Kickass Proxy mirror sites –List of KickAss Proxy For 2019

Part 1:Best 11 Working Kickass Proxy for 2019

The Internet is becoming a great source of entertainment day by day. Its a major part of data is occupied by video streaming websites and torrents. People are looking for unlimited movies, ebooks, software, games songs, TV shows, and other content downloads for which they are dependent on torrent sites. Trent sites allow users to download all types of media for free. However, there are some legal restrictions on the usage of torrent sites in some countries. Even though many millions of people are using torrent sites from all around the world, this has caused a significant increment in the number of torrent site users and ultimately increased the demand of the best torrent websites.

There are some torrent sites like LimeTorrent, The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent (KAT), 1337x, Extra Torrent and others which are very popular among torrent users for a long time. But, due to some issues, some of the popular torrent sites are going down nowadays creating the need for their mirror sites and proxy sites.

Kickass Torrent is a top-rated and majorly considered torrent site. Even though this site is down at the present time, it has been seen that people are looking for it. Moreover, the Kickass torrent users don’t want to for its alternatives. They want to use the Kickass torrent even though it has been blocked by the Internet Service Provider or Government or the site domain has been changed by KAT developer. This creates the need for its mirror sites and proxy.

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Mirror sites are the replicated version of an original website having all the features similar to that. For all the popular torrent sites which have gone down, there are mirror sites that can be used by the user to experience the same. Proxy is somehow similar to mirror sites. It acts as a medium which gives all the facilities in place of any other website. Mirror sites and proxies are there with some improvement in the features and services provided by the original website. But, they are also found to be malicious so you should not use any. So, here we are providing you with the list of safe and secured Kickass torrent mirror sites and proxy.

Kickass is a very popular torrent site of its time. It has been seen that whichever torrent sites become popular among users then it gets blocked by the ISP or government in many countries. So happened with the Kickass torrent site. Due to its popularity, there was found no use of the website changing its domain. The concerned authority blocks that too as it is changed. Still, its domain was changed many times and then users got to use it. But accessing the new domain every time is not an easy task. The only way left to use this to go for its mirror sites or proxies.

All the blocked website (domain) can be used making the use of mirror sites and proxies. Many times, it has been found that proxies of the famous torrent sites are also blocked by the ISP or the government. So, it may happen that the mirror site or proxy which you are trying is blocked in your country or region. So, in this case, try using another one to reach that website. Moreover, the proxy site cannot be easily accessed by the non-technical torrent user. It is quite technically complex to use and you may need to resolve some issue like the speed of browsing, malicious ads, redirecting links, etc. while using it. You have to deal with it as well to download or upload the media or content from that site.

So, if the Kickass torrent is blocked in your region/ area and you don’t want to go for any other sites as Kickass torrent’s alternative and want to get the same content as the original one, you must go for its mirror sites and proxy. You can enjoy browsing Kickass torrent by using its mirror sites or KAT proxy. These sites are mainly developed to enable the user to experience all the features of Kickass torrent in an improved way with more technological advancements. So, no matter whether Kickass torrent is blocked or not. You can enjoy using it safely by browsing mirror sites without going for any proxy. If you will take any list of proxies for Kickass torrent site you will see you will get to navigate it as similar to the original one. If you have ever used the unique domain of Kickass and then you will use any of the sites like that brought up by Techiedrive, then you will experience the same feeling as the original one. The replicated version of the KAT domain allows you to browse all the torrents, download media, search for the content, check the seeders/leechers, check out the comments and drop your feedback as well and browse all other categories.

Kickass Proxy mirror sites

All the mirror sites are not created by the webmasters. The KAT staff have also developed the KAT mirror sites because many of the users are looking for Kickass Torrents. For this, KAT mirror sites and proxy seem to be very helpful for torrents users giving the exact compatibility as the original domain of Kickass. Since the site is banned from the IP address or location, so you can use these mirror sites to browse your torrents and download/upload the media.

Here we have enlisted the top 15 KAT mirror sites and proxy which can be of great use if you are looking for Kickass torrent site. They are not malicious and will help you with the improved interface and features. Though the original site is down at present, all the listed mirror sites are active and you can use it without going for a proxy. In this way, you can experience an extensive library of torrents and get the feeling as same as that of Kickass Torrent. You will find them useful once you go for at least one of them.

