Best 10 torrent websites which are working in India (with 2019 updates)

Everyone known about the craze of torrent sites among the users of India. There is no such doubt that after knowing the fact that torrent sites are illegal to use, still Millions of users in India use different torrent websites on a daily basis. The main reason behind the popularity of torrent sites is that these sites provide all the working torrent files of different premium movies and TV shows for free. There is no meaning of copyrights reservation to the developers of torrent sites. But to preserve the copyrights, many different ISP’s and the Telecommunication authority of the Government of India has imposed a ban on the torrent websites. After this ban, users are desperate to find the new torrent websites on the web to have their free movies and TV shows download links with them. And not only movies and TV shows, different kinds of software packages, but audio and videos also torrent files, paid subscriptions, paid application APK files and much more others can be easily accessed by the use of torrent files.

But to have all this stuff for free, you need to have a torrent website with you which will help you out to access these torrent files. We want our users not to get disappointed because we are here to present the list of top 10 torrent websites that are still working in the Indian subcontinent. Despite the ban imposed by the Government of India, we have handpicked these websites for our users. There are several other websites that are also present and are still working, but we have picked the best torrent website for our Indian subscribers.

To explore all the torrent files of your choice, you need to browse the list till the end so that you may come to know about the name and working features of these torrent files. We will provide you a short description of torrent websites which we are going to list below. Read that description and compare it with other torrent sites to pick the best out of them. And in case if some of them are still not working in any region of India, then we will also suggest the best possible solution to this problem so that you can become able to access your favorite torrent file. So, don’t wait and read this article till it gets over:

Top 10 still working torrent sites in India 2019:

1) Torrent Downloads

Among all the working torrent sites in India, we have found Torrent Downloads to be working in the best and the most efficient manner. This website will provide you all the things which you can expect from a pro torrent website. On the homepage of this website, you will find a separate section where you will find different categories of torrent files. You can browse each category according to your choice to pick your favorite torrent file. But first of all, you need to register on this website to access all these content for free. You will surely fell glad to pick this website as the leading working torrent site in India.

Torrent Downloads is one of the best torrent websites in India.


One of the greatest torrent websites of all time, RARBG is another very brilliant option in the world of a torrent website which users can use seamlessly. The popularity of RARBG can be easily explained if you look at its huge database server where millions of torrent files are stored. There is a very less probability that you won’t get the torrent file that you are looking for. Like Torrent Downloads website, this website has also sorted all the torrent files according to different categories.

RARBG is one of the best torrent websites in India.

3) Toorgle

Toorgle is a torrent host website which is having a tie up with other 450 torrent websites of the same kind. Users generally prefer to use this website to have their favorite torrent file because there is a very high probability to find a particular file. Moreover, this website is installed with various security certificates which are approved by many big companies. That’s why users are pretty satisfied while browsing the torrent files present on this website. We strongly recommend our lovely users to use this website at least once to get the most out of it for free.

Toorgle is one of the best torrent websites in India.

4) iOS Hunt

This is another very brilliant torrent website that will provide you the little description of all torrent files. For example, if you find your favorite torrent file, then you can see its file downloading size, date of upload, user’s preference and much more there. This website is having a pretty huge database where thousands of new torrent files are added on daily basis by the users. There is a feature available on this website to request to upload the torrent file by requesting the members. For this, you need to register on this website first. So overall, a very good website in all areas and parameters.

 iOS Hunt is one of the best torrent websites in India.

5) ilcorsaronero

This website is known for its pretty attracting and appealing user-interface which will let all the users find their required torrent files easily. Most of the torrent files are sorted according to their categories and there is a separate section of torrent files available for the users where they can browse the most recent torrent file added. This torrent website is a brilliant option to download the movies, TV shows, Videos and much more of entertainment sort. That’s why you will get a suggestion from every second torrent user to use ilcorsaronero website for personal use.

ilcorsaronero is one of the best torrent websites in India.

6) BT Scene

This is another excellent working torrent website in India which is serving its users for the past many years. Most of the features of this torrent website are similar to the other torrent websites which we have listed so far. There are 4 or 5 proxy mirrors of this website available for the users, which makes it the best in the class torrent website. There is no unnecessary backlinks and ads present on this website, which makes this website a very great option for the users.

BT Scene is one of the best torrent websites in India.


This website is among the strongest contenders of the major torrent providing websites like RARBG and Torrent Downloads. This website is having the best kind of Graphic user-interface, which will surely enhance the browsing experience of yours. Over 50 thousand different torrent files are present on this website at the time of writing and if this number goes on increasing with this rate, then it will soon get 1Million torrent files on its database for sure. There is no kind of restriction for the users to access the available torrent files. They have to register on this website to get started.

SKIDROWRELOADED is one of the best torrent websites in India.

8) YTS

This is surely one of the greatest options present in this list for the users. You can easily search for the torrent files by applying the search filters through the option provided on the top right corner of the homepage of this website. For example, if you want to download a movie in a screen resolution of your choice, then you can select the screen resolution quality, your proffered language, the maximum size of the file and much more. That’s why this website cannot be disregarded from this list of top 10 torrent websites which is operational in India.

YTS is one of the best torrent websites in India.

