? Forest Live Wallpaper is the privilege app for you! Take “a walk in the forested areas” and feel the branches popping under your feet! Inhale the crisp backwoods air with this new live background! Investigate the deep woods and walk the backwoods way nobody has strolled on previously! This app is relaxing and beautiful wallpaper that changes from dusk till dawn.

On the off chance that green is your most loved color, this is the ideal foundation backdrop for your cell phone screen! If you cherish nature, get this incredible free app now!

Forest Live Wallpaper is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

7. Koi Free Live Wallpaper

Koi free live wallpaper is an app for Android users which lets you decorate your phone with a beautiful koi in a pond. The live and interactive wallpaper is relaxing and beautiful. The 3D water effect makes the wallpaper more effective and interactive. You can watch going happily and explore their pond on your Android phone. The colorful fish give this app a life, making it more beautiful than real things. This app is supported by both portrait and landscape modes. You can also feed your fish by double tap. It also has a setting to control for your fish population background image raindrops and more.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

8. Live Wallpapers 3D

With new 3D foundations – moving backdrops being submitted consistently, we have an always developing gathering of cool wallpaper apps that you can look over!

Pick between numerous classifications, for example, Anime backdrops 4D, Superheroes 3D backdrops like Kratos and Black Panther etc. Themes for Nature scenes, Super autos, Abstract and many more.

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Change your screen with the coolest backdrop that fit your style, including the best live wallpaper for Android, and background for you to your top picks with a single tick, utilize our web crawler to discover what you need, find most prominent vivified backdrops, make your telephone extraordinary with this astounding 4D Depth Effect.

Live Wallpapers 3D is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

9. 4K Wallpapers

The top quality and unique 4K wallpaper app are free to install and easy to use. The creative and innovative wallpapers design of this app is for Android phone and tablet. It is capable of supporting any screen sizes or resolutions. This HD live wallpaper app has an inbuilt system of changing background automatically. The app has the best-handpicked background and wallpaper collection for wallpaper app users. Install this app without having a second thought.

4K Wallpapers is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

10 . Rain Live Wallpaper

The app has animated rain effect and smoky window effect which make it beautiful. Rain Live Wallpaper is a free wallpaper app for Android user. The amazing impact stimulates raindrops are falling on the phone screen. HD background makes it more beautiful than any other App. You can choose from your custom photo to set on the phone screen. This free wallpaper app will not drain your battery as it will go to the sleep mode when your phone is inactive. It is indeed a smooth 3D animation app. Install the wonderful app now.

Rain Live Wallpaper is best Free 3D & HD Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

Want to be different? Then download a live wallpaper app from the list above and personalize your device with its 3D and HD backgrounds!

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