List of KickAss Proxy For 2019

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Part 2: 14 Kickass Torrents Alternatives

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is undoubtedly the best kind of torrent website for the users, which is having top ratings on the web. The huge database of this torrent website is really very appealing for the users, which is having a lot of stuff in it. Pirate Bay torrent website can be regarded as a perfect substitute of the Kickass torrent website because of the impeccable features which it offers to the users. The huge amount of content available on this torrent website is something which is excellent for the users. From movies, TV shows, paid software to many other popular gaming software, Pirate Bay stands out to be the best as this website contains all these files for the users. The only drawback of this website is that this website is blocked in several regions of different countries which simply means that no one can access this website without using VPN.

The graphic user-interface of this website is pretty much attractive for the users. New torrent files are very frequently added on this website which maintains the streak of popularity of this website. Furthermore, the powerful search engine of this website is particularly developed for a smooth and faster search recognitions. Users can download any torrent file on their PC without any problem in one go. However, this website does not ensure that all the torrent files present on this website are safe and secured or not. That’s why it is important to scan the downloaded torrent file on your system before unzipping it. Users will discover some more relevant content on this torrent website once they expose the database of this website. Pirate bay is one of the great kind of torrent website which is similar to the Kickass torrent website. So, Pirate bay should have to be considered as a perfect substitute for the Kickass torrent website.

Is the Pirate Bay Safe?


RARBG is another premium kind of torrent website which is fully optimized to make sure that the downloads will get finished at higher speeds. The content or torrent files available on this website are pretty much similar to that of the Kickass torrent website. Moreover, the in-built search engine of this torrent website is potent, which will search for the result of the fired query in fractions of seconds. The massive collection of torrent files on this website is adorable for the users. Torrent files of different niches like gaming software paid software, movies, TV shows, web series and many other torrent files like music torrent files are also available on this torrent website. Some torrent files of popular Anime series are also added on this torrent website very recently making it more popular among the users.

The download accelerator feature of the RARBG torrent website will finish the download processing of torrent files at faster speeds once you set it up for download. RARBG has been emerged out to be the No.1 choice for the users as an excellent torrent website. That’s why everyone is considering that RARBG can replace the legendary Kickass torrent website. As we too are in favor of this fact because of the brilliant features offered by this torrent website. There are so many contenders of the RARBG torrent website, but still, it has retained its number 1 spot which is incredible. However, the pop-up ads displayed on the side screens of this website is very annoying for the users because they contain irrelevant backlinks. So, this is the only downside of this torrent website as per our thinking. But overall, if you want to obtain your favorite torrent file free of cost and hassle-free, then RARBG should be your sure shot choice.

RARBG is another premium kind of torrent website.

3. 1337X

Another awe-inspiring kind of torrent website which is fully loaded with a vast collection of different torrent files that are difficult to find on the web. The 1337X torrent website contains all those torrent files which are premium and cannot be found easily. Moreover, downloading torrent files from this website is an easy task as well. The best part of using 1337X torrent website is that this website is having a lot of proxy websites which can be very useful when this website is not accessible due to some reasons. As the use of torrent websites is not legal in many countries, that’s why you will find the 1337X website to be blocked in many countries. So, for the users of those regions, proxy sites will help them to access the torrent files available on this website. The content available on both proxy and the original website is the same. On the homepage of this torrent website, you will see the list of the torrent files which have been added recently on this website. Moreover, there are various categories in which the admin of this torrent website has divided the data. Users can browse each category to find their favorite torrent file. You may also request to the admin of this website so that he/she can add the torrent file of your request. An intuitive graphic user-interface of this torrent website is another perfect thing that can happen with the users.

Users can browse all the details of any particular torrent file like the size of that file, date of uploading, ratings, file format, and much other relevant information as well. There is no doubt that the 1337X website does have one of the most significant collections of torrent files on its servers. That’s why 1337X is so much popular among the users. So, why not use the 1337X torrent website in place of the Kickass torrent website. You will surely get satisfactory results and stuff from this website.

