Top 10 Best Deep web search engines you should know in 2019

Exploring the dark secrets and facts about the deep web or we can say “dark web” is now becoming a passion for users, and deep web search engines can help us do this job. Some people will say the dark web is illegal or not good for you but the fact is that the deep web is the best place where you can get the answer of your query which is not answered by the major search engines like Google or Bing. The majority of users don’t know about the exact details of the deep or dark web, and that’s why today’s topic is all about the dark web. We will answer all the related queries in this article so that you can come to know about the truths and lies related to the dark web. Also, in this article, we will tell you about the top 10 best deep web search engines with links, which will help you out to browse the whole new and different world of the dark web.

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The History of the Dark Web:

The invention of the dark web was made by people in the United States of America and still, they are using the dark web. America people are extra cautious about their privacy, and that’s why they use the dark web to get the answer to their related queries. Moreover, not just the questions or answers, the dark web is also used by American people to do bank transactions in millions of dollars which is commonly regarded as decentralized transactions. You will be shocked to know about the fact that more than half of the big businessmen use the dark web to pay their international clients so that they can escape from the eye of the government.

That is the main reason why the dark web is not considered as the best source of information and usage. There are so many merits of using the dark web which cannot be disregarded but due to several things, you cannot use it freely. Governments of various countries have already imposed bans on the dark web and those countries which haven’t imposed a ban till now will impose a ban on the dark web very soon.

Why the Dark Web is Not Included in the Google Search?

The dark web is as efficient as 500 times than the Google search, but it is still not regarded in the Google search, so you can only get access to these dark secrets by means of the dark web browser. The dark web contains all the bad things like drug smuggling deal platforms, illegal transactions, adult sites, hacking tools, and much more. And due to the presence of these things on the dark web, it is not considered good for people, especially teenagers. Google has a restriction policy where the adult content can only be accessed by people above 18, but unlike Google, the dark web has no such policies. Users of any age can access all the adult sites and other different websites very easily without any restrictions imposed on them.

There is no place for privacy in the dark web for users. If you are concerned about your privacy due to specific reasons, then you should try to avoid using dark web. It is our responsibility to let you know about this because once you get entered in the world of the dark web, then you can’t do anything with your privacy. But if you have a separate device which is of lesser use for you, then you can try the dark web at least once because the features are really very awesome. For example, if you have a fewer use Android device, then you can surf those dark web search engines with these fast and safe web browsers for Android phone and tablets.

We know that you are getting pretty excited to browse this list of the top 10 deep web search engines without wasting any further time, so we will show you the list of the best 10 deep web search engines for you!

1) Pipl

Pipl is one of the top best deep web search engines.

Whenever you talk about the dark web, the first name coming in your mind is “Pipl” which is probably having the best web capacity to search the related query through the dark web. Pipl will dig as deeper as possible to get the answer to your related query. This deep web search engine is used by more than half of the users who use the dark web. Every type of information from the dark web can be accessed through the use of Pipl. You can also search for the identity of a specific individual through the search option. Every time a user wants to access the sensitive information of any organization, he/she directly approaches Pipl for this purpose. That’s why our first recommendation is to use Pipl if you are a beginner in the world of the dark web. Pipl will surely help you out to browse the dark web in the most efficient way.

2) MyLife

MyLife is one of the top best deep web search engines.

This is another pretty awesome deep web search engine which is mostly used by users to get access to the private information of an individual like the contact number, address where he/she lives, occupations, and much more. This deep web search engine will help you obtain all the sensitive information of any individual. People mostly from the United States use the MyLife deep search engine to get the information about each other. Users are just supposed to fill the empty columns present there to access the information. According to a stat, almost more than 200 million different profiles are present on the database of this deep web search. So, definitely it’s a very good choice for users.

3) Yippy

Yippy is one of the top best deep web search engines.

