How to Mirror Android Screen to Your PC (No Root Required)

Do you know you can view your android screen on your computer without any jailbreaking your device? Take a look at this list of 5 apps that lets you do that. The article features detailed step-by-step guide and detailed information of the apps used.

Without Any Root Access, Here Are 5 Ways To Mirror Android Screen

Yes, you read that right; you can mirror the android screen to your desktop without the need to root your smartphone.

But what is screen mirroring? It is the process of mirroring one device screen to another. You can then view your phone’s screen on your computer without you having to get up and grab your phone.

Most of the people back away from mirroring android screen because of how technical and confusing the process can get. The majority does not know how to root their phones or do not want to jailbreak their phones, and there is a good reason for not attempting that. Rooted devices are vulnerable and for people who are not experts should ever attempt to root their devices, because there is a high chance of causing permanent damage to your phones.

About Screen Mirroring

It is a process by which you can control your Phone remotely; you can view notifications, share files, and even play games or run apps remotely. The process works by mirroring your phone screen to your computer screen and vice versa.

This method is mostly adopted by developers who can test apps and check the app’s performance before launching them on the official App Store. You can also adopt this method merely because of how easy it makes for you to access your phone remotely, without you having to get up and grab your phone to check the latest message. You can stay updated at all times and never miss a notification.

Here are a few ways on how to Share/Mirror Android screen on Your PC. There are a bunch of popular methods to tackle this, so we have listed out each one of it – So to do away with all of that jailbreaking and whatnot, here are 5 simple ways (well may not be THAT simple, but simpler than rooting your phones) you can mirror android screen.

What Do You Need For Android Mirroring?

In order to mirror your Android screen to your desktop, you first need to allow USB debugging in your device. You can find it in the system settings.

What Do You Need For Android Mirroring?

Let’s Begin The Tutorial –


This app is one of the brilliant apps that let you mirror the android screen to your desktop screen. To use this app, you need to create an ApowerMirror account. Once you set up an account, you will be ready to use all its features. This app allows you to do many more than just mirroring. It lets you record screen and even takes screenshots. You can control your Android device remotely. It has an excellent feature known as the game keyboard which has a load of shortcuts for you to use. If you want more features – yes this app has, even more, you need to upgrade your account to premium. Once you do that, then you can draw and scribble on the screen as well!

How To Use The App Apowermirror? (USB Method)

How To Use The App Apowermirror?

How To Use The App Wirelessly?

In case the USB method does not work for you, you can opt for this wireless method. But this wireless method will not be of much use, as it will only stream your android.


Other than streaming your android device, it has a host of other features. Several media players are supported by the app; hence you can use them to play music and videos. The supported media players are VLC, OBS, KODI, etc. Another great feature that this app supports is broadcasting. You can broadcast your phone’s device to the other social media sites like twitter, facebook, YouTube, etc. It comes ready to be used with Google chromecast and is also supported by Smart TVs.

Using MobZapp to Mirror Android Screen to Your PC

But if you are easily annoyed by ads, then it will be better for you to opt for the premium version of this app. Also, the premium version has no time limit so that you can run it as long as you want. Even though the app has a lot of bonus features, it does not let you control your Android device remotely.

How To Use Mobzapp On Your Web Browser?

This app functions wirelessly. To use it on your browser follow the following steps –

How To Use Mobzapp On Your Computer?

Vysor 5

The best app for streaming your android phone, and also to control your phone from the computer. You can do almost everything from playing games to using apps. The device can also be screened on high resolution. But, there is a big BUT – the app does not offer even the basic features for free. You need to subscribe for almost everything in the app, but when the app has so much to offer, and then the money is worth it.

How To Use Vysor 5? (USB Method)

How To Use Vysor 5?

This app has no wireless method and can only be used via USB. The app is available for windows, mac, chrome, and Linux.


Using AirDroid to Mirror Android Screen to Your PC.

This app has earned rave reviews from the Android community, and it deserves all the praise. The app comes with a web client who allows for seamless transfer of files and also makes sure that you do not miss a single notification or message. The web client enables you to use your phone on the internet. Although you can share files and everything, you cannot play games or launch apps on your phone remotely. You are limited to streaming your android device, sharing files, seeing your messages, call logs, and opening the camera of your phone. It lets you record and takes screenshots.

How To Use Airdroid Wirelessly?

How To Use Airdroid On Chrome?

How To Use Airdroid On A Computer?

You can use the app on your computer in much the same way as your phone.


This app can be compared to the amazing app Vysor 5. Like Vysor 5, this app allows you to control your phone to a great extent. You can control your phone via keyboard or mouse. The app allows for the transfer of files from phone to pc seamlessly. It also comes to google chromecast ready which is a cherry on top. What is more is that all of these features are free. You can use them without paying a single dime. This is what makes it different from the app Vysor 5. You can pay for the ghost mode, which allows you to adjust the screen transparency and add push notifications.

Using Mobzien to Mirror Android Screen to Your PC.

Like AirDroid, you can use your phone remotely on the web, via the official Mobizen website.

How To Use Mobizen? (USB Method)

While the app is great, it does not come as close to the greatness of Vysor 5. Vysor 5 has a much smoother user interface which is further boosted by the high speed. You cannot control your phone remotely in the wireless mode, but you can do so only in the USB mode, and that is a bummer. But, you can still do a lot of things like taking screenshots, recording and transferring files.

Why Should You Use Android Mirroring Apps?

Android mirroring apps are great for mirroring your android screen on your desktop, and it lets you have control over your phone, remotely. You do not have to grab your phone every time you want to check your messages or take a screenshot. You can just go to your computer. These apps are of great use for the developers as they are able to transfer files without any hiccups and test any beta versions of any app. So if you are a developer, it is a must for you to have apps that lets you do that.

Things To Remember

Although the methods mentioned above are quite easy to follow, you should remember that you need to have a strong internet connection for the entire thing to work. If your broadband speed is not good, then there is no use in using apps that mirror android screen, as it will take a lot of time and the process will not be smooth. Plus android mirroring apps are only good when you need to check the notifications, take screenshots and transfer files. Majority of the apps do not let you do much more that. One exception to this is Vysor 5, but if you want access to all the features of the android on your computer, you should look at other ways to do that; android mirroring apps will not do the job. You will not be satisfied with it. In that case, you can download and install android emulators. These emulators let you access all the Android features on your pc, be it downloading and playing Android games or running android apps on your pc. One of the best Android emulators on the market is BlueStacks.

Do Not Be Confused Between Streaming And Screen Mirroring

Streaming and screen mirroring can often be confusing, but they are two separate concepts requiring separate technologies. Streaming comes in when you are looking for entertainment. Streaming involves sending digital content to your TV with the help of a digital media player. But on the other hand, screen mirroring is more for the likes of professionals. Which one you use depends entirely on your preference and what you wish to do. If you want to watch movies and TV series, you better opt for streaming this lets you view the movie on a bigger screen, so that gives you a better movie experience at home. But if you wish to switch between different devices and OS with ease, then screen mirroring should be your choice.

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