The 1337X torrent website contains all those torrent files which are premium and cannot be found easily.

4. Yify torrent

This torrent website is another critical choice for the users in place of the Kickass torrent website, which is growing at faster rates than ever. Yify torrent doesn’t have a big collection of torrent files as compared to the other websites which we have listed so far, but the overall quality of the torrent files is really better. There are very fewer chances of any torrent file to be irrelevant or infected. Yify torrent website is a trendy name among the users to download the torrent files of movies and TV shows in different screen resolutions like 720p and 1080p etc. If you want to download any eBook on your device, then also Yify torrent is having a huge collection of eBooks torrents. And like the 1337X torrent website, this website also has many proxy websites and proxy servers that will serve its users anytime they want to. For a tremendous downloading experience, Yify torrent website must be considered. However, you will not find the Yify torrent website as an excellent alternative to the legendary Kickass torrent website in terms of content availability.

If you want to search for any particular torrent file from the database of this website, then you don’t have to look for every torrent file. The only thing you have to do is to search for that torrent file using its Keyword. The searching process can be accomplished from the use of an input search options box. There is no need for the registration process to be done on this torrent website. Just open the URL of this website and browse the whole torrent file collection available on this website exclusively for free.

5. LimeTorrents

Limetorrent is another popular name in this segment of the popular torrent website which is having incredible stuff on its database. Almost every kind of torrent file which is available on the Kickass torrent website is available on the LimeTorrents website, which is an incredible thing. From paid software packages, gaming software, eBooks, movies, TV shows, popular web series to music torrent files, all are available at one place for free. Tough you are required to register on this website as a first time user, but once after registering, you can browse all the torrent files available on this website exclusively for free. The registration process on this website can be completed without spending any single penny.

LimeTorrents is blocked by the telecommunication authority of many big countries. That’s why you need to use a VPN connection on your device to access this website. There are no such proxy websites available for this torrent website, which is a little disappointing for the users. The graphic user-interface of this torrent website is undoubtedly another beautiful premium feature. The attractive and premium graphics of this website will make it look more attractive and beautiful.

Limetorrent website is also having a powerful search engine that can extract the required torrent file from its database within a few seconds. There is a dedicated input search options box available at the top of the homepage of this website where you can search for any of your queries. When you scroll down further on this website, you will see various sections or categories of torrent files. You can open any category to browse the torrent file collection available on this website. LimeTorrents is a decent option as a replacement of Kickass torrent website.


This is quite a popular choice that runs strongly around the users. It is not just the biggest torrent running community and it also provides unbelievable millions of torrents in the archive. For anyone who is looking to find a movie, series, software, music, game or any other niche, the right is ExtraTorrent to pick. It is because of their active community that serves much with the safety and quality of the torrent.

There is a though check that each link goes through before actually making it on ExtraTorent. The difference with ExtraTorrent is that it has its VPN. This can serve you to protect yourself from the trouble of having a separate VPN to meet with the need. If you can’t change the VPN, there are fewer chances of finding your other country movies, series or anything to you.

For anyone who is uploading a link in the ExtraTorrent can have the surety that none of the privacy issues will be exploited. There is a special provision by which all the users can hide their identity from visitors.

For fear any trouble with the copyright or claims, the ExtraTorrent serves in quick in responding to any DMCA notices.

7. Torlock

You might never have heard about it, but the work that it does will make you fall in love with Torlock. Although it is a website that’s making its way in the market. It has started with a bang. The site has most of the content that you desire to have from torrent. It is easy for anyone to open and use Torlock as all that you are looking for is available on the home page itself. For times when we don’t know what to watch or about the trending series, it is easy to check for the popular section. There is a recommendation from the side of the website asking you to make virtual private network software.

If you are using the ad-blockers, it would be easy to douche some advertisements. It is the interface that makes the site worth visiting. The website has a claim that it contains nearly forty million verified torrents. Every day they add hundreds of new data for the use of good.