9) SkyTorrents

The only thing which you have to do to search the torrent file on this website is to type the keyword of the torrent file which you looking for. This website is 100% free of unwanted and unusual ads which are pretty annoying for the users. The Graphic user-interface is also pretty appealing for the users and you will also find it to be very good. You can easily download torrent files just within 2 or 3 clicks. This website will try to track the IP address of your PC, but you can easily block this process just by clicking on the block option present there.

SkyTorrents is one of the best torrent websites in India.

10) Torrentz 2

This website is our last handpicked website which is operational in India for the past many years. Torrentz2 is the successor of the Torrentz website which was also very popular among Indian when it was operational a decade ago. But now Torrentz2 is operational, and we can assure you that you will also like the functionality of this website. There are more than 60 Million torrent files that are available on the database of this website. So, surely one of the greatest ever choice for the users. You can surely try this website at least once.

Torrentz 2 is one of the best torrent websites in India.

What to do if these websites are blocked by the Government of India?

As we all users are well aware of the fact that all the torrent files present on different torrent websites are illegal. They contain the content which is not supposed to be there due to the copyright reservations of various media companies and other IT companies. That’s why the Government of different countries is supposed to take action on these torrent websites. And as a result of these actions, torrent sites are getting blocked day by day. Though most of the developers are dedicated to making these torrent websites back operational, they cannot do much about it after the Government imposed a ban on them.

The Government of various countries is also running the awareness campaigns to spread awareness about not to use torrent websites. But those users who want to access the torrent files will always search for the operational torrent websites. And in case if they don’t find any site operational in their region, then they will search for its solutions. In this article below, we will suggest you two types of suggestions if you are unable to access the torrent websites listed above in India. You can have a look at these 2 solutions and can improvise on these solutions to get the best possible way to get out of it so that you can use torrent websites hassle free. We hope that you have already heard about these solutions from the technology specialist, and for those users who have never heard about any type of solutions to this problem, then please read this article till the end from now.

Solution 1: Using the NORD VPN to get access to torrent websites:

Have you ever heard about VPN (Virtual Private Network)? If no, then we wanted to let you know that VPN is a software tool that will help you out to get access over the blocked sites of any region very easily. VPN will alter the IP address of your original country so that the ISP will get fooled and provides you the access to the blocked torrent websites. Moreover, using a VPN will also reduce the risk of the IP address tracked by the ISP. Your identity will not get exposed in front of anyone if you use VPN to access blocked torrent websites. And not only torrent websites, any type of blocked website can be easily accessed through the use of VPN.

The only limitation of using a VPN is that it will reduce the data speed of your internet connection while surfing through the website. But this limitation can be negotiated if you look at the features of VPN. For this purpose, you need a quality VPN product so that you can enjoy all the benefits which we have mentioned. We suggest you to use NORD VPN because it is fully loaded with all the advanced and optimized features which are fully dedicated to protecting the privacy of the users.

Using the NORD VPN to get access to torrent websites

Users can easily set their location manually in the settings option. To browse the blocked torrent websites, you need to prepare the list of those countries in which these torrent websites are not blocked. To set up all the things, you need to follow these steps to set up the things right on your PC:

  1. First of all, you are supposed to download the NORD VPN installer package file with the extension “.exe” on your PC.
  2. After the downloading process gets over, you need to browse the data from the downloads folder to install it on your PC.
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  3. After the installation process is done, you have to give the required permissions asked by it to get started with things. After you permit all the authorities, you need to login to the NORD VPN account. If you don’t have, then you can create for free.

After setting up all things, enable the VPN option on your PC and set the location manually where the torrent files are not blocked. You will see that the torrent site is getting loaded on your web browser from where you can access all the torrent files very easily.

Solution 2: Using the Web Proxy and mirror sites to access the blocked torrent websites:

Another possible solution of getting access to the blocked torrent websites is to use web proxy browsers or mirror sites. Web proxy browsers are those private servers that will let you to access all the blocked content or websites in a particular area. Whereas, if you use mirror sites of torrent sites, then you can access torrent files without any restriction or without using any VPN or web proxy server. Mirror sites are those sites which have been mirrored with the same content but with the different domain name. These mirror websites are not present in the notification list of Government, and therefore, it is legal to use these websites for personal use. And whenever this website gets in the notification list of Government, then it will instantly get blocked.

It is an impossible task to prepare the list of mirror websites of different torrent websites, that’s why we recommend you to use VPN once because the original website contains the address of proxy websites. You can copy those addresses and can use them in your PC without enabling the VPN.

But we will provide you the list of top web proxy browsers so that you can accomplish your task without using VPN. The list of some of the best web proxy servers are listed below:

  1. Web proxy server number 1
  2. Web Proxy Server number 2
  3. Web Proxy Server Number 3
  4. Web Proxy Server Number 4
  5. Web Proxy Server Number 5

So, these are some of the best 5 web proxy servers which we think are the best for the use. These proxy servers are free to use for all users. You can also use them because they are totally legal to use and we hope that you will like them for sure.

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Here this article concludes that how a great nation like India responds to the action taken against these illegal torrent sites. But we understand that torrent websites are the need of the users who don’t have enough money in their pocket to purchase a paid software or anything which requires a subscription. That’s why we hope that you will like the torrent websites and the solutions which can be considered when those torrent sites get blocked in India.

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