Instagram For Beginners: 4 Best Ways To Rapidly Grow Your Following

Social media has seen a massive rise in popularity for people and brands alike. Of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram seems to be everyone’s favorite pick. It is the fastest growing social media platform by a distance.

grow Instagram following rapidly for beginner

Instagram has been used by brands to leverage their market position and compete against superior opponents. Also, for people being Instagram famous actually helps them in social circles as well as getting business opportunities.

What Are Followers On IG, And Are They Important?

Followers are people who are subbed on to your Instagram feed, and they are able to interact with content that you post. These are people who are aligned with your interests and can pitch in with their comments as well.

When you look at top personalities and brands on Instagram, they all have one thing in common – a large number of followers. While many people think that follower numbers are just for vanity, a high number of followers mean that you can relate to a bigger audience. A large following is also amazingly bankable, and it can turn a profit easier when it comes to marketing.

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Beginner’s Guide To Growing Your Instagram Followers

Increasing your Instagram follower count has tangible benefits for you. From being approached by other influencers in the niche for mutual growth, to brands reaching out to you for collaborating on their marketing.

Beginners on Instagram have a tough time when building their follower count without spending too much money. But not to worry, we have outlined a few strategies that can help boost your follower count significantly without breaking a sweat.

Strategy #1 Work Your Audience

On Instagram, your audience is one of the most critical assets when it comes to getting more out of your account. People who are just starting out with their Instagram accounts are unaware that they can use their followers to gain even more followers in the process.

One way of getting more people interested in your account is to follow people whom you think are aligned with your thoughts. When you follow them, they might return the favor and follow you back. You can also incentivize your followers to share your content or hashtags on their feed through contests.

Strategy #1 Work Your Audience

Strategy #2 Shares For Shares

If you are starting out on Instagram, shares for shares is a great way to get more followers on your account. This is how it basically works –

Strategy #2 Shares For Shares

instagram shares for shares campaign

As simple as this is, you don’t have to spend a single penny on it! What’s even better is that the number of followers you get will scale the more both of you grow, which means it works better as time goes on.

This method works great for up and coming Instagram accounts. And, if both parties are aligned to the same goals, it could be the start of a long and fruitful mutual partnership.

Strategy #3 Improve Your Hashtag Game

Hashtags are one of the most critical components in your Instagram inventory to get more followers. Hashtags are important because you can use it for searches on Instagram, meaning, you can search for hashtags, and the posts that are tagged will appear on results.

You can use this to your advantage – tagging your posts with hashtags that are relevant in your niche can get you a lot of people interested in your account.

Strategy #3 Improve Your Hashtag Game

Remember not to post hashtags in your caption because once your post has received enough likes or comments, hashtags will be hidden from view. Also, Instagram does allow 30 hashtags per post but ideally only choose 10 – 12 hashtags, which are apt for the image.

When you’re starting out, you can have a few hashtags saved on your phone. This will help get your posts out in quick time and with the best hashtags in your niche. You can find more about how to improve your hashtags to get better results from this guide.

Strategy #4 Follow And Unfollow

This is a great beginner’s tip that you can use to grow your following with minimal effort. Not everyone is a fan of this method, but when you’re starting out, you need to do everything you can to get more followers.

What you need to do is reach out to people who you think would be your target audience. When you follow someone, you pop up on their notification feed. If the person is into the kind of content that you are creating, there are chances that they would return the follow.

Strategy #4 Follow And Unfollow

Something that you probably didn’t know about Instagram is that it only allows you to follow a maximum of 7500 accounts. So what you need to do is unfollow accounts that aren’t following you and then rinse and repeat. It should be noted that you can only perform 60 follower actions in an hour on Instagram.

Something you should also consider is that even if you haven’t reached the follow limit, following and unfollowing aggressively can throw up red flags. This can lead to your account being shadow-banned.


As you can see, there are ways you can get more followers for your Instagram account even if you are just getting into it. The best part about Instagram is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do well on the platform. Instagram has been the choice of platform for celebrities and businesses alike to get noticed worldwide. A few simple strategies can help you get ahead in the game and get all the follower you could ever want!

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