More or less similar to the search engin, AIOSearch has same features but it provides you the right torrent link. The website allows the user to look out the best from more than 60 sites with a single click. There is innovation in showing the results which are done in the form of tabs. If you feel any link satisfies your search you can click on it and enjoy watching your favorite. The part that it uses so many website data makes the AIOSearch stand out in the rush of different torrent websites. The site has strict policies against the advertisement, making it clear for your use. However, it is still recommended that you use VPN Software and ad-blocker as a part of your extra safety against the hackers, malware, bugs, or high profile viruses.

There is an availability to pick this torrent website as your chrome extension, making it quick and easy to access the same time. For the safety and easy access to your data, you can log in with your Google accounts and Facebook. If you are logging in using any other device with your Google or Facebook verification, you can use the torrents.

9.Academic torrents

As the name suggests, it is a torrent website created with a joint effort of different famous universities. It is a website that is based on the enormous datasets and is easily accessible. If you have ever done any research work search,it is nearly impossible to find the authenticity of the data which is shared with you. However, this is not the case with the Academic torrents as the results are secure, fault-tolerant repository, and scalable data with possibly the fastest download speed.

This website can be used to make your way with papers, datasets, and available courses. The contents are entirely legal and professional as the independent or different universities researchers submit these.

For anyone who was looking to have a source that doesn’t require you to set up VPN services, here is your source. The website doesn’t need you to use VPN and recommends using Transmission BT as an open source.

10. Popcorn Time

For the series and website lovers, the task of finding the right site that can have all the links of your favorite is real trouble. Many sites with torrent don’t take care of the proper downloading links. With popcorn time, the trouble appears to be gone. You can use it as long as you decide to watch using the popcorn time. There are several of the links to enjoy while you don’t pay for anything. There are different resolutions like 720p, 1080p. The application suits the client and VPN service also. With VPN nobody will be able to catch you using ISP. The app doesn’t have a provision of showing an advertisement to you; hence; there can be no stop in your entertainment. It is easy to install the same using an android or iOS device.

This creative name website can serve you at a single place in finding the right link for your required genre of movies or series. The security issues are not such any reported, but it is a fact that it doesn’t work and you must download the application version available for almost every possible device like the iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac.


This ever since running the robust website has faced lots of trouble in the past with several attacks from the regulatory authorities. The website has managed to stay in league with a strong determination to rule over the torrent websites. There are software, music, games, and music that is available on the site. They claim that more around eighty million files are failing in different categories. For better use, there is a search feature using which you can put your desired content on search and then find the right site link.

The website might shift itself to another new link because of the traffic that it’s facing turning the site slows to work and open. It depends on you which link you are opening and considering for the future. The site has policies that would require you to install the ad-blocker and keep it running while accessing the Torrenthounds.

12.The internet archive

There are many exciting things that the website keeps for the user, including the rarely found software, e-books, and movies. If you are wondering to watch something too large to download the place can mend it in your way. The language of the possible collection is also not limited with the options like German, French, Portuguese and other foreign languages the place remains open for download every time

For all your old favorites movies, everything is here for the watch, even the ones that happened in the year 1936. There is a complete list of featured movies including the famous night of the living dead, Charlie Chaplin festival, house on haunted hill, the fast and the furious, Sita sings of the blue and many such.

This kickass torrent website puts the user in confusion. The user interface and the design is excellent and marked as the original. However, there was no official announcement from any side regarding a copy of the website getting generated. Neither the less it does its work of helping in downloading content like movies, software, eBooks, games, and software security with a single touch. The VPN is sold on the website, which is their way of making money as they don’t endorse any brand by advertisement. They use the idea of selling away their software, stating that users are always required to check for privacy. I t is still not clear if the website is a real or fake one. Hence, it depends on the user to make a choice. The site has straight policies for use and does the work of downloading good data anyway.

14.ISO Hunt

With 15 years of free torrents coming from the service, there is a trust that does with it. Well, due to circumstance, the original website was taken down by the legal authorities. It came as a surprise that the current holding site is not a continuation of the previous one and is certainly not stated as their own by the owner. With the new owner taking over a new torrent repository makes the website is one of the sites that has a sister website in the business. The name of the other website is Old Pirate Bay. It was sad to see that the new website is facing continuous pressure to be taken down by the Law Enforcement Agencies,but somehow till this long, it has managed to climb up in the war of kickass torrents. The different categories of the entertainment that you must look to find is movies, software, and games

The primary source of income for the website is the funds that are generated via advertisement. If you don’t want to trouble yourself, it is easy to avoid the ad using the paid membership part, ad-blockers extensions, and donations. The website’s homepage also displays the trending torrent link in each of their mentioned categories. It is easy to even find the latest anime movies and series on the website.

