8 Best Calendar Apps for Android in 2019 – Remind You of Anything

One of the main tools to improve and increase your productivity is the Calendar app, which helps you recognize your life, manage appointments, and don’t miss out on any events or data.

The Google Play Store contains a large number of Android calendar apps, and you may be confused by which one to use. For this reason, Gihosoft Studio has collected and compiled the eight most highly rated applications on the market for you. They are professionally evaluated and worthy of recommendation.

1. Google Calendar

Nothing could be better than Google Calendar on your phone, the stock calendar App that comes with your device to help you organize your upcoming days and events with a synchronization option to manage and monitor your days from your mobile and other devices.

The best option that Google Calendar offers is the sync option that allows you to add an already prepared calendar to it like connecting the calendar of the technology events over the year to it, and it informs you with the events before or just in time-based on your preferences.

You can also view your calendar on a daily, weekly and monthly view modes, and you can even link it with Google Maps so you can find the location of an event instantly without having to write the name of the place itself.

Google Calendar is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Just like Google, Microsoft has created a Calendar App connected to Outlook, and it’s considered to be one of the best calendar apps for email integration.

You can use Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar to organize your upcoming events and dates, along with the ability to access it from any device using your Microsoft account.

This free calendar app can integrate with Sunrise Calendar which has been acquired by Microsoft in another time before.

The best thing of Microsoft Outlook is the material design it uses, which makes it has one of the best interfaces at all, and you can access it using Microsoft Outlook on Windows or macOS, along with a web-based version and surely the Android App.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.

3. ZenDay

ZenDay is a hybrid application that contains a calendar and a To-do list to maintain your productivity as high as possible.

This Android calendar app contains a 3D timeline, and it can be zoomed in and out so you can get more details about your task.

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Also, ZenDay is a great tool that will help you meet the deadlines as you can set a deadline and adjust a reminder so you will be notified before the deadline to meet it.

ZenDay is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.

4. aCalendar – Android Calendar

If you are looking for a calendar widget for Android with motivating colors and easy to navigate, aCalendar could be the one to win the space in your mobile.

With this free calendar App, you will be able to view your daily, weekly and monthly calendar with the ability to organize the events better than anything else and all from a widget that saves you from moving between Apps all the time.

All you have to do is to swipe sideways so you can easily navigate between planners and calendars, and it contains a synchronization feature that allows you to sync your photos from your address book to add them to use them for birthdays, anniversaries and other stuff, and it supports NFC for sharing information between phones.

aCalendar is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.

5. Informant

A four in one application, a free Calendar App, notes, contacts, and tasks all in one place, that’s Informant.

Although it doesn’t have the best interface, it contains a bunch of features that you can hardly find in one application.

You can add notes and you can even use your natural language just like the personal assistants and the application will get it, along with other features like time zone management if you are someone who travels a lot, and a weather forecasts feature to know what to wear before hanging out.

Informant even has more features, but you can unlock the others by purchasing the premium version of it like the sync tool that connects all your devices so you don’t miss a thing.

Informant is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.

6. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal is a great calendar app for Android with a bunch of features, including a daily planner to manage your events, days and weeks, along with six different agenda views based on your preferences.

And because you will have to check the weather before going to a meeting based on your agenda, DigiCal offers you a Global weather forecasts feature to know how is the weather before stepping out from your home.

The best two things, in my opinion, is the real-time synchronization with Google Calendar, Outlook and Exchange, and the dark theme that I cannot resist once I find it in any application.

Also, DigiCal offers more than 500,000 even calendars for download so you can’t miss any event including financial events, lifestyle events, TV and astronomy and more, with the ability to download your personal calendars that might contain the technology events during the year and so on.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.

7. Cal: Calendar Widget & Tasks

If you do like Google Calendar but looking for an additional feature that might change it all, you might not find anything better than Cal, which combines Google Calendar with a widget that allows you view, manage and control your calendar from the home screen on your phone.

Also, you can integrate Cal with Any.do and To-Do-List to make sure that your tasks are in front of your eyes, and the best thing about this Android calendar app is that it doesn’t come with in-app purchases meaning that it’s completely free.

Cal is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.

8. Calengoo

A new conceptualization for a calendar App, Calengoo is both a standalone calendar along with the ability to integrate it with many other popular calendars including the most popular Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar.

You can customize your events and tasks with colors to look brighter and motivating along with providing you with hourly weather forecasts and drag and drop feature to easily make any changes you want in your calendar.

Calengoo is not a free calendar app, but it offers a free trial with a cheap pro version.

Calengoo is one of the best Calendar Apps for Android.


One of the best things that smartphones have come with is Calendar App, which allows you to manage and control your time and tasks to meet the deadlines and don’t miss an important event.

I highly recommend you share the 8 best Calendar Apps for Android with your friends and family so you don’t miss a date or event, and to be you all success at your work by meeting the deadlines and at your life by not missing an important event like birthdays or anniversaries at all.

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