How to Check a Used, Second-Hand, or Refurbished Mobile Phone

Looking to buy a new phone but don’t have the budget? You might just want to get an older phone, one of the refurbished ones. They work just as good, if you buy from the right sources, and can cost you significantly less.

All About the Refurbished Mobile Phone

For starters, you must know what does refurbished mean. When we talk about smart phones, this word indicates that the terminal in question is not “new,” but that, for some reason, the original purchaser returned the phone to the manufacturer. To avoid losses, these are responsible for making the necessary repairs if necessary and offer it back to the market, under the title of refurbished mobiles.

All About the Refurbished Mobile Phone

-No, they aren’t necessarily used phones

These phones do not necessarily have to be used cell phones; Many times, the first buyer did not even actually use the phone. The fact that the phone has been returned does not indicate that the phone presented any flaws. The inconvenience in this first purchase can come from many reasons, including a discontent over color or something similar.

-It can work pretty great

Before continuing with what really concerns us in this article, it’s important to say that buying refurbished mobile phones is not a bad idea. In fact, it is the way used by many people to have the latest generation of cell phones at a better price. Taking into account that a high-end cell phone has a cost that is not always accessible to everyone, then this version of cell phones is a great idea.

-Can work as great as the new phone

Despite this, the problem really occurs when we get second-hand phones as if they were new phones from a store. This can happen especially when we request a change to the telephone provider. It is much better for them to provide telephones in these conditions because it does not generate losses of any kind.

-You can use a headphone

Even when the telephone is in good condition, the provider must deliver the client exactly what he or she is requesting. It is so much that, if you have identified the phone that you want to deliver as a refurbished, then you can request a change again, letting the company know that you already know the true status of the phone.

How to Check If Your Mobile Phone is Refurbished or Not

In most phones, you can know the status of the same within the configuration. This is not the only option; in many terminals, you just must dial ##786#. This should immediately open the RTN screen, an interface where you can check the actual status of the phone.

How to Check If Your Mobile Phone is Refurbished or Not

The code may vary according to the terminal. Although this is the commonly spread, you do not have to worry if the interface does not open in this way. It is enough if you access the adjustment menu until you reach the phone information option. There, you can verify, among other things, the IMEI information.

With this code, you can enter the web, put the serial inside the search engine of the IMEI website, and know all the information about your mobile. It is not general information; the data there provided is only referred to your terminal. There you can know its real status.

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Now that you know how to check a refurbished phone what you should do is to verify it as soon as possible. These types of problems occur mainly when the cell phone is acquired from a third party instead of the manufacturer.

What should you do to avoid a replacement of this type?

Do You Want to Acquire Refurbished Smartphones

Now, if you want to opt for this type of phone, do not worry. There are large providers of refurbished phones. The question is to search in the right places.

From Amazon to Samsung itself they are good providers of refurbished Android phones, and many of them offer Apple models too. Depending on the selected company, you can find terminals that are newer than others. No matter which one you choose, you just must take into account:

Used and New Smartphones: A Brief Comparison

Buying new cell phones is always an excellent idea. The necessary research is not complex; it is enough to look for an authorized supplier that offers the manufacturer’s warranty or purchase it directly from sites authorized by the manufacturing company.

A new cell phone will always provide greater peace of mind for the buyer, who knows that his phone was only manipulated in the factory until it reaches his hands. However, this does not put these refurbished cell phones(which every day gain greater recognition by the public in general)at a disadvantage.

The smartphone market is so active that, from one moment to the other, changing your phone to a newer and more modern one is a necessity. We all want to have the newest phone possible, with the most updated features and the most modern software. This idea is recovered more strongly day after day thanks to the fierce competition of all smartphone manufacturers these days. All are committed to offering the best at the most tentative price.

Taking this into account, and with the idea of saving money, it is not surprising that many people are opting for this method to purchase the latest or high-end phones at the cost of a much cheaper one.

However, to sell old phones is a responsibility for the company in charge. Because of this, they cannot be acquired from any hand, but you must look for responsible people who are working to benefit the people who contact them by requesting their services.

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In summary

To sell refurbished phone is something that cannot be done by anyone. For this reason, as a buyer, you should look for people who are really authorized and recognized, where you can have peace of mind regarding the equipment and its guarantees.

Similarly, regarding the main idea of this text, buying a phone (especially if it does not come directly from the manufacturer) is not always so safe. Companies are working to lose the least amount of money possible, and in these circumstances, some can sell refurbished smartphones as if they are totally new equipment.

It is good to buy this type of equipment, as long as you are aware of the conditions in which you are acquiring it. The problem arises when they want to give you something that does not match what was described by the supplier. To avoid these drawbacks, it is highly recommended to apply the tests previously described to make sure that the equipment is really in a “new” status.

Buying used or refurbished phones is not a bad idea. In fact, it is an excellent way to save money and have good equipment. The important thing is to do quality research, to avoid problems related to a faulty mobile. The least you want is to lose time and less your money.

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