Should you be afraid of using a torrent website?

Well, as it is known, it is not entirely legal to use torrents in many countries. While if your state allows the usage of the torrent, there are high chances that malware or viruses can interfere with your device. But the most natural way of getting the things done around is using the alternative. With the other torrent sites that the process of download has turned easy and with the exceptions of using the links for download turned safe. With the known data that are available to go through, it is widespread that phishing pages and malware attacks can happen through your download. There have been several infected users across the globe. This is something that you require to avoid at every possible cost.

Another mentioning fact is the KAT Torrents that got corrupted by the cookie stealing codes and Malware. There are several of the leading browsers which have made the task of using these websites difficult by blocking them.

Now the question is if these are the blocked websites, how can I access them? To this question, the answer comes stiff and straightforward. If you are using any website, it is required that you get to hold on the reputation of the site. If the site doesn’t fit well with the status, it is always suggested not to use them. Once that you know about the site you can download VPN and make the website work over your desired browser without any interruption.

There can be some modification in the torrented file. This is because the file runs through several different users, and many of these users can alter it or infect it with malware or bugs. If you are using torrent to watch movies, it is required that you download an antivirus to detect any malicious code that might come with the file.

Install a great AD- Blockers to avoid interruptions:

Several websites run their businesses from publishing an advertisement. This means if you are watching something, there are high chances that you will meet with an ad that would stop the task that you are doing.
There are some advertisement blockers that you can use from the extensions and download the same to keep your device away from fake scams. Before doing your final call on downloading an extension of ad-blocker, it is to be made sure that the reviews of the same are excellent.

Using VPNs for torrenting

The private network grants you away through saving your system from any fishing attack. There are also great reasons for using VPNs as the content that you have been looking for might not be available in your particular region.

In your play store, several VPN options are selecting from which you can decide your choice. Some torrent websites also provide the links for excellent VPN services. With the use of a VPN, you can save your data from getting stolen.

What could be the possible legal issues associated with the potential lawsuit?

Everyone must understand that the reason why and how these lawsuits can be filed? For the basics, it is to know that the trials which are filled are categorized to be class-actions suits or P2P suits. In simple words, it means that the lawsuit filed against a person or group who illegally copy and then distribute the copyrighted material. It is a disciplinary action notice kind of stuff and requires that you keep yourself safe and away from it.

These civil lawsuits can put you in trouble of keeping your name clean and bright. There is an immense level of stress that runs in the zone with any potential lawsuit. With all the advancement that has gone, there are extremely high chances that you end up getting caught. The sentence afterward can be as high that we should instead talk about something else.

For a company, it is easy to set disciplinary actions, and it could be on you. There are easy ways to keep you hidden from all these severe troubles. The work starts from the time when you decide to use the VPN services to avoid the detection of your location. Many websites follow the same protection system but still, you need to keep yourself safe all the time.

How can you download torrents?

It is easy to download any torrent of your choice. There are torrents that are compatible with certain kinds of devices, and you must check for your compatible overflow. As we have mentioned the important torrent links, you can always go to these links in downloading something that you couldn’t find anywhere on the internet.

There is a whole different stream that provides you the link from where you can download the torrents. It is required that you put your torrent on the local storage to keep it running safely. The torrent might not work in any other storage area.

It is no matter the best way to meet with your entertainment demand, and the same must be kept running with at most security. The need to not make any useless method of diving into the problem of copyright is quite high with the use of torrents. It is done using VPNs that we have mentioned with the reason why you must use while torrenting on any website.

Tips: So in case, you found an excellent video on YouTube that in of 4K resolution and in case you do not have access to a 4K resolution display, then the best idea is to download the video in 4K quality and then later view the video when possible.

Gihosoft TubeGet can be your best option.

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