10 Best WhatsApp Spying Apps for you [2019 UPDATED]

Looking for easy and simple WhatsApp spying applications?
Would you like to use applications for spying without rooting or jailbreaking? If so, here’s the trouble-free alternative to spy on WhatsApp without any preconditions or circumstances. Go carefully through the article to learn more in detail about them.

Many individuals want to monitor other user’s WhatsApp posts and media. Numerous spying applications for Whatsapp have created it possible. These applications, however, do not come handy as they require mobile device rooting or jailbreaking beforehand. Since rooting or jailbreaking harms the mobile phone, this concept is skipped by most individuals and left with no choice. MAC spoofing techniques aren’t even helpful in this situation.

While checking all the apps with WhatsApp spying features, we have enlisted the best 10 apps which enables the user to spy conversation and someone else’s WhatsApp account without any hassle. Some of the apps listed here only allow monitoring the chat while other advanced apps offer complete surveillance of logs, conversation, media, and others. Learn about each app one by one and select the best for you as per the features.

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XNSPY is a versatile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices for spying Whatsapp without any difficulty. It allows the user to read the incoming conversation without rooting or jailbreak. But, to unlock its advanced features like access to incoming and outgoing logs, one needs to root or jailbreak the device. Moreover, it also enables to monitor the call logs, chats, emails, text messages, web browsing, track GPS location and do other such things.


Price: Basic edition- $8.33 per month; Premium edition- $12.49 per month

XNSPY is a versatile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices

2. mSpy

mSpy is another powerful solution that one can use to enjoy spying Whatsapp without any specification or condition. It is a trusted tool for tracking and monitoring Whatsapp. It also gives the command over text messages, call logs, locations, emails and others along with Whatsapp messages. It is a popular app used by parents to track their children’s activities on mobile phones.


Price: Basic bundle- $2p per month; Premium bundle- $16.66 per month; No-jailbreak bundle- $39.99 per month

mSpy is another powerful solution that one can use to enjoy spying Whatsapp without any specification or condition.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is a versatile app with all inclusions required in a spying app. It can be easily used for spying Whatsapp and other things on Android or iOS devices. It allows the user to mot only read and view the incoming and outgoing messages and media not also to download them. It renders a secure platform to spy the Whatsapp without harming the user’s mobile phone as there is no requirement of jailbreak or root. It offers separate services for Android and iOS devices. The user can monitor both WhatsApp chats or multimedia using Android phones but can only monitor the Whatsapp chat using iPhone. Moreover, it is not ideally compatible with iOS devices. Also, it does not support the latest editions of iOS.


Price: Premium edition- $29.99 per month; Ultimate edition- $39.99 per month

Spyzie is a versatile app with all inclusions required in a spying app.

4. Flexispy

FlexiSPY is not like the general spying app. It is an advanced app featured with every tool required for phone monitoring. You can also use it only for Whatsapp tracking and monitoring. It is widely used by thousands of users from all over the globe. Its features and services are available for both Android and iOS devices. It is used for call recording, tracking keylogging, monitor email, SMS, Whatsapp messages and do other things. All these tracking and monitoring is done remotely without the knowledge of the target user. However, this app is quite expensive than other spying apps. Also, one needs to root or jailbreak the device to use it.


Price: Premium version- $68 per month; Extreme version- $199 per month

FlexiSPY is not like the general spying app.

5. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a popular app used for both parental control and employee monitoring. It is a wonderful software which allows the user to monitor the smartphone activity and location remotely. It has been servicing efficiently for tracking and monitoring Whatsapp as well. The best part of this app is that the user needs not to root or jailbreak the target phone to use it. It is developed by a company which is specialized in mobile security. So, there is no issue of leakage of data, security, or visibility with this software. It is one of the cheapest spying services available in the market. You will get all the instructions to install it and use it on its interface.


Price: One-time payment of $69.99

Highster Mobile is a popular app used for both parental control and employee monitoring.

6. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is the most affordable and reliable option available to get access to other mobile phones remotely. It enables the user to control the target device only by buying and installing software to the user’s device. It is a great platform to be used for parental control using a smartphone or PC. It enables the user to access the Whatsapp messages, SMS, and GPS location of the subordinate device. Spymaster Pro is not a hacking software, so it is only compatible to be used ethically and for legal purposes.


Price: Android: Basic version- $5.69 per month; Premium version- $7.21 per month
iPhone: $8.57 per month

7. GuestSpy

GuestSpy is a sophisticated smartphone monitoring tool used by people looking for modern technical solutions. It comes with a variety of features which has made it withstand the competitiveness of the market. It contains all the tools required to track and monitor the smartphone of the kids and family members. Apart from real-time tracking, it also renders the real-time location and monitoring of the device remotely.


Price: Standard plan- $20.99; Premium plan- $24.99; Gold plan- $28.99

8. Appmia

Appmia is also a great app to be used for tracking Whatsapp messages on Android and iOS smartphones. Apart from monitoring Whatsapp chat, it allows the user to check the details like the time and date of that conversation and moderate the incoming and outgoing files and media. However, rooting and jailbreaking is required for using this application.


Price: Basic- $8.32 per month; Premium- $16.24 per month; Lifetime- $599.99 per month

9. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is one of the most reliable apps which allows the user to track the Whatsapp messages in three simple steps. It does not ask for rooting or jailbreaking the device. However, it only allows the user to read the incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. Also, it offers quite expensive services for spying.


Price: Pro-X package- $69.99 per month; PRO package- $59.99 per month; Premium Plus package: $69.99 per month

10. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a simple app designed especially for monitoring kids and employees. It is widely used for ethical monitoring. It is compatible with Android devices only. It can be used for GPS tracking, SMS monitoring, social media site monitoring, etc., along with WhatsApp spying.


Price: Basic- $49.97 for 3 months; Premium- $64.97 for 3 months

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You’ve read about the features, compatibility, and price of different spying applications, some of which require rooting or jailbreaking while others don’t. You can compare these apps ‘ reliability and characteristics according to your demand and cost, then pick the best spying and tracking choice. All of the applications mentioned here are functional and safe to use. Write to us in a query situation using the comment section.

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