Yippy is another very great deep web search engine option which is basically a metasearch engine. By the metasearch engine, we mean that this web search engine will take the help of other web search engines to answer the related search query to users. That is why this web search engine has users in millions. There is a privacy policy related to the searches made on this dark web search engine. But it doesn’t matter at all because as we already mentioned, there is no meaning of privacy in the world of the dark web. But one thing is for sure that big platforms like Yippy will never share the information of users with the servers of Google. In simple words, if you search on Google about private details of a particular man, then Google will not take the help of deep web servers.

4) SurfWax

SurfWax is one of the top best deep web search engines.

As there are a lot of suspicious files and malicious files present on the dark web, it becomes important to filter those files made on dark web search engines. And SurfWax is definitely one of this kind which will filter all the files that may harm your PC. Most of the big illegal organizations use this best deep web search engine to post their posts and information they want to convey to users. The best use of SurfWax is done by people in the United States of America and some parts of Iraq and Iran. But we recommend all our users to use this deep search web engine because privacy is protected up to some extent on this deep web search engine.

5) Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is one of the top best deep web search engines.

This deep web search engine was created with the purpose of sharing the relevant information to users but soon after its launch on the dark web, it became a part of traditional dark web search engines. The irrelevant and most sensitive information gets displayed on this deep web search engine and most of the time it was related to national security interests, which is why it was soon shut down. But nowadays it has emerged out as one of the best deep web search engines for users. That’s why Wayback Machine stays at the fifth spot in this list. We hope that you will also get a positive experience with this deep web search engine.

6) Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the top best deep web search engines.

Google Scholar is just the opposite of the tech giant company Google. But in the dark web world, Google Scholar, as one of the dark web browsers, is meant to deliver the journals, novels, magazines, and other restricted content of big universities to normal users. That’s why the name Google Scholar quite suits it. All types of relevant documents of any subject or any popular university like Harvard University can be easily accessed through the use of Google Scholar. You can easily customize your searches according to your needs and can apply the required filters to filter out your results. So, it’s definitely a very good choice for users who are particularly students wanting to get notes and documents of the most popular universities present in the world. More importantly, if you are an e-book reader, then you mustn’t miss some best AudioBook Bay alternative sites!

7) DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the top best deep web search engines.

Till now, we have listed 6 dark web search engines and if we compare all of them with DuckDuckGo, then you will find DuckDuckGo the best because there is no single chance that your activity gets traced unlike Google search does. DuckDuckGo only represents what you just searched for and all the history will get cleared once you click on the search option. This is the main advantage of using this deep web search engine. But if you look at the total number of webpages it has, then you will also get attracted towards it because it contains more than 200 billion different webpages, which is really a very huge number.

8) Fazzle

Fazzle is one of the top best deep web search engines.

This is the single deep web search engine available in this list which will let you search the queries in your native language. This web search engine is supported by 10 different languages. Apart from multi-language support, you can also find that Fazzle has a meta search engine which is pretty relevant to users. Users won’t have to wait for a long to get the answer of the searched query because it will boost up the speed many times as compared to normal search capacities. That’s why Fazzle is regarded as one of the best deep web search engines standing at the 8th spot in our list.

9) not Evil

This deep web search engine does exactly the opposite of its name. All the evil things are present on this web search engine, which makes it pretty appealing for the users who want to browse the dark web as deeper as possible. This deep search engine was formerly known as “Tor Search”, but its name was changed a few years ago and nowadays, people know this search engine by the “not Evil” name. You can search for any URL, query, identity, and various other things through the direct access on the homepage of the official website.

10) Startpage

This best deep web search engine stands at the last position in list but the features which it offers can be compared with the ones which we have listed so far. This web search engine was first launched in the year 2009 and now after 10 years of its official launch, it stands still at its place. Though most of the webpages from thousands of dark websites have been added on this engine, still this engine is not getting the results which are required. This private search engine can also be added to the Google Chrome web browser where it can give you direct access to the world of the dark web.

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Being in the world of dark webs is always a dream of the youth who are getting attracted towards it, which is why we have shown the list of the best 10 deep web search engines and their links for you. But we have to be really careful while surfing on the dark web browsers because your one mistake can harm you in the worst possible manner. So, it is up to you how you will use it. We have already provided you the list and we hope that you will use these dark web search engines very efficiently.

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