16 Best Drinking Game apps for Android and iOS

What are the 16 Best Drinking Game apps for Android and iOS?

Drinking games! Yes, you heard it right; these games are out there for many years. These games are not invented during modern times, and they are popular among the users who all love to drink. These games are said to be originated from ancient China and Greece, and at those times the peoples of these countries have started to drink alcohol.

Best Drinking Game apps for Android and iOS.

Kind of drinking games

If you look at the current scenario, you can find that there are many types of drinking games. In these games, this includes the questions, as well as some of the activities that are listed in the game apps, are seen to end after the participants do some brave and courageous thing. If you are interested in these types of games and search of these games, then they are easily available in stores of Android and iOS. In the apps, you can find several games, but among them, there are some games which are considered to be the best among all. Here is the list of the 16 drinking games that you can download from the app store.

1. iPuke

This app is considered to be one of the best drinking apps. You need to open the app, and then you can find a deck of cards. You need to choose one from it and then choose the number of people. After that, the game starts, and you will be assigned with either to drink a certain amount of alcohol or to do something crazy. The winner is considered who have got the high points.

iPuke is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

2. Drink and Tell

This app is a new entry to the app store. The rules of this app are simple. After you open the app, you will find that there are a lot of categories of questions among which six are free, and the other seven needs to be purchased. After choosing one category, you need to read the question that shows there, and other players need to answer it. The players who all have got wrong answers need to drink.

Drink and Tell is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

3. Seven

This game is played with the help of cards along with some extraordinary dares. In this, you will find about three levels of difficulty. When you choose any deck of cards, you will find a certain task which includes drinking and dares. So, you need to do accordingly as per the deck of cards.

Seven is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

4. Heads Up

This game can also be played with a group of friends. In this game, there are many decks of cards with some words that are written on them. You need to choose one, then place the phone on your forehead, and your partner needs to explain the word to you, and you need to guess the word. The rule for giving the wrong answer in this can be made by yourself like drink a certain amount of alcohol or to go for a shot or two as well.

Heads Up is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

5. Game of Shots

This app is designed for the Android users in which you can find about 17 games. There are many games which are included in this single app, and all the games are best in their way. If you want to get some really interesting drinking games, then install this app on your phone and enjoy your drinking party.

Game of Shots is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

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6. Piccolo Drinking Game

This game can be installed in both iOS and Android apps. The game is very simple. When the game starts, at first you need to enter the names of the players. After that, the game will start to read what is written on the blue screen and then the player needs to perform the task as per the task that is given there. Apart from this all, you can also add your challenges there which make the games more challenging.

7. Drinking Game by EvilBit

This kind of game is said to be like a complicated game concerning others. The games have got some of the mind-blowing challenges and other twists that it makes the game very unusual as well as interesting. In this game, you need to choose the deck of cards, and after that, each player needs to guess what card will be heading next. Based on that, the app gives a certain task to the players after they guessed and the players need to do that.

Drinking Game by EvilBit is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

8. Kings

This game is another Android friendly app which comes with the deck of cards. In this game, it is seen that every card is assigned with a small or a challenge and players need to tap on the deck. After that, the players need to do the activity that is written in it. All the tasks that are written over the cards are fun and energetic, and you can enjoy a lot by doing this.

9 Never Have I Ever

This game is said to be one of the best game for iOS users. In this app, you will get about five different types of games, and among them, you need to choose any one best suit. The design of the app is very festive and bright as well. So, if you are having an iPhone and wants to install a drinking game in it, then this game is considered to be the best game.

10 Drink-O-Tron

This is another drinking game which is played with cards. In this game, when you choose the cards in the app, it will show you all the challenges and activities that you have to do in this game. In this app, you will find several cards to choose from and among them all, two are free of charge. The players need to perform this thing as per the card’s instructions.

11 Circle of Death

This game is one of the best drinking game app that is played with the cards. In this game, you just need to tap on the deck, and then the app will show you all the activities that you need to do. The game is very simple, and all the activities are very easy and interesting.

12 Drink or Doom

This app is termed as one of the hilarious drinking apps. In this app, you will find the dice. The players need to roll the dice, and then they have to move their characters as per the dice. The game comes with some beautiful music and sounds, and the graphics of the games are excellent in quality.

Drink or Doom is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

13 King of Booze

This game is a board drinking game. You need to move and then choose the type of game you want to go for. There are two types of games which are drinking or challenge. This app is made for Apple’s devices, and it comes with more than 120 challenges. Apart from that all, you can also add some of your ones in the app also.

14 The King’s Cup

This game is like a new concept of drinking games. The idea for this game is if you have given the wrong answer then your phone will explode. The questions that are asked in this game is seen to be very tricky and got some twists in it. If the player can’t answer the question in time or got wrong answers, then he or she should drink the alcohol. The game is very funny and interesting as well.

15 Bomba Drink

In this app, the game is played with cards and challenges. The rules of the games are very easy and simple. In this, the players need to go one after another, and they need to choose a card. The challenges that are mentioned in it are not specific. The app also provides an opportunity to the users to frame their own rules and other things inside the app.

16 Drinking Wheel

This is one of the latest game present in the app store which has got some of the unusual concepts. This app is designed for Apple’s store. In this game, all the players are gathered into the circle, and you can spin the wheel. Then after that, challenges are said to be drinking as well as other activities as well. If you want to try some tricky games, then you can install this app.

Drinking Wheel is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iOS.

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