Top 10 WhatsApp Emoticon Apps for iPhone and Android [2019 Updated]

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the best chatting application which is used by Billions of users from all around the world. This chatting app has been made pretty convenient and reliable to use, thanks to the presence of emojis which are available for the users for free. Emojis will let you explore your emotions and feelings without typing the message. You can send the particular emoji according to your moods and feeling so as to convey the word to your partner.
So, today in this article, we will list some of the Top 10 WhatsApp Emoticons apps below which you can install in your smartphones to add some more new and exciting WhatsApp emojis in your collection. Some of the WhatsApp emoticons might be paid one, but most of them are free to use and add. So, go ahead and find the best suitable choice for you:

Top 5 WhatsApp Emoticon apps for iPhone

1) EmojiDom

Whenever you will look for the best WhatsApp emoticon apps on App store, then you will find EmojiDom to be the top pick for the users. This excellent WhatsApp emoticon app is a very good app that provides a massive collection of different WhatsApp emojis to the users so that they can chat hassle-free by using these newly launched emojis.

If you install the emojis from the WhatsApp emoticon app, then you will become able to use these emojis even in other social media applications like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can easily install this awesome app directly from the official App store. Inside the App store, you will also find the ratings and reviews of this WhatsApp emoticons app. So, don’t wait and quickly install this app on your iPhone because it is available exclusively for free for all users.

EmojiDom is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for iPhone.

2) EmojiFree

Another very awesome WhatsApp emoticon app which is a fantastic choice for the users. There is a huge number of different emojis and other gestures similar to the emojis which are present in this app and you can also add these emojis in your collection for free. We are assuring you that your chatting experience will surely get enhanced if you use these emojis from this awesome app. Moreover, the different reviews and ratings are given by users also suggest that this excellent WhatsApp emoticon app should have to be listed at the 2nd spot of this list. You can also browse the collection of emojis present on this website to get a better understanding, and we hope that you will surely like this suggestion for sure.

EmojiFree is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for iPhone.

3) Emojiyo

Through the use of this app, users can easily add their favorite and the most used type of WhatsApp emoji in their Keyboard smiley section to access them hassle free. Emojiyo is surely a very good and the most popular choice for the users which they can get for free. But before you add any emojis in your collection, please make sure that you will browse the whole section because there is a very huge number of different emojis available in this app. The developers of this app also add some of the newest released emojis on this app very frequently. You can easily edit or add your favorite WhatsApp emojis if you use this app in your iPhone. iOS users can easily install this excellent WhatsApp emoticon app directly from the official App store for free.

Emojiyo is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for iPhone.

4) Emoji Keypad

Though the free suggestions are incredible, the paid suggestions are also magnificent. Emoji Keypad is a WhatsApp emoticon app which is a very good choice for the users which will provide them quality stuff in terms of WhatsApp emojis. All you need to do is to switch to the premium version of this app to experience the best WhatsApp emojis. You can easily add different emojis in your collection and can drag them to your Keyboard section to use them hassle-free. The subscription charges of this app are not very much high. The price is pretty much affordable for all users.

This WhatsApp emoticon app is also a very fantastic option for the users who want to get some new editing features as the premium version of this app also provides the best editing features to the users as well. So, just wait and bring down this app in your iPhone now.

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Emoji Keypad is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for iPhone.

5) Emoji

This app is yet another very blockbuster choice for the users as this app is having the best in class collection of emojis which will let the users to enhance their chatting experience. More than 50 Million users have already installed this WhatsApp emoticon app in their iPhone to use the new WhatsApp emojis in their iPhone while chatting on WhatsApp messenger. This app will also let you to replace the default keyboard of your iPhone with the new one so that you can become able to access the newly added emojis right from the Keyboard of your iPhone easily.

This app is an ultimate choice for the users, which will allow them to access the best stuff of new emojis. Just install this app from the App store and access the premium new emojis exclusively for free.

Emoji is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for iPhone.

Top 5 WhatsApp emoticon apps for Android users:

1) SwiftKey

Swiftkey: This is another very stunning option available in this list, which is pretty much popular among the users. There are so many fascinating features present in this app that makes this WhatsApp emoticon app a perfect contender of the apps which we have listed so far. This app is available both in free and paid versions. The paid version will bring down the curtains of the whole new world of exciting features, which also includes the WhatsApp themes. Yes, you heard that right. The paid version of this app will let you set up new items on your Android smartphone, which will surely enhance your chatting experience on WhatsApp. New emojis are added on this app very frequently, which makes this app a complete perfect choice for the users.

SwiftKey is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for Android users.

2) Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

With more than 3k+ different emojis, GIF, emoji arts, this app is a fantastic choice for the users which will allow all the users to access the best user-interface experience. You can add the new collection of emojis in your Keyboard which you can use them in other social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram etc. Inside this app, you will find the coolest type of features which will let you experience some quality stuffs. Millions of users have already installed this great WhatsApp emoticon app in their smartphone and now, it’s your turn to install and use this app.

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for Android users.

3) IMoji

Yet another excellent choice as a WhatsApp emoticon app in this list because of the incredible features which it offers to the users. You will get a personalized experience on this app certainly due to the fact that you create your own personal library in which you can add new emojis hassle free. You can add new emojis on this app unlimitedly for free which is surely a notable feature of this app. The newly released separate section of stickers will also allow you to get a very good and excellent user-interface experience for sure.

IMoji is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for Android users.

4) Emoji Type

Without any doubt, we can say that Emoji Type is yet another very excellent choice for the users which provides impeccable features to the users. The fantastic features of this app will let you add new emojis in your personal collection hassle free. You can also switch to the personal keyboard provided by this app to access all the new emojis hassle free without any problem. This app is a very great choice for all the Android users present out there. If you are getting keen to use this app on your Android phone, then quickly navigate yourself to the Google Play Store where you will find the option to install this app for free.

Emoji Type is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for Android users.

5) Emoji Art

With more than 3000 different emojis and stickers, Emoji Art is our last pick as the best WhatsApp emoticon apps. However, this app doesn’t have its personalized keyboard, which should have been present in this app for sure. You can browse the whole collection of different emojis on this app which will help you out to add them in your collection. Installing this app will surely make you feel that you have picked the right choice and personalizing your emojis collection will let you feel delighted. So, quickly install this WhatsApp emoticon app from Google Play Store to experience the best stuff for free.

Emoji Art is one of the top WhatsApp emoticon apps for Android users.


In a nutshell, one can surely say that these are the best WhatsApp emoticons for iOS and Android users. If we get some new WhatsApp emoticon app suggestion, then we will surely update this list for our users. You can also drop a comment in which you can share all your experiences and feedbacks related to these WhatsApp emoticon apps. And if you want to read some articles similar to this one, then you can quickly navigate to our official website.

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