Top 6 WhatsApp Hack Tools you Should Know in 2019

Reasons for getting WhatsApp hack tool:

WhatsApp messenger application is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging applications for the users which is used by Millions of users from all over the world. The privacy setup and end-to-end encryption policy offered by WhatsApp is something what attracts the users the most. The graphic user-interface and other convenient features are also responsible for this huge success of WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp has been used by millions of users from all around the world. Moreover, as a parent of your child, you need to keep a track on the activity of your child’s phone by monitoring the chats of WhatsApp and other social media applications. That’s why in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best WhatsApp hacking tools which you can use in your device to hack the WhatsApp account of any user you want to. Some prominent WhatsApp hacking tools are developed by professional developers which are specially developed for this hacking purpose. All these software programs which we will list below in this article can run on both iPhone as well as Android devices. You can have a quick look on all of them and can learn the working of each and every tool to accomplish your task. We will provide a detailed description of every tool below. So, let’s start with the first one:

1. Spyzie

Spyzie is a prominent WhatsApp hacking tool for the users who pretend to be the number 1 WhatsApp hacking tool available on the Internet. Spyzie is a hacking tool that can monitor all the WhatsApp data of the targeted device continuously and with accuracy. Moreover, users can also hack other social media accounts of targeted users like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. With this hacking tool, you can also keep track of the call history, call logs, text messages, GPS location history, and many other things as well. There is no need to download Spyzie in your device. Just sign up on Spyzie website and start hacking the phone of targeted users in one go. Here is the short guide on setting up of Spyzie hacking tool:

  1. First of all, you have to create your free account on Spyzie website to get started. Users will have to confirm their email account to get their verified Spyzie account.
  2. Now, log in to your Spyzie account in your device and choose the platform that is Operating System on which you want to perform WhatsApp hack.
  3. After selecting the OS, you are now required to follow all the simple steps which are required in the Spyzie app to accomplish the task of WhatsApp hacking.

With Spyzie Hacking tool for WhatsApp, you can surely hack into the WhatsApp account of any targeted user even without letting him/her know about this spy monitoring. Users can access all WhatsApp data of the targeted user’s device like text messages, photos, videos and GIFs, etc.


mSpy is another highly rated kind of WhatsApp hacking tool which can be used for both iOS and Android device hack. This prominent WhatsApp hacking tool can be run on a wide range of different Operating Systems, including Windows PC and macOS as well. The mSpy WhatsApp hacking tool is incredibly easy to use for the users, which will help the users to track and monitor all the WhatsApp messages and other related data. Data on other social media applications like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger, can also be monitored using this Hacking software. Text messages and call logs of the victim’s device can also be traced using mSpy Hacking software for WhatsApp.

The installation process of mSpy hacking software is also pretty much easier and convenient for users. You can easily install it on your device and can follow all the simple instructions present inside this software to accomplish your task of hacking. The graphic user-interface of this hacking software is also made pretty much attractive for the users. The only downside of mSpy hacking software, which is indeed the worst thing about it, is that this software has many privacy-related issues for the users. That’s why users don’t use this Hacking software on their devices to hack WhatsApp account of the targeted user. However, we will recommend you to use this software on your PC for a hassle-free and convenient hacking processes.

mSpy is another highly rated kind of WhatsApp hacking tool which can be used for both iOS and Android device hack.


TheTrusthSpy hacking tool is another very popular Hacking software among users from all over the world, which helps the users to hack the WhatsApp account of the targeted user in the most convenient manner. This hacking tool lets the users get access to every social media app of the targeted user. You can track every WhatsApp messages of the targeted user’s phone once you get access using this Hacking tool. TheTruthSpy hacking software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The targeted user will never get to know about the suspicious activities which you are doing on his/her device. This spy app is perfectly designed and developed to track and monitor all the data of the targeted user’s device. With this hacking tool, you can also get access to the Google Account of the targeted user device if you follow all the instructions carefully. Though there are some bugs in this hacking tool which may annoy you while working with this software.

The premium version of this hacking software will cost you around $17.00. Investing this amount of money in a premium hacking tool like TheTruthSpy is surely a good decision in our recommendation. Users will also experience some more and new features of TheTruthSpy hacking tool once they get it down in their devices.


The Flexispy hacking software to hack WhatsApp messenger is yet another brilliant choice for the users who have a handsome amount of money to invest. The subscription charges of Flexispy hacking tool are way too high as compared to other hacking tools available in this list. However, this hacking tool offers a lot of additional features to the users like proficient functioning, hassle-free access to social media accounts, live GPS tracking info, Call logs and call history, taping the call details of targeted user’s device and much more as well. The Flexispy software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices with a very proficient and attractive Graphic user-interface. The wide range of premium features of Flexispy hacking tool will allow the users to track every bit of data of the targeted user’s device.

Apart from the high cost of Flexispy hacking tool, we don’t think that it has any downside at all. Users can use it hassle-free on their devices, and there are also no privacy concerns with this hacking tool at all. You can track and monitor all the data of the targeted user anytime and anywhere you want without letting him/her know about it.

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SpyBubble is another one-stop solution for users to hack into someone’s WhatsApp and Instagram account in one go. This premium WhatsApp hacking tool offers a lot of commendable features to its users for a hassle-free tasking. The interface of SpyBubble is also developed very smooth and attractive for user’s convenience. This hacking tool can also be used on Windows and iOS devices, along with Android smartphones. Users can easily set up the basic setup and installation of the SpyBubble hacking tool on their devices. Once after the setup is completed, you can track all the data like text messages, WhatsApp messages, Snapchat messages, Instagram, Mails, Call logs, Contacts info, and live GPS tracking as well.

This hacking tool works pretty much fine on almost every OS, and moreover, the cost of subscription of SpyBubble is also very cheaper as compared to other tools mentioned so far in this list. There is no chance that the targeted user will get to know about this spy activity that you are performing on his/her device. So, definitely, we would suggest our users subscribe to the SpyBubble WhatsApp hacking tool to accomplish their task.

SpyBubble is another one-stop solution for users to hack into someone’s WhatsApp and Instagram account in one go.

6.Highster Mobile

Last but not the least, Highster Mobile tool for WhatsApp hack is really an impressive choice for the users who want to monitor the WhatsApp data of the targeted user suspiciously. Apart from the common features which other hacking tools offer, Highster Mobile hacking tool provides an additional feature to tap the live call of the targeted user suspiciously. Users can run this software hassle-free on their devices with both iOS and Android. You can track and monitor the data of the targeted user’s device remotely from your home without even letting him/her to know about it.

The user-friendly graphic interface is also one of its core features, which makes it a more popular choice among the users. This hacking tool to hack WhatsApp data is free for all users. You can easily get it from its official website, whose URL is mentioned above. Once after setting up the basic setup, you will get access to all the data of the targeted user’s device. There are no privacy-related issues with this hacking software. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want to. Though it takes some time while hacking and getting the details from the targeted user’s device, but waiting for some time to get your task accomplished it surely worth it.

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