How to Hack Gmail Account Password in Minutes

When it comes to hacking mail accounts, Gmail or Google will surely rank as the second most searched account only next to hacking a Facebook account! When you hack into a Google account, it will surely give you access to their mail account and also to other stuff such as Android, YouTube, Drive, Hangouts, etc.

Honestly, the majority of you think that hacking in someone’s Google account is easy, as all you have to do is find the right hacking tool online or offline. But that’s not the reality. I have seen so many web and app-based hackers all these years who claim to hack Gmail accounts. They make a lot of money through these fake claims.

Please be honest in understanding Google is never dumb in identifying such hacking techniques. They are always ready with a counter-attack. Their very own Bug Bounty Program helps them understand security vulnerabilities to their website. They then take necessary action to patch the vulnerabilities and reward hackers who found it.

Then that brings us to our next question: How come only a few people have their Google account password hacked without any hacking tool? There is never an easy way but it’s not impossible. The following list will help you understand how hackers could hack your Google account and how you can prevent it.

Please bear in mind that this article is purely for educational purposes and must not be used for malicious purposes.

1. Phishing

Phishing is considered as a common technique used purely for hacking Gmail passwords. You would be surprised to know that phishing has high success rates when you compare it to other Gmail password hacking methods. This is because of its trustworthy layout and appearance. You don’t need technical knowledge in order to create a phishing page.

How phishing works?

In simple words, you create a page that resembles the original page of the website. The user will then pass their sensitive information like passwords, bank details and credit card pins. Here you will create a page too similar to a Gmail login page, but the catch is that a different URL will be shot to the victim e.g.: or or any other name. Whenever the user lands on your page, they will think this to be the real Google account login page. The people who do not find your trap as suspicious will then enter their username, password and all this information would be sent to you in your back end dashboard.

How can you protect yourself from Gmail phishing?

They can reach you in different ways through emails, personal messages, Facebook messages, Website ads etc. All you need to do is click on any link from the hacker and that would lead you to a Google account login page. The only way you can save yourself is by checking the URL properly and not falling into a trap.

Remember these questions, and you will be able to prevent them from getting hacked through phishing.

Most people will never suspect this page (snapshot given above) because there is an https prefix with a green color secure icon and absolutely no mistake in
But you will be surprised to know that this is indeed a phishing page. How might you ask?
Simple! Just note the URL correctly. It is, so happens to be a subdomain of Google Chrome will never differentiate the sub-domain and domain, unlike Firefox do.

SSL Certificates (HTTPS) can easily be obtained from many vendors. Few vendors give SSL Certificate for 1-year free certification. So you need to understand that it is easy for anyone to create a perfect phishing page like this. Please beware.

Phishing is considered as a common technique used purely for hacking Gmail passwords.

2. Social Engineering

Our second entry in hacking Gmail accounts is Social engineering. We honestly feel this is not a hacking technique as there is hardly any knowledge required. Social engineering is a process of gathering information about anyone whose account you need to hack. Here the information would be the date of birth, mobile number, boyfriend/girlfriend’s mobile number, nickname, mother’s name, native place, and any more information.

How Social Engineering works?

Security Question

Most websites allow you a password reset option called Security Question. One of the most common security questions is as follows: “What is your nickname?” “What is your 10th-grade score?” “What is your native place?”. There can be many more questions that can be defined by the user. If you can get all this information, then that can help you hack into their account with ease. Gmail also provides a security question which can be used as a password recovery option. So if you want to know the answer, they can try hacking your account using the “forgot password” button.

Most Common and Weak Passwords

The thing about weak and common passwords is that they can be easily hacked. Setting an insecure password will easily allow anyone to hack into your account. What is considered to be a weak password? Any password that can be easily guessed by a third party is deemed to be an insecure password. Below are some of the most common passwords people have used in their mail account.

If you have ever set passwords as such, please change your password as soon as possible.

How can you protect yourself from Social Engineering?

Security Question

Please don’t keep a weak or familiar security question/answer. It should be known only and only to you. Your recovery phone number and email must always remain updated.

Most Common and Weak Passwords

Change your Gmail password now if you happen to have any one of the weak passwords stated in the above list.

3. Plain Password Grabbing

Plain Password Grabbing

Our third entry on this list is a standard method that has been used in the past to steal Gmail user’s passwords. While most people are practically unaware of this method, old school hackers still utilize this method to hack user mail accounts.

How is Plain Password Grabbing works?

Here the hacker will target a low-quality website where the victim happens to be a member. Then he will hack their database to get username & password. Are you wondering how he could get access to your Gmail? The answer is: Many of us use just one password for Gmail and other, so that makes his job easy to get your password through the other site

How can you protect yourself from Plain Password Grabbing?

Please never trust a third party low-quality website. No matter how popular they are, but if you are careless, your passwords can get hacked. Most website developers store passwords in a database without even thinking about any encryption or security. This makes the job of a hacker very easy as the password is stored as a plain text. The best way to prevent this method is to have a unique password at least for websites that you trust. Don’t use your Gmail password for any other website/portal.

