10 Websites to Watch Indian Live Television

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There are so many different Indian TV channels which are ranked as the top best channels in the world ranking by different Media network organizations. That’s why users are always very excited to watch these TV channels to watch their favorite programs. But if you want to stream on these channels, then you should reside in India or else, you should have to take the help of some websites which will help you to watch Indian Live Television in 2019.
That’s why we are here with an incredible list of top 10 Indian websites which can be accessed in any part of the world to watch the Indian Television channels for free. We have tried to select those websites which will cover almost every type of field. For example, from entertainment to cricket, all types of genres are included in these awesome websites which we will list below.

10 Websites to Watch Indian Live Television

1) Desi TV Box

This website is undoubtedly the best website to stream Indian Television channels online for free. The massive advantage of using this website is that users can easily change the channels which they want to stream just by clicking on the link provided on the home page of this website. Moreover, you will also observe different icons of different TV channels which are associated with the Channel sponsors. This website will not consume much internet data of your device and hence, you can stream online on this website for a long hassle free. The wonderful collection of TV shows and other Indian TV channels will surely make you feel quite satisfied for sure. That’s why we have placed this awesome website at the 1st spot in this list.

Desi TV Box is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

2) Yupp TV

This website occupies the second spot of this list due to the incredible features which it offers to the users. The most valuable feature of this website is that you can easily stream any TV show on this website in the screen resolution quality of your choice. With the presence of a neat and clean Graphic user-interface, this website presents a good competition to the other websites which we will list further in this article. The Indian Channel networks are sorted by their names which will make the job of users pretty easy to find a particular channel on this website. You need to login or register on this website to get the full exposure of the content available on this website. You can easily create your free account on this website to get started with it. So, definitely Yupp TV is a very good and appealing option for sure.

Yupp TV is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

3) Zenga TV

If you are an entertainment lover, then this website is surely of your interest. This website probably contains all type of different major entertainment channels of Indian Media Network which will help you to get a perfect entertainment dose. The movies, music and TV shows sections are separated on this website which will help you to quickly find out your favorite channel. The database of this website is very huge which let this website to add more and more TV channels on it and to occupy the 3rd spot in this list as well. You can also set up your default streaming or downloading settings which will helpful to quickly start the movies or TV show which you want to stream anytime and anywhere you want to. So, definitely a good call if you switch to this website to see the Indian Television shows.

Zenga TV is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

4) India Everyday TV

This awesome Indian TV website is really a fascinating option for the users which provides magnificent features to the users. You can either talk about the Graphic UI, streaming quality, number of channels or the settings option, you will find all the parameters in favor of this website. This all because of the lovely developers who are adding more and more channels day by day on this website which is attracting the users. Most of the Indian TV channels are sorted according to their popularity on this website. You can also browse the latest launched Newsroom section where you will find different Indian TV news channels. You can also switch the default language from the settings option if you want to. That’s why we suggest our users to subscribe to India Everyday TV if they don’t like the first 3 mentioned websites.

ndia Everyday TV is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

5) Free TV all

Not only the India Television network, several other Television networks of different countries are added on this website so that users can stream all these channels hassle free. Though this website is pretty slow to load probably due to the presence of thousands of ads, but once it gets loaded, you can easily stream different TV channels of different nations like India, United States of America etc. You can also join to the Facebook page of this website to get the latest updates about this website. The developers are continuously working to add more and more new channels to increase the popularity of this website. That’s why, Free TV all is surely a magnificent choice for all the lovely users present out there.

Free TV all is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

6) Hotstar

In the early stages of the launch of Hotstar, it only offers some of the web series and TV shows to the users. But now a days, Hotstar has tied up with major Indian TV channels which will let all the users to stream the stuffs telecasted on these TV channels. You can also watch the live reporting sessions of various major Indian news channels which will quickly update you about what is going on in the nation so far. There is a huge collection of different Comedy shows on this website which will surely provide you the enough entertainment dose for sure. And in case if you are a sports lover, then there is no other choice better than Hotstar. The ongoing Indian Premium League (IPL) in India can be easily streamed live on Hotstar by purchasing the premium membership of Hotstar.

Hotstar is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

7) Sony Liv

The Sony Liv app is another very fantastic option for the users which will let them to stream all the TV shows and serials of Sony Entertainment network for free. Moreover, you can also watch the live broadcast of International Cricket Fixtures on Sony Liv app exclusively for free. You need to set the streaming quality in order to use your internet data efficiently. The developers have worked on enhancing the Graphic user-interface of this website which can be clearly seen once you land on the home page of this website. So, we will hope that developers will soon add some more Indian TV channels to this website so that it may compete with above-mentioned websites easily.

Sony Liv is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

8) Star Sports

This platform is undoubtedly available for all the lovely sports lover who are directly or indirectly connected to the Cricket or any other sport. Star Sports is a franchise channel which is owned by Star India Limited. This Indian TV channel only broadcasts live Sports telecast in front of the users. You can also stream the live broadcast on your device directly from this website. This website has sorted the categories according to the different sports like cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Hockey, Football etc. You can also read the latest trending articles about the different team news which will let you to know all the inside stories of different teams very easily. So, a definitely a very good option to place in the 8th spot of this list for sure.

Star Sports is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

9) The Viral Fever

When it comes to get a decent website option which will let you to stream all types of different Indian TV channels, then The Viral Fever will be emerged out to be the best option. Though this website focuses on adding the new and the latest movies, but most of the times, users has reviewed that they are pretty well satisfied with the working of this website and they will switch on this website to stream all the different Indian TV channels absolutely for free. Though a little optimization is needed to makes this website a brilliant choice, but users are still very satisfied with the performance of this website.

The Viral Fever is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.

10) Eros Now

Eros now is another very good and major online streaming platform in India as like Netflix and Hotstar are. You will can only stream movies and different TV shows which has been displayed on the TV channels of India. Though the absence of live TV news channels is purely responsible for a huge drop in the ranking of this website. But overall, Eros Now is a very good performer and most of the users have subscribed to the premium account of Eros Now which is surely a very good thing to get switched on Eros Now. We have placed this website at the last spot and we hope that you won’t mind it.

Eros Now is one of the popular Websites to Watch Indian Live Television.


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Here we end this list which contains top 10 different websites to stream Indian TV channels. As we already mentioned, there are lots of different websites who claims to be the best websites in this segment, but we just can’t trust them due to the privacy reasons. So, if you have some relevant suggestion in your bucket list, then please drop that in the comments section below.

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