Top 25 Limetorrents Mirror Sites and Proxy List [2019 Updated]

In this era of entertainment, people are fond of the library where they can find all types of movies, TV shows, ebooks, songs, and other content together. For this, torrent sites are the best platform which allows the user to download/upload various media for free and access a vast world of torrent content. If you look through the history of torrents, some of the torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Kickass torrents, Yify torrents, Limetorrents, Extratorrents, and 1337x torrents have gained immense popularity. But since the torrent sites capture its content through piracy or bypassing the copyrights of the media, they get blocked by the ISP or the government for violating the laws. This is the reason why popular torrent sites like Limetorrents are not available for use anymore in many regions.

Limetorrents is very popular among the torrent users and its graph increased in the past few years. However, owing to its popularity it got restricted from many of the countries and parts of the world. Meanwhile, many myths regarding its safety also arose which dragged down the graph of the user. But actually, Limetorrents is a wonderful platform to access torrent content without any personal harm to the user. Let us know more about it through this article.

Limetorrents Mirror Sites and Proxy List

Current Status of Limetorrents

Limetorrents is active to be used but not at all places. Government and ISP of many geographical regions have blocked to be used due to its involvement in copyright infringement. But yet there are some places where torrents are not illegal so you can try Limetorrents in your area. You can have a look on the list of the torrent sites which are majorly going through geographical restrictions in the world. They are:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  3. Pick Torrent
  4. Torlock
  5. Seedpeer
  6. Torrentbit
  7. Torrent download
  8. Torrentdb
  9. Torrent Express
  10. Torrent Funk
  11. Torrent Project
  12. Torrent Room
  14. Torrent Us

There are several other torrent sites that have gained popularity and then got blocked by the government or ISP.

How to unblock Limetorrents

It has been seen that people are browsing the ways to unblock Limetorrents to start accessing torrent contents. Moreover, the majority of the audience of Limetorrents have been found from the USA, India, and Australia. This is because of the reason that torrents sites are mostly blocked in these countries, which made the user look for alternatives and bypassing methods. Also, as per the analytical data, Limetorrents is very popular around the world.

Here are the two effective ways through which one can easily unblock any torrent site from any part of the globe.

1. Bypass Proxy Method

The simplest way to access any torrent site is to bypass the site using a proxy but it is not safe and can make you vulnerable for copyright violation. This is because the proxy is only capable of removing the blockade from any website but still they send the IP address of the user through which he can be found guilty. So, it can only be used in intranets or the region safe for torrenting e.g., Spain, Switzerland, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Mexico, and others.
Proxy sites allow the user to access any of the torrent sites but do not provide the security of anonymity. Proxy servers are free to use and search for any torrent site. You just need to go to your proxy site and then enter Limetorrents URL to unblock it. You can use these top proxy sites and enjoy torrenting.

2. Using VPN

VPN is the safest way to access torrent sites as it does not reveal the IP address of the user protecting them from being accused of copyright infringement. However, with such protective features, it is not available for free and the user needs to pay for its services. There are many other features of VPN available as well such as it enables the user to connect to any desired server for any place in the world. In this way, you can enjoy using Limetorrents no matter from where you belong to.

You will find many free VPNs as well in its market but don’t get trapped it can create a problem for you. Such VPNs are vulnerable to DNS leaks and IP tracking putting the user in illegal trouble. So just follow these simple steps for safe torrenting using VPN.

  1. Select any VPN with reliability and get registered by making an account.
  2. Buy its subscription plan as per your choice.
  3. Get its mobile application/ dashboard downloaded on your device. Install it.
  4. Open the VPN application and log in to your registered account fulfilling the credentials.
  5. Now, select any server from the list belonging to any safe torrenting region.
  6. Now after getting connected, search Limetorrents and start using it.

Before selecting your VPN service just make sure not to go for any free one as it lacks reliability and can put you in trouble. So, it’s good to choose a safe method and pay for the services rather than saving a few bucks.

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Online piracy and copyright infringement is illegal in many parts of the world. However, there are still some places where these laws are not implemented. Other than this, the user wants to browse that site which is completely safe and secure to be used. This is because the majority of the torrent sites carry malware and malicious bugs with them which can harm the device and leak the private information. Now, talking about Limetorrents, Limetorrents is completely safe to use as verified by Google transparency report. So, you need not worry about phishing elements while accessing Limetorrents.

When you will check Limetorrents using any antivirus software you might find it as unsafe and unverified. This is only because it is a torrent site that consists of the data derived through piracy or violating the copyrights. So, it is found illegal by the testing tool.

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25 Limetorrents Proxy or Mirror Sites List

After looking through all the privacy, security and other issues of Limetorrents let’s move towards the mirror sites which is the replica of the original torrent site. Mirror sites are very easily accessible to use all the same features as that of the original site. All the mirror sites listed below are completely free to use and also promises to provide full security from the bugs and malicious objects while browsing. Using any one of them, you can get all the contents of limetorrents without unlocking it as proxy do. It will also help you to stay out all those illegal stuff as it does not directly access the Limetorrents. So, your IP address and device are secured as well.

No. Torrent Sites Status
1. Inactive
2. Inactive
3. Active
4. Inactive
5. Active
6. Inactive
7. Inactive
8. Active
9. Active
10. Active
11. Inactive
12. Active
13. Active
14. Inactive
15. Inactive
16. Inactive
17. Active
18. Inactive
19. Inactive
20. Active
21. Inactive
22. Active
23. Inactive
24. Active
25. Inactive

Before you start using these mirror sites for Limetorrents, you need to know that Limetorrents is completely safe in terms of privacy and is free from all types of phishing elements. This article has introduced all the necessary factors that are required to keep in mind before torrenting. Moreover, Limetorrents and its secure and transparent services have also been discussed above. So, don’t get driven out by considering the myths as Limetorrents is completely reliant and useful. You can go for any secure way to access Limetorrents i.e., either using VPN or through the mirror sites. Moreover, you can also look for the alternative sites of Limetorrents checking its data security and services. If you have any queries regarding Limetorrents, please put it in the comments section.

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