4. Key Logger

Our fourth entry is Key logger. This is a software tool that is used to record keystrokes of a computer. This means everything you will type using your keyboard will be stored.

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How Key Logging works?

Every kind of key logger will run in the background and you won’t be viewable to users until you know the password. This record all keys pressed and give you a report of what keys being used for all applications. Whoever reads the key logger logs can identify the Gmail password or any passwords typed. Not only this but also sensitive information like credit cards, bank username password. Logging to a public computer increases chances of getting your password hacked.

How can you protect yourself from Key Logging?

Please remember that you shouldn’t be afraid of key loggers while using your personal computer since you’re the only one accessing it. But on a public/friend’s computer, you should never trust it.

We always have suggested using On Screen Keyboard whenever you have to type a password. Also, note if someone is checking your screen while you type your password since your screen would expose what you had typed. Windows has an inbuilt tool called On Screen Keyboar, OSK by using Run dialog box, Win Key R opens Run dialog box, type osk and then press enter. These will help you save your sensitive information like username and passwords.

This is a software tool that is used to record keystrokes of a computer.

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5. Browser Extension Gmail Hacker

This method is probably one of the best ways to track the activity of any individual’s Gmail account. This method is designed to secretly track the movement of the targeted victim’s Gmail account. There are various web extensions or add-ons available on different suspicious and unsecured websites that are specially designed to harm the privacy of the users. Most of the users add those webpages extensions in their devices, thinking that this will help them to get an improved performance of their PC. But the reality is that these extensions will secretly track the victim’s Gmail account activity without letting him/her know. However, the major limitation of using this Gmail hacking method is that it provides very limited information to the hacker.

Prevention: To prevent yourself from this Gmail hacking method, never trust any third-party websites or apps who insist you to add any unknown web browser extension on your PC. You may also keep a check on the activity of your Gmail account at regular intervals of time to make sure that your privacy will be protected.

6. Browser Vulnerabilities

Browser vulnerabilities are security bugs that are present in the older versions of web browsers and Operating systems of the devices. Using an older version of web browser is never recommended because a lot of security bugs and breaches are present in the older versions of web browsers and Operating systems which may harm the user’s privacy. Keeping both the web browser and Operating system of your device is very important to get new security updates on your device.

Android Chrome SOP bypass by Rafay Baloch has such vulnerability that is affecting Android webview in Android < 4.4.

Prevention: To prevent yourself from this Gmail hacking method from the hackers, keep your web browser and Operating system of your device updated. An older version of the web browser can prove to be very risky for your privacy and confidential data.

Browser vulnerabilities are security bugs

7. Self XSS Scam

Self XSS Scam is another prevalent hacking method among hackers to hack the victim’s Gmail account. XSS scam is a technique that insists the user load some JavaScript codes on his/her PC to hack someone else’s Gmail account. All these hackers try to insist many users help them in hacking purpose and ends up in stealing the data of these users suspiciously. Once you load these infected Java Scripts or any other hacking code in your PC, then all your confidential data and privacy will be harmed.

Preventions: Never use any JavaScript or any other hacking codes on your PC until and unless it is obtained from a trusted source. As we already mentioned above, Self XSS scam will provide every data of your Gmail account to the hacker without letting you know about anything.

8. Trojan Horses

This hacking technique used by hackers to hack into someone else’s Gmail account is yet another trendy choice among the users. Trojan Horses are those malicious programs or software packages that runs in the background of the user’s PC and collect the information suspiciously to send that to the hacker over internet connections. These malicious programs can come to your PC from any unknown source like from unsecured websites, unscanned PDFs or documents, pen drives, and external drives, etc. The developers design trojans in such a way that they cannot be detected easily in computers. Users need to run professional anti-virus software on their PCs to detect these programs which are always running in the background of your PC.

Preventions: If you install a proper and paid kind of anti-virus software on your PC, then you will become able to tackle yourself from this Gmail hacking method. Moreover, we recommend you not download and file or document from an unsecured website or platform on your PC.

This hacking technique used by hackers to hack into someone else's Gmail account

9. Gmail Zero Day

Zero Day vulnerabilities are those vulnerabilities that are not known to the Software vendor. Basically, when a professional hacker detects the security breach of any software, then it is called Zero day vulnerability. However, there is a very less probability that anyone will find any vulnerabilities in Google’s Gmail because the working security algorithm of Gmail is pretty much complex to hack. Some hackers who get success in this task will be able to hack into someone’s Gmail account easily and suspiciously without letting him/her know.

Prevention: As we already mentioned, there are scarce chances that anyone will be able to crack the Google security algorithm. Most of these Gmail Zero-Day vulnerabilities are targeted only on the Gmail accounts of popular people and celebrities.


So, these were some of the best and popular Gmail account hacking techniques used by hackers. We have mentioned a detailed description of all these methods and their preventions above in this article. We have done a thorough analysis of finding these hacking methods by the hackers to create this list for this article. Please do let us know about your thoughts and opinions on this article below in the comments sections. And if in case you know about any other popular Gmail hacking techniques, then also please mention them as well.

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